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how much HP can the stock clutch, axles, and heads handle

stock SS
-headers ( manifolds)

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my camaro didn't come stock with headers, so I dont know the limit on the stock headers.

Clutch... depending on how you drive... but I'd say 650~ish to be on the safe side

Axles is a toss up... there is a person on here that is on the stock clutch/axles/differential/transmission and is in the 9's. There are also people who have broke them with stock vehicles. Depends on how you drive and how well you respond to wheel hop.
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Don't dump the clutch on dry pavement. Always release the clutch like driving out from a red light. Always get out of wheel hop immediately. Usually tire spin includes wheel hop. You can hear it and feel it. It feels like a shudder in rear. Harder to feel with lowered springs (stiffer). It is more about how you drive it than how much HP.
Do install trailing arms to reduce wheel hop and lower 60'.

I have 470 horse to the rear wheels (@550hp at motor) and never had a problem with street tires, 17" MT's or 20" Nitto 555's.
Never had a problem, that is, until I installed a Ram HD clutch. Blew out posi first trip to the track with about 4 wheel hops. The stock clutch may need to be the weak link and a safety fuse if you don't want to upgrade drive train.

4.10 gears on an M6 add 84 and 4.33's add 104 of torque to rear wheels and more likely to break CV joints or axles.
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I have a 603 RWHP Daily Driver that I Drag Race as well that has stock drivetrain and heads !! No problems yet !!
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Street tires they will hold a lot. I was good at 610wHP till I put on drag radials & went to the track then clutch went. Traction with the added power can kill clutches & axles.
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