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a picture says a million words, not any more

they use to say that a picture could say a million words, but after what i saw today i think a picture can say as many words as it wants to but it will never compare to the real thing.
before i get started i need to say something. i am 15 years old i turn 16 in august. i know alot of you already know where this is going, so let me ask you a question who can guess what i want for my first car. all jokes aside i am a huge camaro fan and would really appreciate if this thread did not get turned into a club house for everyone to tell me that its not a good idea for me not to get such a powerful car. i say that with all the respect i can because i do not go one day with out learning something new about the camaro from all of the great people on the forums.
ok so now that is out of the way i just wanted to share my experiences of today. my parents told me they knew that i liked the camaro and that in the morning we were going to get up early and drive down the road to one of our close family friend's dealerships because he had gotten a camaro in earlier in the week. so needless to say i was up bright and early this morning and waiting at the door like a new puppy wanting to go for a walk. well i get in the car and my mom has a big stack of papers and i knew where this was going. well before i go any further people should know this, my dad was not a by the book kid in his younger days, he had fun and drove fast and raced his share of cars, and me and him will have long road trips talking about which cars we like and which cars we hate (cough cough ricers cough cough), but my mom was and still is a very by the book person, she likes to be safe, but i love both of my parents to death. any way back on to the story, the ride to the dealership is about a 50 minute ride. well i get in the back seat of the car and my mom looks back at my sister and i and says hello in a very happy voice like today is going to be the best day ever. well my dad turns to her from the driver side and says "just give him the pages" so my mom hands me a big stack of papers from AOL cars, and tells me that my dad and her picked these out and they are safe and good looking, i take the pages and say "thank you, that was nice of you". my dad chimes in again and says "she picked most of them i picked 2 or 3". well the list included a FJ Cruiser, RX 8, a subaru, minicooper, 350 z, Kia Soul, and a few others that were along the lines of the Kia. well i look through the papers for a good 25 minutes and my mom is trying to sell me on them. well after a little bit i gently place them on the ground. and then the speech came about how my mom new a bunch of kids who wrecked cars when they were young, and my dad said that he was one of the kids who was lucky and did not wreck. so that talk lasted for about another 20 minutes and after that it was just pure anticipation in the car. (quick side note: i counted and i saw a total of 7 new dodge challengers on the road today, i have no idea why but i did and i was almost like they were taunting me) well when we get within 5 minutes of the dealership my mom says "don't get your hopes up we are just here letting you see it" and i said "yes mam" well i see the chevy sign and i actually think the sun got brighter. we pull in the entrance of the dealership and there she is a 2LT with the RS package in midnight silver (the exact car that i had been dreaming about for 2 years now)we pull in and i actually gasped, my mom says "where is it i guess he saw it" and my dad says "its right in front of us under the big banner that says new 2010 camaro" my sister laughed in the back seat with me and i am still mesmerized. we get out of the car and i start drooling. my mom starts off by saying "she pretty" my dad says "damn". long story short it was amazing but we did not get to test drive but i did not need to i was close to going into shock anyway. well after about 30 minutes of talking to our buddy who own the dealership, he said "call me in a week" to my dad. the first thing that is said when we get in the car is by was from me and i said "thank you guys for this, i got to touch the dream" and the second thing that was said was from my mom and it was "it was nice" and the third thing was by my dad and it was " was better looking in person than it was on the internet, now what are we going to do" and then he laughed so i don't really know what is that meant but i was still high from adrenaline. well the down sides were the dealer did not crank it up because the key was inside and well our friend is a bit lazy and did not go get it, but i was still happy and the other was that i forgot to take pictures and was only able to get one by hanging out the door when we were pulling away.
but any way today was an amazing day and i hope that someone will enjoy this story.
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Thank the Lord there was a picture!
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2LT would be a good option for you and your situation
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Great write, you sound like you are a very respectful young man. And your parents are very active in your life, sounds like no matter what vehicle you get you and your father will enjoy it together. I hope you land the Camaro!! I know plenty of kids who start with high horsepower cars.
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I was one of those kids that wrecked his first car. Sounds like you have nice parents if they are going to pay for your car like that. Only advice I can give is if you are paying for it on your own then buy what you want. Nothing sucks more than paying for something you don't even like. On the other hand you don't want to be completely in debt over it either. good luck.
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very cool man, it was a good story and I could see the emotions you must have been going through...I hope it works out for you!
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Go Blue!!!!!
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Originally Posted by 1320junkie View Post
Great write, you sound like you are a very respectful young man. And your parents are very active in your life, sounds like no matter what vehicle you get you and your father will enjoy it together. I hope you land the Camaro!! I know plenty of kids who start with high horsepower cars.
I could not have said it better. Good luck young man!!!!!
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Thank You GM
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You sound very bright and family oriented...Good for you!.

