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Dave Sparkes
Drives: 2011 Camaro Convertible
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Location: Ottawa, On
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Front End Knocking Noise

This is not a forum I wanted to start but I’m hoping after I post it I will get some feed back from other that have the convertible RS.

I picked up my convertible from the dealer on 31 Mar and on the drive home I notice a knocking noise coming from what I think is the front end on the passenger side. The noise is not always there, it only happens when I go over certain bumps in the road. I’m no mechanic but it kind of sounds like a strut bottoming out to me. I only have 550 km or 341 miles on it so I’m hoping (fingers cross) that it may just go away on it own. I took it back to the dealership this week for them to have a look at it and install the 2 bolts that were setting in a plastic bag in the drunk that needed to be installed in order for the tonneau cover snaps to grab on to something.

I took the mechanic for a drive and he also noticed the knocking noise. With him being in the passenger seat he said that the noise seems to be coming from the driver’s side front end. I left the car with them over night so that they could have it all the next day. I picked up the car after work yesterday and they told me that the noise is still there. They believe the noise is coming from some where in the dash. They called GM to see if there were any other reports of noise coming from the front end in any other convertibles. GM told my mechanic that this is the first report they have received regarding the knocking noise. GM wants me to keep monitoring the nose and if it gets worst bring the car back to my mechanic because it might be easier to pin point where the noise is coming from. I think they are thinking that it might be a couple of plastic parts in the dash that are rubbing together and that over time it might stop all together.

Any of you guys hearing the same knocking noise?


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Drives: Future ZL1 Owner
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Dave, there are a lot of posts about the front end noise. It isn't isolated to any model or trim level. You might search for front end popping noise or look under the problems posting area of the forum. Here's a link to the most prominant thread on the issue
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Drives: 2005 STi corn fed
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I haven't spent all that much time under the hood of the SS, but are there any heat-shields?
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Maybe you should read the some of the threads on the problem with popping in the front end like most of us is experiencing.There is a TBS POI97 on this problem but GM hasn't corrected the problem yet, I was hoping a recall would be put in place,to correct this.Most of the camaro owners thinks it related to the strut mount bushings, and maybe that's what you are hearing.
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Old 04-14-2011, 07:06 AM   #5
Dave Sparkes
Drives: 2011 Camaro Convertible
Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Ottawa, On
Posts: 51
Thanks guys for your info,
I will forward this info to my dealer and hopfully something might get done about it.

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