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Bridgestone RE11 Performance Tire Review

We have made it very well known that our street performance tire of choice is the Bridgestone RE11 tire. We have this tire on the Pedders GTO, G8 and Camaro by choice. We have tested quite a few tires and have found them to be the best handling tire by far for street but with a heavy emphasis for VERY AGRESSIVE driving.

Before the review, here is some info about the tire from the following web site:


from Bridgestone:
Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 with Uni-T Category: Performance
Designed with the performance enthusiast in mind, the Potenza RE-11 brings together many of Bridgestone's technologies in one impressive package. With a unique new sidewall shape and radical new "stealth" block derived from our Formula One (TM) race tires, the new Potenza RE-11 boasts the significant level of grip and handling for the street and track--and it will ignite your adrenaline in the process.

Over the years, Bridgestone has introduced many new tire technologies. While each has a specific goal and result, they are all designed to make great tires even better. These technologies have addressed important features including, wet handling and traction, tire punctures, tire wear, ride comfort, noise reduction and many more. Please use the navigation in the upper left to view some of our key tire technologies.

UNI-T® The Ultimate Network of Intelligent Tire Technology is a comprehensive combination of tire technologies so advanced, it takes tire performance to a higher level. From material to designs... tread patterns to tire shapes... rim fitments to tire construction.... UNI-T will do more than just change tires, it will change the way you drive. Tires created using UNI-T deliver outstanding comfort and control behind the wheel, giving drivers precise handling, outstanding wear, increased fuel efficiency, reduced noise, and a smooth, quiet ride. Once you experience driving on tires with UNI-T you'll never want to go back to anything else. UNI-T® consists of three core technologies: CO•CS®, O-Bead®, and L.L. Carbon®.

CO•CS®(Computer Optimized • Component System) is a computerized process that optimizes tread design, casing shape, materials and construction for maximum tire performance. Using proprietary software, our engineers are able to optimize the performance characteristics of each specific tire line. COCS works by optimizing the given tread design and tire shape through a cyclic calculation process. For example, the emphasis for an ultra-high performance tire would be maximizing wet and dry handling performance - without significantly sacrificing ride comfort.

CO•CS® has five key optimized areas and consumer benefits. Areas optimized via CO•CS depend on the targeted performance characteristics of each specific tire or tire line. Examples include the Bridgestone Potenza RE750 high performance tire, which is optimized for handling and quiet, and the Firestone Affinity LH30 touring tire, which is optimized for comfort, quiet and treadlife.

O-Bead® changes the way the tire interacts with the rim of the wheel, improving performance. There are many facets of O-Bead. Bead cable design is one of the most important. If you cut a conventional tire into cross sections, you would notice a cable that runs through the sidewall, implanted just below the lip that mounts to the rim of the wheel. This cable - known as the "bead" - helps the tire grip the wheel; strengthening and supporting the entire tire assembly. On most tires, the cable has an overlap where its two ends meet Because the cable is doubled at this overlapping joint, the overlap makes the entire tire assembly less round. It also creates tiny, unwanted gaps when the tire is attached to the rim of the wheel. O-Bead eliminates the overlapped joint in the bead cable by using a single, continuous strand of cable (see illustration). This creates a tire assembly that is more precisely round. A more precisely round wheel assembly improves driving on straightaways and handling stability, producing consistent control and superb steering response.

We are currently running Bridgestone RE11 305/30/19s opn all 4 corners on the Pedders Camaro, and have 6500 miles on them currently. We estimate only about 1500 miles would be considered non abusive, 1500 miles of on track testing, with 3500 of very aggressive street driving. Not to mention multiple 350 feet long maximum smoke generating burnouts for multiple magazine photo shoots. Lets not foregt the wide out performances of Chriss Brannon and Paul Tracy! We feel we have at least 1500 miles left of usuable safe tread to play with on the track. Now the RE11 tire is not a tire for Gramma and Grampa's ride! With a tread rating of 180, they are meant to be agressive as hell.

For those thast do not know the Pedders Camaro, here is a video of it kicking butt at the Optima Challenge driven by Paul Tracy, and being chased by a ZR1:

The Pedders Camaro has our best of the best suspension setup called the Justice Pete Track XA Package. I have no idea why we call it that. LOL

Here is a link to the best suspension package available for the Camaro:


Now we run very aggressive alignment setups on all the Pedders vehicles. Here is the current alignment for the Pedders Camaro:


special note: The Pedders Camaro has our Pedders Full Alignment Enhancement Kit installed which is part of nearly all our performance drop kits.

These are very aggressive align specs and too aggresive for normal street play. But when Pedders goes out to play, we play hard, and we play serious! I mention these angles because below are pictures of the 4 tires. Notice no abnormal wear, even with these aggreesive angles and off the charts abusive driving.

To summarize, with a proper suspension system setup, you can go way out of GM specs when you are actually performing an alignment in terms of dynamic alignment, and not just a static readings.


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Those tires look pretty serious but they are not offered in many sizes. It would be cool to sneak some of those on stock rims but it doesn't look like thats an option.
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Mike, great post, i completely agree with your assessment of the RE-11's, I've run them for 1 year on the GTO and i was surprised how well they worked, and how well they handled.

I have a good number of miles on mine and the 1st week i had them i drove 400 miles to the track, ran them all day long, and drove them home, and that was the 1st week.

I typically get a new set of tires every spring (perks of the job) but i'm not sure if i'll be getting a new set this year, as i don't think i will need new ones.
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It is unfortunate that the tire sizes are limited, however
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Drives: His Wife Crazy
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closest would be the RE-050A Pole Position, they are close to the RE11
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