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Stock ZL1 .vs. Torq Heat Exchanger w/ TEST DATA & INFO INSIDE

Let me first state that we were super anxious to try our Dual Pass Heat Exchanger on a ZL1 as soon as we knew the car was being created as we knew how undersized it would be. We are VERY happy with the results but from our testing know there are many other restrictions in the system....good news is that we are already testing and developing new products for this beast.

We have posted the data and results at the end.

Having a long history with factory supercharged [Ford] vehicles, we knew the potential of an aftermarket heat exchanger was huge. When dealing with Roots or Twin Screw Superchargers there's always the issue of intake temps. When running the car hard and spinning the blower fast you create heat. Heat equals a loss in power as well as the possibility of damage to the engine. One way to help reduce these intake temps and the risk of damage is to add more fluid into the inter cooler system which in turn helps lower intake temps by dissipating heat.

After carefully interviewing many manufacturers we selected one of the biggest and best radiator/hx manufacturers in the country to design our exclusive Camaro SS/ZL1 Dual Pass Heat Exchanger.

We were among the first to release a real replacement Heat Exchanger for the Camaro SS equipped with aftermarket Superchargers and designed it with the intentions of being universal for all Supercharged SS's as well as the ZL1.

We were able to test fit one a few weeks ago and we were extremely pleased that it is a 100% direct bolt-on and uses the factory intercooler hoses.

Heat Exchanger Design
This double pass heat exchanger is of the highest quality. The cores, welds and design are used in many high performance applications for both street and track use.

Using years of experience, advanced design, and thorough testing, Torq ZL1 Heat Exchangers are designed to promote optimal air flow and cooling by utilizing appropriate fin count, tube size, core thickness, and fin serration for each particular application.

* High efficient double pass design vs. Single Pass
* Increased HP due to intake temperature drop compared to stock
* Drop in intake temp at idle, cruise and wide open throttle because of the improved cooling efficiency
* Increased recovery of temperatures (consistent and reliable power)
* Helps prevent heat soak and detonation due to increased intake temps
* Furnace brazed core (no epoxies) with beautifully tig welded tank construction
* OPTIONAL Dual 10" fans provide the ultimate in airflow at all vehicle speeds

Of course, as an Torq product, quality is second to none. Torq Heat Exchangers are TIG welded and feature furnace brazed cores with no epoxy. Each unit is pressure-tested before it is ship

Regains Lost Power
By more effectively cooling intake temperatures, Torq Camaro ZL2 Heat Exchangers keep the air entering the combustion chamber cooler and more dense, even in high-demand situations.

Allows for More Consistency
After hard acceleration, especially in drag racing applications, Torq's ZL1 Heat Exchangers allow the supercharger to cool faster and remain at a constant temperature, which means power delivery is more consistent.

Immediately after firing up the car we noticed how much better this was compared to the factory unit. The larger capacity ZL1 Heat Exchanger has an increase of 60% more fluid capacity, which means it takes a lot longer for the fluid to heat up.

Sitting on the dyno at idle, without fans we noticed the IAT2's were not rising, or the few seconds it did, it immediately dropped back down to below 100F.

Driving around and cruising we also the temps were not rising anywhere near what stock was. We were seeing a 15-20 degree drop at idle and cruise and very impressed.

We hooked up the fans to the factory intercooler pump so when the pump turns on the fans would turn on as well. From the factory there is a delay for the pump to turn on and it only turns on after the car has been running.

To take advantage of the fans coming on during key on we modify the factory calibration (your tuner can do this for you) so the pump turns on as well as the fans without the vehicle running. This will draw fresh air through the HX and help circulate fluid. This is a great benefit for track use.

We will have an optional upgrade to hook the fans up to a switch or there are many other relays you can do this.

These are IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP!!


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Drives: 2001 Crown Vic
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Adding the ZL1 SC pump upgrade very soon ....... just to verify plumbing is correct vs pictures posted. The hot coolant from the pump enters into the top of the heat exchanger, and exits cooled from the bottom? Or the opposite........ can see reasons for both, since the upper area gets better airflow
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