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What subwoofers are compatible?

I was thinking of just getting a new subwoofer and keeping the BA system. Is this possible or do I need an Amp. Also what subwoofers are compatible (or will even fit)?
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I'm waiting for someone to answer this; I'm thinking of getting an Orion HCCA 10 inch sub system with their HCCA amp, but I don't want to replace the main console with some shitty head unit; since GM accessories is offering an MTX sub system with amp does that mean that the stereo console is already programmed for subs? Also, what kind of extra battery power does this sort of system going to require?
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UCF w00t
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The BA system comes with an amp. But, I doubt it's adequate to power a full sub. BUT, since a subwoofer is available from GMPP, I'm sure it's easy to install an additional amp or replace the existing one.
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How soon before we find out if all camaro's are prewired for subs like the MTX you can buy from GM? Does the MTX sub come with a seperate amp to run the MTX subwoofer?? I don't want too much bass, just enough to get a good thump that one probably wont get in the upgraded BA system.
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Rogue Leader
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While I don't work for GM theres 2 things I'm sure of.

1. The dealer sold MTX subs will be powered by their OWN amplifier.

2. However they are connected (probably a pigtail buried in the trunk somewhere) I am sure one of the aftermarket companies will have a converter within a couple months of the car's release to the general population that will allow you to hook up ANY amplifier.

The question that remains is this pigtail that will be in the trunk to connect the MTX setup, will it be filtered for low frequency or not? If it is filtered it is fine for connecting a sub amp and adding external subs. If it is not filtered and offers full range then once the adaptor comes out you will be able to very easily add a new amplifier to the system, then run new wires to whatever new speakers you get for the car, and just disconnect the harnesses for the old speakers.

This we will need to figure out when the cars are available to stereo guys...
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I'm considering getting one JL 13W6V2 sub and the JL 750-watt HD mono amp to power it; I just need to know if the Camaro audio system will have a sub out connection so I can use the JL amp for the sub, and leave the existing BA amp for the speakers.
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Ya'll might want to consider this little Gem.

Kenwood Flat self powered. All you need is some juice and a sub feed.

(wonders if the stock radios have RCA output and sub output too).?


• Max Power: 150W
• Power Subwoofer System
• Aluminum Die-casting Back-Frame
• Wired Remote controller include
• 1 RCA Input & Speaker Level Input
• 3 Point Attenature
• Variable Cut off Frequency (50-120Hz)
• Frequency response: 35-120 Hz
• Dimensions: 14-1/2"W x 3-9/16"H x 8-7/8"D
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Originally Posted by Vash View Post
Ya'll might want to consider this little Gem.

Kenwood Flat self powered. All you need is some juice and a sub feed.

(wonders if the stock radios have RCA output and sub output too).?

Would you be using one of these or two?
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Old 04-02-2009, 10:32 PM   #10
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your not really going to get any real power out of that amp stock from gm as it is a 4 chan amp.. not meant for subs.. just coax's.. i would recommend getting 2 10s 2 12s if you dont need the trunk 2 15s or even 1 18 that will fit iknow it will
if you want to conserve space go sealed.. if you want to hit hard go ported.. to around 35-40 hertz...
as for brands..
dc sound lab
digital designs
ascendant audio
stuff likke that..
get away from sony they tend to blow quick..
amp get sundown audio
Diablo Audio Technologies
rockford is the best so far..
and just run the biggest wiire posible 1/0 and you will be fine..
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you can get an amp and sub and have it hooked to the stock head unit, thats what i have in the Fusion. Certian amps come with a line leveler already with the amp, but you could also get a re-q or something(forgot the name) that will make your head unit way better in terms of output. Im going MTX sledgehammers, and a fosgate amp. Fosgate amp runs cool. My brothers mustang and my fusion are both running sledgehammers, the Camaro will also be sporting those
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You will be able to run an aftermarket sub/amp combo. You won't have to wait for any special equipment. Even if there is no separate sub output you'll be able to use a simple inexpensive line out converter (LOC) with your stock stereo to add an amp. You will need an amp with an aftermarket sub.

If you want to keep the stock head unit and amp but you want flexibility and cleaner sound, a digital sound processor may be worth the money instead of an LOC. Rockford, Alpine and JL all make very good ones that you can use instead of an LOC and allow you to make a custom system using a stock head unit.

There are several options for both an amp and sub, if you are keeping the stock stereo system except the sub- I would tend to go with a single reputable 10 to 12 inch sub with a good quality 300-500 watt rms mono amp and an LOC.

Don't forget to carefully consult with the installer on the enclosure. My personal thoughts are that sealed enclosures generally work better with stock front ends, but not always. Talk to the installer, not just the salesman and show him what's on your IPod and how loud you listen to your stereo. Different boxes can make you sub up to twice as loud at certain frequencies- which can be very good or very bad depending on what you are listening too.
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Originally Posted by tmo1113 View Post
Would you be using one of these or two?
You just need one. It does not need an amp either it's built it just the Subwoof out, which is normally a mono anyway and 12v power. It has a remote so you can turn up or down without having to go where it's mounted.

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First off, this is my first post on the forums, I can also happily say as of today I've ordered my Camaro! Two bams in one sentence, and a new ride on the way!

DGordon, I'm not sure how long your willing to wait before doing this install into your Camaro as my dealer stated that I would'nt be recieving mine untill early July. But from a very strong technical aspect, I can try to give you some basic heads up.

First off, you'll need a SVEN as the most affordable basic one with four preouts I found here:

I have ordered that product last week so I should be expecting it in not too long. What that SVEN will do is give you four of the five channels the stock Camaro headunit comes with. Now with this hivolt to lowvolt preout filter, I'm not sure whether you can run both the original factory speakers and a splice off them to this filter without having to go out and buy an external amplifier. From a sound enthusiests stand point, it shouldnt work as splicing the current speaker cables would reduce the ohm current from 4 ohms (acceptable) to 2 ohms load which to my knowledge is unacceptable with any 5 channel stock headunit.

Without the unit infront of me, I cannot prove this theory so I will stay safe and just say go buy a $100 4-channel Amp or whatever your budget is. The Amp I bought was the Pioneer Premier PRS-D4200F as it should blast the speakers like there is no tomorrow!

So you'll require two amps most likely, the 4-channel amp to bypass the stereo ohm range issue and a mono D amp for your subs you want to get. With the four channel amp, you should make sure you have a set of preouts that allow you to connect stereo rca cables from that amp to your mono D amp.

I could get much more technical here but setting up subs in your trunk will be very doable. And as for size, well its truly up to you. Just remember, if you build in your subs permanently, then you must remember, you must have access to that spare tire battery chamber down there! If your not sure, just stick with a free sitting box and make sure you can remove it if you ever do get a flat. As for subs, two 8s or 2 10s should fit without issue. I know you could go bigger but you'll have to go build your own custom box if you plan on doing that. I will do a full writeup on aftermarket speaker installations when I recieve my ride as the stock unit will sound like a tin can compared to what I'm arming this thing with.

Anything else, shoot away!

DJ ATOMIX (Untill My Car Arrives)

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audio, camaro, compatibility, stereo, subwoofer

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