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Originally Posted by REEFBLUE93 View Post
I don't know what type enjoyment you derive from driving your car but there is a HUGE difference between driving a V8 and a V6 car that's n/a. The GTR isn't n/a so that's a moot point. The difference I'm speaking of has nothing to do with breaking the speed limit either. It's all about how the car responds and how it sounds....
neither is a boosted V8 vs a V6(n/a or not). get the car you want, if you don't like it get something else. Some people get the Camaro for the looks, regardless of engine size. But you wouldn't know that, huh.

..and tell me how the car responds, up to the speed limit.
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Originally Posted by olivdav View Post
The question is not who has the fastest car, it is do you enjoy your car? If you bought the car to race, then do what you need to do to make it faster. I bought mine because I have always wanted one, they are sweet looking and I am old enough to afford it, yet young enought to still know how to drive it. I am not planning on putting it on a track, just cruise around with my favorite seat cover (Wife) next to me. People pull up next to me ready to race, I just smile at them rev the engine a little and do a normal pull away from the light as I would all the time laughing at the idiots as they waste tire tread trying to show me who has a bigger pecker...kid games. I love my manual V6, I know I can pass on a two lane highway with no trouble at all and the car is pretty!
nice, painted or vinyl?
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Vinyl, dealer installed
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Originally Posted by olivdav View Post
Vinyl, dealer installed
Looks good

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The V6 is faster and quicker than many of the original 60's to 80's muscle cars' My LS is as quick as my 67 GTO was stock with a 400 engine and is much quicker than my 68 Camaro SS 350 when stock.
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My little V6 would smoke this:

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You Can Call Me Jay
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Originally Posted by CamaroFreako View Post
2011 V6 camaro vs 2011 V6 mustang. fair enough? camaro still lose.

and i am not comparing the V6 to performance car, i am comparing it to other cars that are in the same arena, Other V6s, not an SRT8 or SS
FAST is a relative term. In the V6 section there is a new '11 V6 Stang owner. So far at the track he's running about what most of us V6 guys are running stock..low to mid 14's

Also, one of the fastest 5th Gens on record is a V6. 12.4 quarter. Thats right up there with some of our supercharged V8 brothers.
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I wonder how many times he has pushed his V6 car to 155MPH?
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Heat Dynasty
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Originally Posted by CamaroFreako View Post
Like really, the V6 camaro....i feel it can't beat any other sport V6 car

maybe just the v6 challenger...challenger has nice styling but too heavy and I believe the v6 only has an automatic for some reason.

Hyundai's 2010 Genesis is faster...does anyone want a Hyundai?

350Z is faster...much smaller and more expensive, not a comfortable car at all.

any infinite V6 car is faster...those are more luxury cars with a high price sticker, not muslce cars.

Altima coupe is faster too i seems like everyone owns a boring Altima. Not sure if it faster, I would think not. It is a boring car with awful interior lighting in my opinion. I am sick of seeing them on the road. This is also more of a luxury/family car.

the new 2011 V6 mustang is fractions of a second. I currently own a mustang while waiting for my camaro to come in. I loved the 99-04 styling. I HATE the look of the new ones since then. Camaro styling is WAY BETTER. Plus everyone has a mustang, so they do not have much value.

The V6 camaro is only a showcar, it looks nice, that all i guess...Camaro is not a slow V6 by any means. It has the power of old V8's. For a V6 sports car, looks, and price I don't think you will find better.

Remember the camaro has 312hp, this is not your 140hp v6 of the past.
Even the V8 camaro as some mentioned already would be beat my MANY V8 and better cars. If you are looking for the fastest car out there, there is always going be another car to beat it coming out.

It all comes down to personal preferance.
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Originally Posted by SIXJAK View Post
I get that but I'm trying to illustrate the new V6 isn't a bad option. The OP seems really unhappy about his purchase. I love my 2LT.
Maybe the OP could get his car to go faster if he took the parking brake off.

I appreciate this v6 isn't the fastest out there. I didn't buy it thinking it would be.

To the gents arguing the third-gens. The typical stock third-gen was not much to write home about on the dragstrip. The '92 Firehawk was not the typical third-gen and motortrend did take it to 13.4 in the quarter.
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Agent Atomic Orange
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If the V-6 Camaro was the top of the line Camaro, it would have to beat the track times for every other V-6 plus a good chunk of the V-8 competitors, but it's has a meaner big brother. The reason to buy a V-6 is for the fuel economy, decent power(100hp more than older V-8s), and lower insurance rates. All of this wraped in sheetmetal that garners more attention than 99% of the competitors.
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Originally Posted by raqball View Post
My little V6 would smoke this:

I am truly grateful I wasn't drinking anything when I saw this. ROTFLMAO
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Wow....shouldn't respond but....

OH YEAH!!! SO???

Want a Bugatti, SSC or McLaren....otherwise.....shut-up!!!
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