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What kinds of car should GM be making going forward?

I thought about this when looking at the current line-up of cars, and I realize GM is just now starting to deliver truly gratifying products across their range of brands. However I wanted to ask you guys if you think there is something more GM could be doing to address consumer needs and/or desires?

Here some of my personal ideas:

-Make the Tahoe/Suburban mid/full-size cross-overs and fit them with turbocharged V6 petrol and diesel engines.

-Next generation GM pick-ups should look more like the Denali XT pick-up for better aero-dynamics for better fuel economy gains and more attractive styling. I'm not sure if you guys have heard about Fords plans for the next generation F-series pick-ups but this is the approach they'll be taking.

-Kill all vans except those for commercial use, of course.

-Replace all mid-size pickups with Zeta derived SUT's like the Denali XT.

-Find ways to get more use out of the Zeta platform and prove that RWD can indeed make a positive contribution towards "removing the automobile from the environmental equation". Killing Zeta from here on out will only turn GM into the American version of Toyota, a company I respect but whose products I'd NEVER buy. Unless they made another Supra, and that doesn't appear to be "in the works".

-Give us Alpha with BMW beating handling with high-tech powertrains offering superb fuel economy that will make the world take notice of GM's engineering strength (I still really don't think most know just what GM's capable of). That would also include captivating styling, but I think we can more than trust GM design on that one.

-Create MINI rivaling, ultimate fun "driving machine" Micro car. Just maybe the "Beat" or wahtever it's called will be that car, and we'll probably be getting that car now to help GM meet CAFE requirements in the future.

-Don't you dare kill the small block V8. The one size fits all powertrain strategy is perfect and there are indeed ways to make the V8 engine more fuel efficient, with as big a resource pool as GM has there's simply no excuse for "killing" the small block V8 that has been so dear to the company for so long.

Well, I'm not sure I've said anything new, and frankly I don't care.. brain is running dry after a week of fight now finally conquering the flu.
"Let the rest of the world dream of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and dinky little British two-seaters. In this country speed doesn't look like that." Got SS?
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I think that GM needs to do as much trimming as changing. For starters, no single brand should have 2 of the same platform. That means that either the HHR or Cobalt needs to be moved, or deleted. Same with the Impala and Monte, though I don't know what their fate is right now.

Streamline their full sized SUV lineup. Are the Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban, and Yukon XL all really needed?

Get rid of the Torrent. Pontiac should make only cars that are of a sporty nature. Similarly, Saturn shouldn't be offering performance trims, offer only the more economical trims. Oh, and make the Cadillac Escalade a GMC with Denali trim or just kill it

Make a no compromise Cadillac. The CTS is a good car, but I'm talking about a halo car to really bring prestige back to the brand. Something that is 'the Cadillac of cars'. Possibly the Sixteen or something similar.

Have let Buick get 1 cool car, something unexpected like a GNX. Other than that, keep them where they are.

As for cars they should make, I would like to see a ~3000 lb rear drive chevy, call it the CN 3.0 (Chevy III Nova) as a replacement to the Cobalt. And make the engine bay large enough to fit a small block, big block would be better but possibly too much to ask for.

Make an econo diesel, as well as diesel trucks.

Please don't replace V8's with V6's.

One other thing that I want to see is in a few years, have GM with a vehicle in every class have the best numbers for the most important aspect of that car. For example, most powerful sports car, most payload and towing for trucks, most fuel efficient compact, most options for luxury, and so on.
Note, if I've gotten any facts wrong in the above, just ignore any points I made with them
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........and HE WOULD KNOW!!!!

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