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Number 3
Hail to the King baby!
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1,000th post and thanks

Ok, here is my 1,000th post. Not monumental by most standards. Some of you have many, many times more than that. But forgive me if I take just a moment to express my thoughts on this hardly momentous occasion.

I joined Camaro5 on December 25, 2008, Christmas Day. We had just driven Number 3, a simple Victory Red 1LT manual transmission car to California to help accumulate miles on the CTF cars. We experienced so much excitement and interest and talked to so many people on the way. I wanted to find a way to share our experiences even more than at just the gas station or lunch stop. I found Camaro5 and saw that HeatherR was also posting her experiences on their trip to Florida in the CTF Red SS. So I joined and starting posting too. We have done our best to document, answer questions, share photos and as much as possible, give rides and demonstrations of this truly wonderful car.

When I joined Camaro5, I think the membership was around 6,000 if I remember correctly. Now it is pushing 10,000. Thatís a huge increase by any stretch in 5 months. Some due to the car for sure, but much of it is due to the efforts of Tran and the moderators to provide a truly worthwhile place to share and exchange ideas about the Camaro.

Since then a lot has happened. Mrs. Number 3 scored a 2SS Camaro for her Product Evaluation Program car, so we had a 1LT and a 2SS in the driveway. This allowed many comparisons and even more photos until you guys would begin to get your cars.

At Easter, we arranged to take Fbodfatherís Rally Yellow car to Florida. Partly because I hadnít driven an RS but mostly because both of our cars were Victory Red and I was actually tired of taking pictures of Red cars. This was the trip where Thor was created.

A few weeks after we got back, we found out Mrs. Number 3ís services were no longer required at General Motors. We are still struggling with that. She had just received her 25 year service award before we went to Florida. So the economy and the state of General Motors has had a big impact on us. I had to terminate a member of my team as well, so that was a tough week. I have many friends who were let go or re-leveled, and there is more to come in GMís effort to re-size and re-structure.

But I did want to say that Camaro5 has played a big role in maintaining my sanity during this difficult time. Your genuine passion and love of the Camaro has been a welcome breath of fresh air for me. I have tried to find that in the other sites dedicated to the Camaro and it just wasnít there.

Yes, there has been a negative slant that many have noticed recently. And oddly, from the PMs and posts, the negativity isnít on the part of the people with the car or the issue. Itís by people piling on. Maybe itís because some are angry that someone else has their car and is actually having an issue and they donít have theirs yet. I donít know the reason. I do look forward to when this is a true fan site again and it is dedicated to the goodness of this car. And I will say it seems to have improved recently so either things are settling down or the moderators are moderating.

I have had the privilege to meet many of you in person. Mrs. Number 3 and I have certainly enjoyed every opportunity to share the car with you and talk to you about the 2010 Camaro. I really believe it is an awesome car. As Iíve said, it isnít a perfect car, but it strikes a perfect chord with me.

So itís 1,000 posts and counting.

And 1,000 thanks to you, Camaro5.
"Speed, it seems to me, provides the one genuinely modern pleasure." - Aldous Huxley Link to Every Camaro photo I've taken in Hi-Resolution
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WOW, I remember some of your first posts. Glad to have you on the forum!
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Thanks for all of your contributions here Number 3 and I am personally sorry to hear about Mrs. 3 being let go during this turbulent time at General Motors. Hopefully the silver lining in all of this will appear soon.
"BBOMG - More than just a car show.... It's an experience!"
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Great write up..I can remember the first post as well...and the "lottery thread" when yall go the SS also...thanks for all you do and for the great pictures that you took!!! hope for many more post and that this site does return to the true meaning of it...a great appretiation to the beast of a car we call the Camaro!!
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Great to see the 1000th post. I also enjoy reading your reviews and they helped me get thru waiting for #230. I was sorry we could not hook up when Thor and you guys came thru but Stephanie was in now shape to travel then.

But GM and all of you have been great to our family and the 3 cars brought to Stephanie to ride in and check out shows the GM does car about people.

Thanks for everything.

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thanks for all that you have done here.
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General Motors Aficionado
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I didn't realize Mrs. Number 3 had been let go...sorry to hear that...:(

A difficult road lays ahead of all of us...and I hope everyone gets through it okay.

Congrats on your 1000 posts, Number 3...thank you for all that you've done for us...

And in 20-30 years, when people ask me what the best days of my life were, my first ride in a 5th gen. Camaro is going to be on that list.
FenwickHockey65's GM Thread!

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Congrats on joining the 4 digit club!
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Eighty-Six Z
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Gratz of the 1000 #3. I also remember reading some of your first posts here. Sorry to hear about Mrs. #3. :(

I know you thanked the community in your post, but we need to thank you for letting us into your little world with the Camaros and all that you shared with us. I've always looked forward to reading your posts and reviews. Here's to you and Mrs. # 3 and hopefully another 1,000 posts.
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Originally Posted by etrigan View Post

I don't think I have ever had this much fun in a myself.
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1000 posts, 10,000 posts worth of relevance. There are some who's posts you read more carefully and your definately in the top of that class.
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We are looking forward to the next 1,000.

Very sorry about Mrs. Number3. We send our very best wishes to you and her.

I can't thank you enough for the overwhelming time and consideration you have given my self and many other members.

I can thank you for the kind words regarding Camaro5.

Here's to all the best.
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Number 3
Hail to the King baby!
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Drives: '16 ATS 2.0T & '17 Buick LaCrose
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: Illinois
Posts: 10,359
Thanks guys!!!!!
"Speed, it seems to me, provides the one genuinely modern pleasure." - Aldous Huxley Link to Every Camaro photo I've taken in Hi-Resolution
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N7 Spectre
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Sorry to hear about Mrs. #3, but I imagine things will turn out better in the long run. (silver lining style)
And we thank YOU for all YOU have done!
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Number 3 -- I missed this post - but wanted to add that I am forever grateful to you for all of your contributions not only on this site, but to all CAmaro Enthusiasts.

(....and Thor thanks you for his 'excellent spring break' trip to Florida....)

You bring with you a deep and wide wealth of engineering knowledge, not to mention that you have more patience than I!

I was really upset to hear that Mrs. #3 was in the last round of cuts. She and I had a great time working with Cheryl on the Camaro/Corvette Performance Car Team back in the late 90s and early 2000s........

Please stay around.....we need your expertise!
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