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Originally Posted by NightmareZL1 View Post
Apparently the GM focus group that was surveyed to help design the new body was made up of redneck hill-billies that love chrome.

Can you drop the slurs, thank you
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I'll probably offend you
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My favorite part about this entire "2014 redesign sucks" campaign is that you see mostly people who have changed headers/exhaust/intake/etc saying how crappy one or two pieces of trim that can be CHANGED are turning them off.

If you think the tail end looks that nasty just imagine what the person you are beating is going to have to stare at. Me personally, I can't wait to see what can be done with the LEDs in the tails.

You guys that have that little "fake" ram air port on the front of your hood that most put lights in... the 2014 is going to have the ZL1 functional hood extractor, that's winning.

Anyways, if you don't like it, don't buy it. Tweet/email/write/carrier pigeon, whatever, your thoughts to GM. If you do like it, buy it.
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Why not open up the 3 slot "gills" and make them functional? It always seemed like that was part of the plan for any future Gen 5 Camaro, or take a cue from the gills on the Transformers 3 Dark Moon Camaro.

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Camaro King [^*^*^]
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i just dont understand how some people think the refresh is a step in the right direction when it comes to the cosmetic aspects of the car
the corvette redesign was a win but the camaro's is horrible in almost every way. it makes me angry just lookin at the camaro refresh then lookin at the corvettes thinkin to myself, how did you do such an amazing job on the corvette but completely fail on the camaro? its like they didnt have time and slapped shit on there just to say it was done or something....
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I like it overall but can't get my head around the taillights ...My opinion is 2010-2013 are unique and they just went with generic bland on the 2014.
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Why is the very top of the lower grill have a solid piece and not have openings for air to go through ? If you look at that solid piece it is about 25% of the total lower grill , Not to mention that each lower corner has 2 solid pieces the size of a beer can that are not very pretty to look at , In fact IMO that whole lower grill is not pretty to look at, It looks like some backyard mechanic cut his bumper out too large and stuck a piece of plastic on it too cover it up . Mark said it is too give it more air flow but certainly that solid piece on the very top is not allowing air to flow through it , They should of took that away and made the bumper larger so they wouldn't need that ugly flat strip , No I do not have any degrees in anything automotive , If I am wrong fine , But if someone that does have these degrees can explain to me how that flat strip that takes up about 25% of that lower grill increases airflow then I would appreciate it , Or was this just a cosmetic thing ? If so please reconsider this in the 6th gen. , I hope I am not upsetting anyone , Not hating on the car just think it could be a little more pleasing to the eye
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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
It's late.

Mom's in the hospital and a cousin died -- so I'm not in the best of moods.

You drive a 'yes' - you don't post what you drive -- and you bring up the weight issue -

Are you an automotive engineer? Do you drive a Camaro?

I don't mean to be insensitive - but I am losing patience with people who post stuff like you do and won't even post WHAT they drive.
Words cannot even begin to express our sorrow for the loss of your cousin, you and you family are in our prayers. May the love of those around you help you through the days ahead and we also pray for an especially speedy recovery for your dear mother. Rick.
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I purchased a BRM 2013 SS/RS last week. The reason I pulled the trigger now is I fell in love with the car and I don't like what I have been able to see of the 2014. I just don't think the front or rear end are improved.
Could I have lived with the looks of the 2014, sure but I love what the 2013 looks like.
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Agent orange
socal ht5
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Originally Posted by Cyber Gray View Post
Im still betting that 2014 SS will be performaning better than the older ones
Dont think so
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Originally Posted by joeybsyc View Post
The thing about it is that just about everyone here HAS the current version, so they are naturally biased towards that one over the redesign, be it intentionally or not. Just like almost everyone who owns a '68 Camaro thinks the '68 version looks better than a '69...But ask someone who doesn't own either one what their preference is and it's usually the '69 that's considered the better looking version of the Camaro. Same kinda thing here with the 2010-13 vs the '14 redesign. I like my 2010 better, but guaranteed anyone who buys a '14 will believe theirs looks the best. Right now no one owns a '14 so it's of course everyone thinks "their" version is better.
That line of thinking doesn't apply to everyone and certainly not to me. I like to upgrade every few years to the latest and greatest. I have a 2011 2SS and was REALLY looking forward to the refresh. I generally like a refresh, just for
the sake of a refresh.

The 2012 interior refresh was nicely done. But I just can't stomach the 2014 exterior "refresh", the rear in particular. The worst part of the whole design is the squarish cavern for the license plate and the high diffuser that imposes on it. It's in VERY stark contrast to an otherwise highly sculpted car. MAJOR step backward IMO.

This "refresh" forced me to wait to see what's next before I trade my 2011.
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Originally Posted by jravenfan View Post
I purchased a BRM 2013 SS/RS last week. The reason I pulled the trigger now is I fell in love with the car and I don't like what I have been able to see of the 2014. I just don't think the front or rear end are improved.
Could I have lived with the looks of the 2014, sure but I love what the 2013 looks like.
Wow!! We felt the same way and did the exact same thing.
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Originally Posted by Forty5th View Post

Chevrolet introduced the 2014 Camaro at the New York Auto Show. It is more beautiful than ever, but Program Engineering Manager Mark Dickens says, "It's not just eye candy. It actually performs." Check out the video to discover why Dickens says the styling enhancements were made with performance in mind.
"It is more beautiful than ever" talk about a personal opinion
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Originally Posted by Agent orange View Post
Dont think so
o it will, more aerodynamic and should be a little lighter
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All subjective really - but I personally dont like the direction and am very happy with my 2010 which as my 13 year old daughter said "looks more like a muscle car" than new designs being discussed

I would have viewed the separate tail lights on earlier designs as a chevrolet design theme across the product lines

I do see parallels with the Mustang which started off as a fine looking retro-futuristic model in 2005 and has deteriorated to looking a bit of a dogs dinner in recent years as designers have wrestled with making it look a little bit different every year

General issue is the marketing need to keep visual differentiation and to help keep the range "fresh" year to year which I understand - but which can drive some strange change for sake of change (or for sake of fashion)

Just like with humans - too much plastic surgery can make someone look like a caricature of themselves

Ultimately I am just happy to see Camaro as a brand continue to be strong. What a turnaround in such a short time from an extinct brand to an entire line up of models
Breathing Fire since October 8th 2009 !
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