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Originally Posted by McGruff View Post
If they don't have a recall, can we still take our cars in to have the tranny replaced anyways? I don't want to be driving always worrying about when my tranny will break and having to baby it.
No. As stated in the OP, dealers won't replace anything unless it's a legitimate warranty claim....which this is not, yet.

So far, this issue seems to have been limited to a small amount of SSs, so chances are your car will be fine. In the event it's not -- that's what a warranty is for. There's no benefit to babying the car out of fear the tranny will break.

Originally Posted by mondain View Post
The tranny is a Tremec TR6060, a derivative of the T56. It is the same tranny (according to Wiki) used in the 2007 GT500, 2008 Corvette, 2008 Viper, 2009 Challenger, 2009 G8 GXP, etc.

There should be NO reason we cant rev to 6000 RPM and dump the clutch. You dont think any owners of those other cars do that?

The tranny isnt the problem, it has to be something specific with a certain batch.
While your point is a good one, Tremec has many different versions of the TR6060, all with their own sub-designations like "MM6"... and all of them are rated to different power/torque levels. The transmission in the Viper, for instance, is NOT the same one in the Camaro.
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