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Does the grit guard really work in the bottom of the water bucket?

I am thinking about investing in the bucket, gritguard, lid, dolly and seat that grit guard offers

Anyone already using this and what kind of results?:5thgenvert:

When I get my Camaro I want to keep it as scratch and swirl free as possible. Is this product worth the money?
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Next time you wash your car slowly drain the water out and see how much dirt is at the bottom. With out that guard all that dirt gets redeposited back onto your wash rag or mit then acts like sand paper! I like to use two rags at a time. I wash with one and let the other soak and let the dirt dislodge from it. The has to go somewhere. As long as the dirt can fall below the guard the mit won't pick it back up again.
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Southpaw, the grit guards do help, but I went the poor man's route.

I got 5 gal. buckets and lids at Tractor Supply for $2.99 each and got the grit guards for $6.95ea. from:

The only thing I see the bucket seal helping with is if you are going to transport water and I don't need the dolly's.

I keep all my good towels, cloths, applicators and wash mits in a bucket with lid when not in use.

Good luck!
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Not all the grit sink to the bottom. The really tiny ones, the ones that cause the swirls, float around in water or mixed in the suds if you are only 1 bucket.

Buy 2 - 3 $.99 cents buckets and you are set. I use 3. Two for rinsing the wash pad or sponge before it gets dunked in the soapy water bucket.
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I definitely think they're worth the 9 or 10 bux. Theres a few things you can do to help reduce the chance of swirling. Like ffrcobra mentioned, using a 2 bucket method is one of them.
Using 2 5gallon buckets, one will be your dirty rinse bucket and one for your clean/soapy wash water. After each panel/section, dunk the mitt in your rinse water bucket before dunking the mitt in your clean, soapy bucket. A grit guard in the bucket is certainly helpful and not only that, but they have more than one use.
I put my mitts on them after washing to help let them air dry. You can also use them for other uses, as you may have seen on the main grit guard site.
I just think they're a bit of peace of mind that certainly cant hurt

Again, there are a few other things you can do to reduce the chance of inducing swirls, like a foam gun and proper drying towels, like microfiber waffle weaves
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