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Old 09-14-2009, 11:14 PM   #1
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2010 Camaro V6 vs 2009 GTI

Who wins? I know the Camaro obviously has the HP advantage, but the GTI is so damn light.
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Camaro will win. I just sold my 07 GTI and it basically is the same car as the 09-10 with 7hp less. A camaro V6 will run 14 flat in the 1/4 mile while the GTI mid 14's, the Camaro V6 can trap about 100 while the GTI would do about 95mph.

I also own a 07 GLI , again, same of the same, the Camaro will win. Cornering maybe not but straight line yes. Do a revo, a APR or a GIAC tune on the VW and the VW will have the lead.
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Stock for stock, the camaro wins. But a simple 600 dollar flash on the gti, and it will outrun the stock camaro.
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No replacement for Displacement, sorry had to be said, + maintance cost.
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A camaro with 2k worth of upgrades will outrun the gti with a 600$ flash. True story
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Originally Posted by returnofcc View Post
Like I said before, there is a dealership that is 4 miles away from my house that has 3 2SS's just sitting on their lot. And this is a very small dealership it's not a high volume dealership in a populated area., Come early summer, when 2011's are coming out, the camaro will be offered for 0%. I guarantee it
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Originally Posted by returnofcc View Post
apparently you didn't understand my post correctly. If there are 4 (now 6) camaros sitting at a low volume dealership, just imagine how many are sitting at the high volume dealerships
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Originally Posted by returnofcc View Post
Stock for stock, the camaro wins. But a simple 600 dollar flash on the gti, and it will outrun the stock camaro.
put a 400 flash and a CAI on the camaro
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I don't know how the V6 with a flash will do. There's not that many GTI's that I see running, and I'm not sure what tune they're running- but I see them hitting in the high 13's. The fastest R32 I've seen hit right around a 14 even, I have no idea if the R32 was tuned or not. Since I don't know what the V6 Camaro tuned will do, I'll let you figure out the math.
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Unfortunately there's no such thing as a tuned V6 Camaro yet.
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Yep, gotta compare stock for stock since the V6 needs a tune...
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Originally Posted by MontyCarlo View Post
Unfortunately there's no such thing as a tuned V6 Camaro yet.
or CTS's with the DI :(

ive heard a few things about why, but not really sure.
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Originally Posted by NoStars View Post
Who wins? I know the Camaro obviously has the HP advantage, but the GTI is so damn light.
Not much of a contest. The GTI does have a weight advantage and makes its torque a lot lower than the Camaro does but its not enough. You've gotta find the power to weight ratio to see if they're gonna be close. 2900lbs/207 hp vs 3750lbs/304 hp works out to 14lb/hp vs 12.3lb/hp. Camaro is gonna out accelerate it all day long.

But not everyone is into drag racing, it might have a significant handling advantage but I doubt it. I can't find much info, but a turbo'd fwd car is going to be very nose heavy and VW's aren't known to be exceptional handlers.
Note, if I've gotten any facts wrong in the above, just ignore any points I made with them
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I have an 08 GTI with a downpipe, high pressure fuel pump and a stage 2+ tune and I will step all over GT Mustangs(the new ones)...., 350z's, and some firebirds, some older stock ss camaro's too and most definatley a v6 camaro....BUT they are stock I am not. So stock for stock I would say it would be neck and neck at the finish line with the 2010 V6 Camaro. I would be willing to bet a modded GTI against a stock SS would be a good fight.
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