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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
....I am sitting back, just enjoying the proliferation of technology and all that's good with Camaro right now. What a great time to be a Camaro enthusiast, and an old Camaro person from the dated past on top of as in the difference from the horse and buggy to the space shuttle and having experienced the difference between them....<well, sort of speak>
Might you Be interested in a game of shuffle board? Or perhaps considering providing a Z/28 about a two car jump to even things out? Really now, the ZL1 has a little brother to protect in the 1/4 mile contests!
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I'm gonna guess owners will be able to get them into the 11.3's stock, with enough practice some drivers can get every last horsepower working perfectly. Can't wait till people start taking delivery and we get some real world info!
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There is a reason you don't see funny cars at road courses, and the same would be true of a Z28 at the dragstrip. The Z28 does have the advantage of not embarassing itself at the strip, unlike the funny car that wouldn't finish the first lap at a road course.
The biggest mistakes in life come when you know exactly what you are doing.
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The last stock C6 ZO6 Vett I saw on a dyno put down 437rwhp. Is that really enough to put a 3850 lb. car in the 11s?
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As more info on the z28 comes to light, it would appear the zl1 is best suited for street/strip and mods, with the stronger driveline. I was going to see about getting into a z28, but not now.......the purpose of the z28 is a bit too specific for my needs.......GM means what they say now.......not recommended for drag strip means just makes sense , because GM is not going to put out two different cars back to back that directly compete with each other........DIFFERENT CARS , DIFFERENT PURPOSE
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The Z28 is a 12 second car just like the ZL1, A few might see 11's but mid to low 11's seem unlikely.
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Gary B
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Headers, a cam, drag radials and some good tuning....the Z28 will run wild in the 1/4!
Time for a new ride soon....6th Gen or 5th Gen Z28? Hmmm....
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I see the z28 being right there with the zl1, 12.1 or 12.0 quarter times.
I think the zl1 will definitely be the better street car. I would not be
surprised if they refresh the LSA some and both the zl1 and z28 dip into
the 11.9 range off the showroom floor.

The z28 track times will in line with the z06 with z07 track pack. The z28
will probably cost $65-70k. 1lE is still where it's at for me, I hope they don't
neuter it, I may just get a '13 and be done, I love the car anyway.
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Originally Posted by Ron66Vette&10SS View Post
Even though the ZL1 has better power to weight....the Z28 has better tires in back, better gearing and 300lbs less to get moving....I think the Z28 will be just as fast (or faster) than the ZL1 in the 1/4. long as they don't neuter it with excessive torque management (like they did to the ZL1)
I doubt it will be faster than the ZL1 in the 1/4. Its a track car not a drag car. Also we have no ideal what the "final" gearing would be. People thought the 1LE gearing was much lower than a SS, until they found that GM had changed the trans ratios effectively making the gearing almost the same. So what this means is that even though the Z/28 has 3:91's, the ZL1 may have lower gearing overall. As far as speed, the Z/28 will be a track dominator, but on the 1/4 no way. I remember before the ZL1 was raced on the 1/4 everyone was saying how fast it was, then the actual 1/4 mile runs began, and they did disappoint.

One thing I can bank on it that the Z/28 will be fast around a track, but in the 1/4, I would put my $$$$ on the ZL1. I could be wrong but time will tell.
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Originally Posted by 74z28 View Post
The last stock C6 ZO6 Vett I saw on a dyno put down 437rwhp. Is that really enough to put a 3850 lb. car in the 11s?
With slicks or drag radials high 11's is doable. On stock tires it most likely would not do it. UT right da, driver it could happen.

Just Another 700whp DD 5.0
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2013 Camaro SS1LECTSVZ28
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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post take. Milford proving grounds yields a 3 second gain of the Z/28 over the ZL1 per lap as reported by Chevy. I have no idea what the layout is. My thoughts are. A short track, with many tight turns and short straightaways will give the Z/28 an advantage. A bigger track, with wider corners/radiuses and longer straightaways will give the ZL1 the advantage. Inherently, these cars are not designed from the get go for the quarter mile.
Milford proving grounds is a 2.9 mile road course with 20 turns......

Search Milford MI on Google maps, use the satellite option and look about 2 miles to the left of Milford. You will see numerous tracks layouts with building......You are now looking at the GM proving grounds......
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I see the Z28 running in the high 11's all day without having any heat soak problems of a blower. Just my .02 cents
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I would bet the Z/28 would put up a respectable 1/4 time, but like many others have said, this car is meant to dominate the twisties, not be a 1/4 missile
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Originally Posted by 16floz470ml View Post
Saw this on GM Launch site today.

How fast will the Z/28 be in 0-60? In the quarter mile?
The true performance of the Z/28 will be measured in lap times, not straight-line performance. To preserve the track-focused nature of the Z/28, it doesn’t have the strengthened differential and half shafts of the ZL1, and is not recommended for drag racing. The new Z/28 is designed to be the most track-capable Camaro ever produced by the factory.
What does this really mean? Will you twist the driveshaft or have excessive wheel hop if you try a high rev clutch dump?
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