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What the dealer said...

So I was picking up a friend from our local Chevy dealership and happened to ask about the camaro. The dealer told me that they should be in by late this year and would sell over sticker price, around $40,000 (I'm assuming he was talking about the v8's). Obviously, I think he was guessing and really didn't know much at all. I was expecting him to say this time next year and give a 30k price range. I don't post here often, but I've been reading posts everyday for the past 6-7 months, so I know the general jist of things. Just wanted to share with you guys how little informed the head honchos can be.
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Originally Posted by goose7919 View Post
Just wanted to share with you guys how little informed the head honchos can be.
Yeah, I was talking to a dealer that said the Camaro would be around $40,000 and would have a LS2 in it... a 5.7 LS2
You can check on the rep...

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What a dope. I'm not a fan of salesmen. They don't know their @$$es from a hole in the ground (no offense to any salesmen out there .)
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Originally Posted by BumbleBee View Post
Yeah, I was talking to a dealer that said the Camaro would be around $40,000 and would have a LS2 in it... a 5.7 LS2
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I generally try not to ask a dealer any questions regarding the Camaro.

My local dealer feels they are going to be extremely hard to get in the beginning (he's probably right on that point). He even said at one point they were going to cancel the new Camaro... I just smiled and nodded knowing this wasn't true.

Another dealer (where I will probably end up getting it) did say it would probably be hard to get something off the lot. But also said they are having the same problem with the Malibu when people want something in particular that isn't on the lot. He said, with the Camaro, he will suggest the same thing he does with the Malibu- Order It.

They are a HUGE dealership. A dealership I have dealt with in the past, and feel does offer good deals on it's vehicles (we just got the '08 Equinox Sport for $23,800 with rebates - MSRP $29,200). And that dealer's seeming confidence that they can get me one if I order made me have more confidence in them. The first (local) dealer didn't seem like he thought there was much chance of getting a Camaro even placing an order.

Also, the large dealership was VERY honest regarding knowledge of the Camaro. The manager admitted that he had more than enough to worry about at the dealership (as did the dealer) to REALLY take the time to research a vehicle that isn't even out yet. They said that I most likely DID know more than them at this point.
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i happened to stop by a dealership today-> (i had to do a drive threw @ pontiac to see if the G8 was there yet, answer is no) anyways, so i drove across the street to chevy. i only asked them what they know about it, and to my surprise, he did know that the should be in showroom this time next year. but that was all he knew. o'well that is why i'm on here everyday.
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Don't talk to dealerships! They don't know jack! Until they have Camaros on the lot with sticker on them, no one has any authority saying how much it will cost or what will be in it.
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I agree. A dealership has onlde one purpose and that is to seperate you from your money. Sit down and I will tell you a little story. Feb 2006 I was looking for the wife a new car. She finally decided she wanted a G6 GTP. Went to to price the car, the I started calling dealerships. 1st one said $34.9k ($2k over msrp) cause it was a "Limited Edition". I hung up on his lame ass. 2nd was right on msrp, but when I showd up to test drive the car, the had put the base V6 wheels on it. That was a deal breaker. anyway after much frustration I wound calling Jim Hardman pontiac in gainsville, ga. Internet manager(can't remember his name) said that it was in stock. I told him that I get the supplier discount. He said forget about the discout, that he could do better than that. I drove home in the exact car my wife wanted for a little over $6,000 UNDER msrp. Moral=Deal with the internet manager over the phone. Screw the salsmen.
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This topic seems to keep reoccuring.

To the best of my knowledge, pricing hasn't even been set yet, so how can any salesperson say what the Camaro will sell for? Sure, they can speculate.

As for dealers who will add a "mark-up", I'd suggest buyers search elsewhere. A little research on the buyers part can result in getting a new Camaro at a reasonable price. Unless you have to be "the first person on the block" with a new Camaro, I see no reason to pay a "mark-up".

I've never payed a "mark-up" and I don't plan on starting now!

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This kind of sh*t is actually making a bit happy that I probably won't afford it for a few years. A bit. Not enough to still want it NOW but a bit.
"Fifty years from now, when you're looking back at your life, don't you want to be able to say you had the guts to get in the car?"
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dealer: why should i give you what you want at a discount?
you: because if you don't, then i will find someone who will.
dealer: no one in their right mind is going to give you a top-of-the-line with a $5,000 discount.
you: does that mean you won't do it?
dealer: that's right. you'll pay the markup just like everyone else.
you: see ya!

and leave. yeah, he's got your phone number, but unless he is willing to do the deal you want (whatever it is) then you walk and find someone who will. the arrogance of some dealers, it's like they think they are the only car dealership in the world who is going to sell you a car. guess what, buddy? the guy down the street thinks my money is green, too. and i will keep looking until i find what i want at the price i want to pay.

-small note: i worked as a salesman, closer, used car manager, f&i - i've basically been down the road and back. i watched a new car manager cut and paste (with scissors and tape) the new car invoices until they had the numbers he wanted them to have, then run over to the copier and make a new copy for the book. so when a customer comes in and says, "so and so says your invoice price is $X", he can show them an actual piece of paper with an invoice of what he wants it to be (typically a thousand more). it all comes down to "caveat emptor" - let the buyer beware. i think everyone could use a course in how to buy a new car, but more likely than not most people go to the dealer and get raped.
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^Cut and paste, huh? That's messed up....sneaky, sneaky. I get my info on prices for both dealership "cost" and "MSRP" from USAA on their car building website. Then, when I asked the dealer what their "cost" was, they showed me on paper the exact same price as the price USAA showed me. Glad that worked out...even though I'm sure my dealer probably paid less than that.
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thanks 4 the tips
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Internet age boys and girls. General car buying tips:

Go to Edmunds or KBB and get your invoice price and any incentives. Contact 3-5 dealers in your area with the specific options you want and ask them how much below invoice can they give you (minus any incentives). One or more will usually give you the price you want. By the time you walk into the dealer you already have the price in email of your car and your financing already in hand. Then its just sign and drive. Unless you have a trade-in and then get ready to haggle (check itís value at KBB or Edmunds or a Carmax if you have one near you).

Iíve purchased my last 3 cars via the internet and always gotten below invoice and had the price in hand before entering the dealer.

If you come into a dealer not knowing/having all of these things you are looking to get robbed:

1. Invoice including destination of the car
2. Current incentives including marketing support, cash to customer or finance rates
3. Your own approved financing (local bank or online bank check like
4. Trade-in value of your car on KBB, Edmunds, Carmax, NADA, price your vehicle is selling locally at dealers (bargaining point).
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