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no comment
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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
I love having my fuel door on the passenger side. Its not a Camaro, but its still a 2 door coupe. Usually, if there is a line for driver side pumps there are open spots for passenger side pumps since few bother to drive around or back in. Plus, my door can go wide open without any fear of hitting something.
There's hardly ever any waiting at the pumps to fill on the passenger side!
How the Disciples help Chevrolet and Being a Camaro Disciple
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I'm with those that say leave the filler door where it is, for the same reasons. Not everyone goes to Costco, but I'll say that having the doors on the passengers side makes my wait longer every time.

I'd like to see some more development in the handling department. Dare I say something like a Track Pack and such.

*Cough* Z28 *Cough*

I like the idea of having a little more light in the interior too. Obviously finishing the ABL would be cool.

More unique colors. I love some of the greys and blacks that I've seen on some Dodges and imports; ones with a lot of metallics. I like most of the available colors now, but more couldn't hurt.

Some more accessories. It'd be nice to see more support, in the way of performance, much like another one of the Big Three does.

Another vote for higher quality interior materials - leather, etc.

I'd also like to close with thanking those who will be trying to present these suggestions and comments. It's great to have a sense that the company does care about the customer and what they like.

PS - Z28
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Do something about the paint quality. Very thin, chips SO EASILY. All the people that have fish eyes and containment in the clear coat.
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Blackend SS
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Great! I guess I can give some input.

Steering feel can be a little numb and there is not a lot of feel.

Make the ambient light run across the dash!

Include a HUD.

Include a track pack to compete with the mustang. I believe this car has the potential to really up the ante on this.

The shifter needs to have a shorter throw.

Well thats all I can think of at the momment.

Maybe they should make Carbon Ceramic brakes an option!
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I would love to have a few pounds out of mine.
(Yeah, I've heard that one...)

Silver LS - manual, white stripes, black interior, and those swell 18" black steelies! (18" Bavarian aluminum in the garage).

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69 rs/ss
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I love the car. Z-28 please..... Do everything you can to stay #1 over the others both forign and domestic.
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n!ght r!der
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and a 4 way power passenger seat
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i hope everyone is realistic in understanding the cost increases within every option. this could easily be a $50k car and that's more than i can afford!

with that said, here are my ideas:

1- the 2SS being the top interior package does need AUTO climate control and the memory seats. my wife is 5' tall and changing the mirrors, seats, climate controls, etc just shouldn't be this involved in a $37000 car. and light the homelink buttons too.

2- i would like to see a "COPO" style option. not the famed Z28 (not that there shouldn't be one), but a sleeper style 1SS type thug with an LS7 powered driveline, no badging, no nonsence style brute with no SuperCharger.....just cubic inches at 550rwhp!
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lights on the homelink buttons so you can find them in the dark.

better iphone, itunes genius, and play list support.

stronger buttons on the seatbelt strap holders.

move the cup holders on the manuals.

ABL on the dash.

More presets and programmable presets on the stereo EQ.

power passenger seat.

bigger, lighted, vanity mirrors in sun visors.

blue tooth stereo while bluetooth phone is connected
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Absolutely love my Camaro! The only real problem I've had is some dirt in the paint, but here are some little things I'd like to see:

- Better hook/cord for the gas cap
- Scan / Pause functions on the radio / CD
- Universal Home remote as part of Convenience and Connectivity
- Leather Center Console as part of Convenience and Connectivity
- Convenience and Connectivity option for 1SS
- Memory seats / mirrors
- Height adjustable passenger seat
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Originally Posted by srevoal View Post

move the cup holders on the manuals.
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1. Nav has become what CD players were in the 00's: if your car doesn't have one you'll be forced to add a portable one that looks kinda cheap and cheezy. So many people have it in their dash. Please add Nav, it's 2010. (and reverse cam )

2. I'm not really big on how the car is from the passenger seat because I'm NEVER over there, but I have had complaints from shorter passengers. It would be nice if the height were adjustable, but again, I'm NEVER over there.

3. Full Dash ABL

4. HID fog lights offered with the RS package, maybe

5. Exhaust tips from the concept

6. Make any changes made on the 2011 model available to 2010 owners at a discounted price

That is all
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Now that I have converted to Chevy I cant complain about this car it is amazing, a couple of things that would be nice would be illuminated garage door buttons and passenger seat power. Other than that leave it alone.
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