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Originally Posted by K1SSRSS View Post
Keep the mail slot on the Z28, just make it functional.

And I agree, the extendable sun visors would also help out a alot.
....functional is good........very good......
Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
If only...

Janet also posted requests in the General, ZL1, and Convertible sections for the broadest range of feedback. I suspect she had a fair idea of what to generally expect, here, from the semi-permanent resident ZEE-creatures...
.....that's true was nice to be able to be given the chance on both the ZL1 and Z-28 boards the opportunity to detail our suggestions for future developments. That makes an old Zee creature smile.....

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Are you sure you went to
They have the same number of color options as the camaro. 9. Maybe even more cuz some of the extra colors are inside the options menus and not on the color picker.

They offer more seat options.
Standard cloth
Standard leather
Leather with suede inserts
Recaro in cloth
Recaro in leather

And way more wheel options.

More stereo options.

Options to delete standard things u don't want, like the standard side mustang stripe and a few other things.

You really have to go through their site and really look at it as if you were actually gonna buy one, you'll see what I mean. Sme of the options are spread out between the models also, so if you just look at the Boss you won't see everything.

Trust me, this isn't a case of the grass is allways greener.

The mustang has more available choices of things you can add or change on the car across all models. Something like 19 different wheels. They have an iPad app with the sole purpose is to option out a mustang and people vote on who's ride looks the best, and virtually all of it is stuff can order either from the dealer or the website. Before u take delivery.

Now I know since the mustang has been around forever without any breaks in production, it's only natural they have built up a lot of things for the car, and naturally more aftermarket stuff too. so it's a little unfair. But I still feel Chevy could do and offer a lot more in the choice dept.

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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
I suspect she had a fair idea of what to generally expect, here, from the semi-permanent resident ZEE-creatures...
Yes, you didn't disappoint
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I know this is probably a day late and dollar short but in all these forums I have yet to really read anything substantial on the use or lack thereof of rear gear ratio options. As all the experts have pointed out, the original Z's were screaming little (maybe not so) road demons that cornered and handled. They were slung low, revved high and had gearing to pull out of corners and accelerate quickly. I love my SS don't get me wrong, and I understand the gas guzzler laws and all that, but do I really need a car with a 6 speed that can go 180 MPH or can we drop the rear ratio to say 4:10-4:30 area add some stronger axles and driveshaft, (throw in ZL1 Tremec trans and clutch assy) and then you will have a screamer. Been considering this for my SS just because I know the gear change will surprise the holy hades out of many who think all those other mods are the end all to quick. Gears baby gears!

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where's our z/28?

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