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Old 10-31-2013, 02:53 PM   #15
Master of Nothings
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Drives: 2010 Chevy Camaro 2LT/RS
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Nice Mods so far. I'll be following this since I too have a 2LT/RS but a 2010. Still excited to see what you do

2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT/RS
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Drives: 2014 2LT RS
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Thanks everybody for the compliments

Originally Posted by Behic2320 View Post
Oh thanks man, didnt know that. So the hood vent is like the new mail slot
Ya, and I looked and looked at that and I wanted my car to be as clean as possible. I could have gone bigger, but I am not racing this thing and I really wanted to have a clean car that I could just drive and have fun. And the V6 is *no* slouch. But with the V6 / RS package I love the look of the car.

Originally Posted by Behic2320 View Post
Also didnt realize you were in san diego were going to have to get together so I can see this thing in person
YES! I would love to get together with some locals. I have been following the SD thread in the local section but it seemed every time they were doing something I had more important things to do that day.... totally sucks!

And back to the mods...

I am in with the majority that front license plate is BAD. But having a 2014 Camaro you quickly find most of the "10 an up" items will not work on the 14. I found the mounting option I liked the best and it turns out the maker is local to me. After a few emails/calls/visits Gilbert had a working model for the front plate bracket. Since the front end is different measurements had to be made, parts tried on and then tweaked until a perfect fit first-ever 2014 version was made for my car, with the use of my car. All in all it took 3 or was it 4 visits for a finished product.

So if you have are looking for a way to have a way to mount in case the cops pull you over give Gilbert from Eliminator Bracket a call. I can say he is a truly a good guy!

I am really really happy with this addition - unless you are looking for it you really do not see it. And the mount and my plate stays in the trunk ready for the cops... "Oh sorry officer, I was just at a car show and must have forgot to put it back on, give me 10 seconds and it will be right on!" lol, wonder if that will work


And different views of the after minus the plate mount:

And with the plate holder on - minus the plate itself:

The plate really takes 10 seconds most to get on and 10 seconds most to get off. And when it is on - it is SOLID. Not moving around and just pure quality.

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Old 11-02-2013, 08:12 PM   #17
Central PA Camaro5 Club
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Sweet looking car!
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Drives: 2010 cam.2ss/rs.iom,07'escalade esv
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good looking car!
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Old 11-08-2013, 08:31 PM   #19
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Drives: 2011 2SS/RS Vert
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Nice looking Camaro. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow.
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Old 11-13-2013, 11:20 PM   #20
2010 SSRS

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Great looking Camaro
Jannetty Racing JRE Street Package
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Drives: 2012 2LT/RS
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Nice, looks good
Current Mods:
CAI Cold Air Intake; SLP Loudmouth II; Billet Grille; 20% Tint; Ambient Footwell Lighting

Future Mods:
Supercharger or Twin Snails; Stage 2 Cam; Lowering Springs; Sport Suspension; 21" Vossen CV3's; Blacked out taillights/side markers/reverse lights/fog lights/turn signals; Switchback LED turn signals; Fog light Halo's; Afterburner Taillights; Underbody Lights
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Old 11-21-2013, 10:35 AM   #22

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Nice looking Camaro, Like the plate mount. B Stall? where it's so nice to be nice? haha
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Old 11-22-2013, 09:17 AM   #23
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Drives: 2014 2ltRS dualmode CAI
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Plate braket is nice. Notice on the 2014 the factory plate braket doesn't need to be drilled into bumper like the 2014s and earlier, it just snaps into bottom grill with two predrilled anchor bolt holes already in grill.

Loving the looks I get on my 2014, even from older camaro owners. The halos now being the dtr lights gets attention. Only mod I have done was getting LED footwell lighting installed. Thought about caliper covers, but seems pointless unless changing brakes themselves.
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Old 12-11-2013, 10:40 AM   #24
Emerald Coast Camaros
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Great start so far.

Originally Posted by camarohouston View Post
The halos now being the drl lights gets attention.
I almost forgot the one thing I really like on the 14's is the lighting re-wiring they did. Halos as the DRLs and the lower lights as the fogs they should be is perfect. Would I assume correctly then that the light switch inside has the fog light button and they're controlled manually? Do your halos stay on at night too?

That is how I wish I could wire mine to work. Halos basically on all the time (wouldn't want them off at night so only wiring them to the DRL circuit wouldn't work) and fogs switched when I want them, preferably through the factory fog light button which is not to be found on a '12 1LT such as mine.
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Club F1FTY
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SoCal HT5 COTW 4/21/13
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Are you coming to the meet this sunday i wanna see this bad boy in person
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2014, 2lt, 2lt/rs, summit white

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