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Drives: 2012 Camaro 1LS
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Lightbulb Bluetooth Music Streaming on 1LS..Case Solved

Ok I have posted on here before and we came to the general conclusion that the 1LS is not capable of streaming music via bluetooth via the factory stereo head unit. I figured a work around which even a cave man can do..all for under 20 bucks..All hidden under the arm rest and no unsightly/ugly wires.

What you need.

1. A device similar to this..source ebay..smaller than a flash drive

2. A usb cigarette lighter adapter..Any etc.

Plus the unit from step 1 into the usb cigarette lighter adapter under your armrest..Connect the provided cable into the aux input..also under the armrest.

Search for Bt device on your compatible android or smart phone. you will see a device called dmzmusic..pair..

Put the car stereo on AUX. Enjoy streaming music from your phone AND simultaneously make phone calls thru your car cool is that. No trips to dumb dealers or installing 400 dollar gadgets.

Tip: for android users please install an app called tactile player and you will be able to change tracks using the volume control keys on the phone.

TIP 2 (Important) : Your phone must be able to connect to 2 BT devices simultaneously. Most newer phones with the current BT standards do..Do your research on your phone. Thank you and enjoy
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why not just use the aux cable and connect it to the headphone jack.. thats what im doing for now..
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Sir Nuke
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Originally Posted by JB_21 View Post
why not just use the aux cable and connect it to the headphone jack.. thats what im doing for now..
for the simple reason that a lot of folks don't want to be TEATHERED to the car.....and depending on how long of a cord they have.....when a call comes in, they would have to look down, find their phone, inplug the Aux Cord, then answer the call......all the time, their eyes are NOT on the road. Its why haveing bluetooth and the ability to have hands free calling/answering is so nice.
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Old 06-29-2012, 09:17 PM   #4
Drives: 2010 Camaro 1SS IOM M6
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WHAAAT?!? .. I was just researching all sorts of module replacements and stuff ... this is all I wanted for functionality .. and I already have a ciglighter->usb adapter to charge my phone. This is badassery for like $20. Nice!!!
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How about streaming music + hands free calling

I use the Belkin AirCast, which has Bluetooth and a built in mic that you can mount on the dash (you can see it to the left of my phone). The power source and aux plug are out of sight in the armrest console. It paired easily with my galaxy nexus and so I can play my music and answer calls through the device. The sound quality is excellent for both music and phone calls. I think it has some sound cancelling feature because even though the call plays through the car's speakers, the person on the other line doesn't hear any echo.

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bluetooth, ls1

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