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Cammed Auto Questions

At what hp level do you think a stall converter is needed for a daily driver. What I am looking for is, no surging on down shifting from 3 to 2 and 2 to 1. And not having to worry about the car moving forward on its own if I relax on the brake a little at red light.

What is the normal idle rpms for around 480 rwhp. Without these problems. And I am aware things change from a park idle or in gear idle. I am looking to keep the lope when in gear.

I know these problems exist just trying to make sure I don't get them.
And can you have different settings in your tune for Drive and Sport?

Thanks in advance.
'13 Black Manual trans , Heads, Cam, Injectors, Ported Snout, Vmax throttle body, RotoFab, Headers, No Cats, 9.55 lower pulley, D3PE heat exchanger, - 725 rwhp/700 tq
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The looser converter you run at 480 rwhp the easier it will idle in gear and the more it will lope like in park/neutral.

At 480 rwhp, I would not go less than 3600. It will be too tight most likely. I run a 4000 at just over that power level and it will barely roll out of its tracks with my foot off the brake.

Idle rpm for for a cam setup that would get you in that ballpark will be around 825-875. Depends on the cam specs and lobe separation.
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I run a 3200 with 480 RWHP and this is my DD. No problems at all. Night Fury Cam Idle's around 850-900.
*Night Fury
*Vortec YSI
*Alky Meth
*RPM TH400 with Brake
*Precision 3600 Converter
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Tampa Tuning
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Tampa Tuning recently did a tune on an L99 conversion to LS3. The Camaro put down 460 range of RWHP with a stock stall. It had no problem up shifting or down shifting. That's all in a good tune.

Where a stall would have helped this car was at a red light stopped, it wanted to push the car and because of the huge cam, vacuum effected the brakes slightly. Stopped at the red light it had 117 LBS delivered TQ. A stock car has about 30.

Ive seen 2800 stalls work very well in bolt ons Camaros. 3200 with Camaros with about 430 RWHP, and higher stalls with 460 RWHP.

Stalls make a car more fun, but when you start getting to the 450- 500 RWHP range, you have a give and take of what do you want to use the car for.

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