It is cool that you share this car passion with your old man. I too share the passion with mine still to this day, and I am 39 and he is 73. He had one of the first 67 Camaro RS's on the road, before I was born. In 2006 we both went out and bought SKY Redlines together and joined a couple of clubs, and we cruise together and do car shows....great times and memories!

By the way it is Silver Ice Metallic.....Not midnight Silver.

As far as your first car, buy something cool and used and cheap for two reasons. One the insurance will take it easier on you. And Two, I know you think it won't, but the odds are you WILL have an accident.

What a lot of people do not understand at your age, is it is less about SKILL and more about 6th sense, and a feel that you develop that ONLY COME WITH TIME AND EXPERIENCE. It is very much like Karate. You go in and learn the moves, and hell it doesn't take long to learn the motions, but you get your ass kicked for the first 4 years. You need to develop the INSTINCT.

So I would get a used Camaro of the past for $6-7K and enjoy that for a couple of years and then go and get your dream, you have nothing but time you are a young person and should focus on what you want to do with your life. Your generation is screwed coming up in this economy, so you better get your game on because as sad as it may be, the classes are separating fast and you will either be rich or poor in the future America.

So get a good education and BE careful that you pick an area to work in that is growing not dying. We cannot follow our parents any more, we need to be smarter and work harder to have success. I know this may seem off topic for you, but it is the same advise I gave my 2 nieces (16 & 18). FOCUS on a career, the cars will come when you can afford them. Focus on cars now and ignore your school, you will never realize your automotive dreams. Good Luck Kid!
ITS HERE! : 2010 Camaro 2SS / 6 Speed Manual (No other way) / Silver Ice Metallic / Inferno Orange Interior Accent / RS Package / Polished Wheels / SOLO MACH X CAT BACK
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very cool write up, I actually enjoyed it for some strange reason. It kind of reminded me of how crazy/overwhelmingly important things can be at that age and how you are powerless to make them come true. Everything is so reliant on the person who puts that roof over you head that you really are at their mercy.

Hang in there man, if I where you I would seriously have a one on one with your parents. Just let them know that you want to talk to them about something. When you get both of their attention just flat out say, "I'm not trying to push the envelope. I just really need to know if there is any chance I am going to get the camaro this year. If not I respect your decision but the anticipation of not knowing is making me crazy." If they say no just say, "thank you, that's all I needed to know. I will go and look at the list you gave to me the other day more seriously."

Don't be mad when you walk away. Go in your room and be mad/cry by your self. Fact of the matter is getting angry upset about something like this is the first sign of immaturity and its definitely not something you want to show them right now. If a few days pass by and there is still no mention of it then you are probably never going to get one from them. Just move on and make it a personal goal when you have the means to do so on your own.
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Maybe your Dad will pick one up himself and pass it on to you when the time is right..
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When I was 18 I wanted to buy a 68 350 w/ 200k for $6k back in 92 it was a nice marina blue with all blue interior, lots of chrome, rally wheels. I would like to buy one now but I must wait a few more years, but it will be worth the wait. I saw a black 1LT at Pohanka Chevy in Chantilly, VA last week, and you do have to see the camaro in person, the pictures are cool but seeing it was much better. I like the center console is up high, it divides the seating in the front like the vette. The interior seems smaller than the pictures, but it's nice. The sunroof was good too, it opened up the interior, and the sunroof glass sticking up didn't look bad. Mark Martin is leading at Darlington!
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man, if there wasn't a picture at the end of that it would have got very ugly....

Had to trade in the Camaro for a truck :(, but hopefully I can join the Camaro family again one day
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Originally Posted by 2010SLVRBULIT View Post
Maybe your Dad will pick one up himself and pass it on to you when the time is right..
wouldn't that be nice, me and him get to ride around and keep up our hobby of loving our new muscle and hating the little patty pressers, and then one day the reins get passed down to me that would be really cool.
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Watching Mark Martin leading and pulling away from Jimmie J. at the end to win at Darlington, he seemed so relaxed, it looked like he was Sunday driving!
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