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Hyundai Detail (customers dd, prelude to IS detail)

This is a customers DD. He dropped this one off first, picked it up today and dropped off his Lexus for tomorrows detail. Anyway, as mentioned, this is the daily. It was recently taken down to Austin on a road trip where a racoon apparently broke in and ate some of their food, lol. Left a few paw prints in the process Had I known they were goin to TX, I could've done the job in exchange for some shiner!
This thing was a mess though. Job requested was a wash/one-step/seal and interior.
I started the exterior and just couldnt do the poliseal w/o claying. The car needed it WAY too bad. I did this for my sanity and really couldnt charge the guy for it since he didnt want it done to begin w/. So I ran the clay over it too

Citrus Wash n Gloss
Bug Squash
Grit Guards

24x36 Waffle Weave

200g Light Clay & Luber

White Lake Country Polishing Pad
(if you wanted to do it by hand: (White CCS Anti-Static Hand Applicator


Sticky Wheel Gel
Bold n Bright
Bare Bones

303 Aerospace Protectant
303 Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner

And of course, lots of Microfiber towels



Told ya, it REALLY needed claying

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Nice work even though you didn't use any polish the car still looks great. I've heard good things about Poliseal and now I just might order some and try it out. How do you like the poor boys tire dressing? have you tried Optimum's Opti-Seal?
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that's a LOT of work. great job, huge difference.
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Drives: 2001 S10, 2002 M3
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Thanks guys!

MRK: The Poorboys Bold n Bright is tied for my favorite tire dressing. I either use that or Optimum's Opti-Bond Tire Gel. They are my go-to tire products. I apply the bold n bright w/ a microfiber applicator as this product can do some real mild cleaning as its applied, however, w/ OptiBond Tire Gel, I prefer to use one of the white tire dressing and wax applicators that we carry.
(fwiw, this customer wants a very, very dry look on his IS tires, so you'll see that I'll probably use either Optimum Tire Shine or 303 Aerospace on his IS250 detail and not one of the 2 mentioned above)

As for OptiSeal; I actually used it on this detail here The biggest benefit to Optiseal imo is the amount of time it saves. Sure, it looks really great and protects very well, but you can do a full car in about 15 minutes since it doesnt leave any residue to remove and thats its best feature imo. An application note too. OptiSeal should be applied in thin layers. It will, as designed, dry clear w/ nothing left behind. However, after you're done and you find there is some residual product left on the surface, that only means that it was applied to heavily in that area. A simple swipe of a microfiber towel will clean that right up.
Let me know if you have any questions in specific to Optiseal or one of the other products.
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