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How OCD people cut weight

Looking through some old text files on my computer I found this list someone in the SRT community made about how they cut weight on their Dodge SRT-4. This is circa 2005. Might be interesting to some:

Total Lbs. Saved - Street Trim 230.35
Total Lbs. Saved - Race Trim (Rear & Passenger Seat Removed) 302.10

SRT Part Lbs. Replacement Part Lbs. Lbs. Saved
Trunk w/ Spoiler 27.65 Trunk w/o Spoiler 22.90 4.75
Viper Style Seat 43.00ea ACR No AirBag Seat 34.65ea 16.70 (2)
Stock Battery 29.84 Hawker G13EP Battery 10.95 18.89
Stock CD Player 3.98 Sony ES Minidisc Player 3.44 0.54
SRT Rearview mirror 0.82 ACR Rearview mirror 0.63 0.19
AC System (Underhood) 22.53 None 0.00 22.53
Stock Carpet 22.35 Carpet without Padding 15.10 7.25
Floormats 6.10 None 0.00 6.10
Sparetire and hardware 28.70 None 0.00 28.70
Jack 4.80 None 0.00 4.80
Trunk Carpet and Pads 12.75 None 0.00 12.75
SRT Rear Seat Bottom 10.10 ACR Rear Seat Bottom 9.15 0.95
SRT Rear Seat Back 29.95 ACR Rear Seat Back 27.95 2.00
Rear Middle Seatbelt 2.25 None 0.00 2.25
Foglights & Black Surrounds 0.93 None 0.00 0.93
Top Vibration Damper 0.24 None 0.00 0.24
Bottom Vibration Damper 0.36 None 0.00 0.36
SRT Dual Radiator Fan 7.85 ACR Single Radiator Fan 5.46 2.39
Front Mesh Grill 0.68 None 0.00 0.68
SRT Doorskin & Power Windows 8.90ea ACR Doorskin & Manual Windows 7.25ea 3.30 (2)
SRT Stock Rims and Tires 44.43ea Kosei K1 15x7 & Toyo T1-S 225/50/15 34.30ea 40.52 (4)
Stock Airbox & Intake Tube 6.01 Iceman Intake 3.41 2.60
Stock Battery Tray 2.60 OmniLite Iceman Tray 2.00 0.60
Front SRT Swaybar 10.73 Front Hotchkis Swaybar 7.94 2.79
Rear SRT Swaybar 8.02 Rear Hotchkis Swaybar 9.40 -1.38
Sound Deadening Material 20.36 None 0.00 20.36
Firewall Mat (Bottom Half) 5.63 None 0.00 5.63
Rear Deck 3.96 Rear Deck Carpet Only 0.34 3.62
Top Dash Panel 8.44 Panel w/o Padding & Insert 7.24 1.20
Right Rear Trunk Spring 0.40 None (Tightened Left Spring) 0.00 0.40
Balance Shaft Chain & Hardware 0.78 None 0.00 0.78
SRT Downpipe & Cat 12.70 CTI 3" DP & Highflow Cat 9.98 2.72
SRT MidPipe & Resonators 16.78 CTI 3" Midpipe & Resonator 9.65 7.13
SRT Rear Exhaust Section 13.05 CTI 3" Side Exit & Tip 9.44 3.61
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just can't seem to leave
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ahh... to have money for new parts!
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they still drive neons.
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Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post
they still drive neons.
lol +1
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