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General discussion on the 2008-2009 camaro

i had posted a thread earlier that i felt was based on general discussion of the 2008 - 2009 camaro. but obviously someone didnt think it was. well lets change how i wrote the thread and see if it stays up.

my question is: why is there no new information that ever somes on the forum? it seems that everything we talk about on here is the same thing that was already posted by someone different 3 months ago. i joined this forum because i thought that it would give me a heads up on whats going on with the car as far as production dates, styling, power, options available and so on. but it seems there is no new news that gets posted and then everyone brings up old pages and discussions that should have been closed a long time ago. so over all i am saying that nothing new is really coming up here in the last month. you have to do your research and find out things people want to know about. this would be totally different if the car was on the road then we could actually have topics to talk about like how the car is and what people are doing to theirs. but since its not out it limits what we can talk about, so the leader of this forum haas t o, in a way, keep us entertained by new facts and pictures.

now in my earlier post i said some things about the forum that were true and it seems that whoever has control of the forum doesnt want to hear the truth and/or see what everyone else has to think , because it might be true.

so if you feel the same way i do or if you dont, just let whoever is running this forum know by posting something.
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And how are you sure that we are not out there scanning and prodding for "things people want to know about"??? You assume by the fact that there's no new Camaro related news that this is true? If so, your assumption could not be more incorrect.

Bottom line - the car is still probably at least another full year away and there has not been any new facts/details/pics/videos/photoshops/etc.... released by GM or anyone else recently so that's why you're seeing discussions on topics from earlier.
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Unfortunatly as tran said, theres just no new info about the car out right now. It seems like most manufacturers will show off a new car, leak out various bits of detail and then when the car starts undergroing the real nitty gritty engineering for a production car they go completly silent. SO it seems like we are in the 'silence' phase, but the good news is that we are just that much closer to the real deal on the streets. Until then we do what all car fanatics do... talk and obsess over the thing.
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