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Corvette or Camaro, which do you like better?

For all of those who have owned both the Corvette and the Camaro which one do you like better?
Which car is more fun in your humble opinion?
I love my Camaro but only can imagine how much fun a Corvette would be.
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Lil' Nasty
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Don't own a vette but having the opportunity to drive my dads '09 Zo6 from time to time is effing awesome. It's a BEAST lol
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The Camaro's cooler... and sorry vette guys, it really did eclipse the vette as *the* Chevy model lately

see the Camaro on more car care products, billboards, advertisments, etc.
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I would buy a Z06 or ZR1 if I could afford it
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2010 SSRS

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I have owned both and absolutely love both, but Camaro always comes first with me, they are the two best cars on the streets
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I have owned both and I still prefer the Camaro. I feel like this...when I parked my Vette I just walked away and went inside. Anytime I park my Camaro I always turn around and look at it before leaving. Something about the car just really appeals to me more. Though the Vette is faster and handles a lot better.
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Z06 is next for me

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Originally Posted by yellowrs View Post
For all of those who have owned both the Corvette and the Camaro which one do you like better?
Which car is more fun in your humble opinion?
I love my Camaro but only can imagine how much fun a Corvette would be.
I have owned a 1970 454, 1984 Z51, and a 2004 C5 Corvette. Pictured is my best friends 2013 427 convertible with my SS. The Corvette's are typically faster, handle better, and get the same or better mileage. I love Vettes, but, my favorite car of the many performance cars I have owned was my 1969 Z/28. I was going to get a GS convertible, but, I loved the styling cues of the '69 implemented into the Camaro5, and the Camaro is more comfortable, with better leg room and has somewhat useable rear seats. Also my fully loaded Camaro was almost $20k less than a comparable GS Corvette convertible. My best friends' 427 is incredible though. No comparison in performance. He smokes ZL1’s all day long. If you want supercar type all around performance get a Z06 or ZR1. On the other hand, if you can afford it, my other good friend and colleague has a 2012 Porsche Turbo S and that smokes Z06’s, ZR1’s and 800rwhp Camaro’s all day long from a dig on street tires and gets 24mpg. The Camaro is a nice, good looking cruiser and I have no regrets at this time with my decision. IMHO, to anwser your question finally,a Z06 or ZR1 are more fun from an all around performance standpoint. Good luck with your decision.
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Definitely a vette.
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I have owned 2 Corvettes and 3 Camaros and love them all. It's funny how these 2 models are so similar (both Chevy 2 doors that usually share the same engine, etc.) yet I treated them so different. I didn't mod my C5 or C6 much because the performance I wanted was already there. The sticker price on those Corvettes was also higher so not much left over for me to do anything other than gas em up and drive! Even though my current Camaro has the same HP as my C6, I find myself modding the Camaro more to get the performance I had in the Corvette. This is not a negative in my mind because modding is so much fun. Also since the sticker price is lower I can do more stuff to make is stand out. If I had to choose my "dream" car though it would be a 1966 427 Corvette Convertible. I recommend that everyone own at least 1 of each model at some point in their life because they both are completely AWESOME!
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I find it hard to compare my 05 vette to my 12 camaro. But for me the vette wins in the handeling and power and looks. Personally I got way more attention in the vette and didn't see a lot of then driving around. I also miss my Targa top. That being said I love my camaro ss and as my first brand new off the lot car I plan to keep it and mod it. I get compliments on it and it gets its fair share of stares. It is also a blast to drive and puts a smile on ny face when I press the go pedal.
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I have never been a fan of the Vett I have driven plenty as well as rented one for the weekend to see if that was the route I wanted to go but the car did nothing for me.
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For me comparing a vette to a Camaro is apples to oranges. I have driven one vette before and several camaros. The vette had a much better stance and overall handled better and of course was quicker. But when it comes to looks I prefer the styling of the Camaro over the vette.
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I just traded a 2011 Base Corvette in on a 2013 2LT Vert. If the passenger accomodations of the Corvette were better I would still be driving it. It was a total hoot to drive. What I didn't like about it was non rotatable different size tires, reliance on at least 91 Octane and Passenger comfort. Handling performance mileage were amazing. One day I was driving across Utah with the cruise set at 86MPH and the instant MPG readout was showing 31 MPG, The faster you drove it the better the Mileage got. Now the V6 Camaro has way more than adequate power decent mileage, is harder to pack for a trip than the Vette was. So far my biggest surprise is the Camaro is turning more heads than the Vette did, seems I can't stop for gas without someone complimenting me on how good it looks. If the passenger accommodation of the new Stingrays improves I may convert back to a Vette.
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