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Question Money wasted with RS package and wheel upgrades

I've seen a lot of Camaro convertible factory stickers with the RS package and wheel upgrades.

This seems like a waste of money given one wheel upgrade in the RS package.

Why not order just the final wheel upgrade and buy the halo lights separately?
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Because buying the wheels, tints, roof molding, and halo lights seperately would cost more money. Heck even buying the wheels and halo lights alone separately would cost more. IMHO, the RS package is a bang for your buck.
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Cause that's a lot of money and trouble.
In my opinion, why would you do that if you could just buy it.
why would you make your car something it's not?
its not as far as putting a v8 facia on a v6 but to me the deal breaker was no RS package.
I didn't want it unless it was an RS.
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Originally Posted by intensifi View Post
Why not order just the final wheel upgrade and buy the halo lights separately?
Because the GM hid's plus harness runs about $800 per side. Last time I checked $1,600 just for hid's is a lot more then just buying the RS package to start with.
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It's more than just wheels and halos...
High Heels and Fast Wheels!!
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is the RS PKG is that much money considering how much it helps the cars looks,
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If you like spending more money than that's a great choice. But if you like bang for your buck RS all day. Remember a packaged deal is always a better deal then buying multiple items seperate. And this holds true to every product from electronic to building suplies
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Originally Posted by mikeSS View Post
is the RS PKG is that much money considering how much it helps the cars looks,
+1 I wouldn't have bought one without it.
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The REAL waste of money is adding after-market parts to a vehicle that could've been purchased with those options already factory / dealer installed at less cost with a better warranty to boot. That's part of what constitutes "value" for your money.
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I chose not to get the RS package. I knew I wanted different wheels than what was offered by GM. I did want halos so I bought Eagle Eye....I spent $450 on the lights, $1000 on the wheels, $150 on a harness to make my halos and fogs DRLs. I think the RS package is $1500 extra...which is a good deal, if you like the wheels. I sold my original wheels for $600, so I have $1000 into my own RS package...I have not gotten HID retro fit yet, but am thinking about it. So that leaves me $500 extra to spend on other to me, I agree the RS package was not worth it.
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just can't get enough
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Unless you prefer aftermarket mods why not just stick with the RS, IMO. Straight from the factory with intact warranty (and package originality).
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I bought my '10 SS used without the RS package. I don't think I would consider spending $1400 to have it installed onto the car today if someone gave me the option. It's an awful lot of money for just HID's and a little paint. (A lot more worth it on the LT's where you actually get a nice wheel upgrade).
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Depends on whether you're buying a V6 or V8. With a V6, when you buy the RS you are paying for wheel upgrade, headlight upgrade & halos, and spoiler.

But if you're buying a V8 (SS), you're basically paying for the headlights/halos. You already havethe same painted 20" wheels w/ PZero's - the RS only gets you a different shade of paint.

I know the RS has a few other cosmetic diffs (badging, painted ditch molding, darker taillight lenses, etc), but those don't really factor into the cost.

IMO, when you're buying an SS, you should get the RS if you want the HID/halo headlights and not worry about adding after market wheels (because the RS wheels didn't cost you anything anyway).

But if you pay for the RS on a V6, you paid around $1K (whatever the RS cost difference is between V6 and V8) for upgraded wheels, so you'll be taking a loss when you add aftermarket wheels.
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Yeah... I fall victim to the RS rip...its all a matter of being able to wait... I recently helped install a set of eagle eye HID/Halos in a friends non-RS... looks better than OEM to me; wish they woulda been around when I ordered my car. My M.S. rims never made it off the dealer lot as I swapped those day 1... sold.for $500. No ditch moldings on a vert... spoiler already on te 2SS... basically, for $1500 o got headlights and red SS badges (which I've filled w black vinyl)...

Live n learn. Least my window sticker says SS/RS.
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rs package, wheel

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