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Ordering a convertible, how does it work?

after about 6 weeks of going back and forth with every dealership in town on the possibility of ordering a new '11 convertible, I am totally confused. Most told me that they didn't have any current allocation and couldn't order. Yesterday, I spoke to a dealership that said they could place an order for me so.....Come on in! I was excited and rushed right in and worked out some last minute color and option choices. The dealer then stated that they couldn't honor my GM F&F discount. I understood their discounts. Got it. I was told, however, by most dealers that they would honor it. I walked out saying that I would need to think on it and make some phone calls.

....I then called another dealer in town, who earlier in the morning said they coudn't order one, and asked questions. Questions were regarding if/when they get another allocation whether they would honor F&F pricing. He said they would and THEY COULD ORDER ONE NOW. I was surprised and excited since they also don't charge a doc fee so that is another $600 in savings in edition to the F&F savings.

.....I probed some about the change in position from earlier in the morning. He went on about allocations and they can put it on the system and when they receive another allocation (beginning of next month AT THE LATEST), it will be picked up for production. So I don't have an allocation yet? How do you know that you will by beginning of next month. He went on to say that they know they will.....but it isn't in the system yet......and last month they had 8 total cars allocated......and they ordered 2 verts and 6 coups......yada yada yada.....8-12 weeks for delivery. I asked for a confirm number when available but since it was only yesterday he hasn't forwarded me anything yet.

My question is, how does this work. Is he pulling the wool over my eyes and two months from now he will tell me that they are still waiting for an allocation?

Any help on the process would be helpful.

Hopefully a new owner of a CGM 2SS Convertible in 8-12 weeks.
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Hello Hopefully a new owner of a CGM 2SS Convertible in 8-12 weeks,

I unfortunately do not have many answers for you, but I did just put down my $1000 deposit on a vert at a dealer here in Phx. My experience talking to the dealers was much like yours. What it boils down to is that many dealers just do not know what they are talking about and just try to sound like they do. I contacted every single dealer in Phoenix, one responding back saying how someone paid to have their coupe roof cut off, and another is telling me they will get in three SS silver convertibles next week (which obviously they won't since it starts production next week).

My best recommendation is follow the forum here, read up on a lot of the threads talking about the convertible, and then take that info with you into the different dealers. If you get a dealer who says something that totally doesn't make sense with what is said on here (i.e. the three verts being delivered next week), then you know you are dealing with someone who is lying to you. I wouldn't even bother with those dealers. Also, if they have to write their name down on the business card, they are probably way too new and don't know what they are talking about!
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The allocation story you were told actually is plausibe.

If you search around the order section of the forums you will find much more detail about it. We got pretty good at it late in 2008 considering so many of us ordered before production.

Becky can answer your questions. I'll direct her here for you.


Oops, lol, this IS the Ordering section. hahaha

I'm sure Becky will be in here shortly to assist you. Have a seat in the waiting room and try some of our complimentary coffee.
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