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I am looking for the best wire to tap into on an ls3 for the rpm signal on a window switch?
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Originally Posted by streetrace View Post
I am looking for the best wire to tap into on an ls3 for the rpm signal on a window switch?
about to NOS myself, and after tons of google searching, found this link

Back to Tech Information

2/24/2010*** 2010+ Chevrolet Camaro: Auto Meter DIS TACH ADAPTER (#9117) Installation

Whether you are installing a shift light, or an after market tachometer, you will need to create a new, useable tachometer signal. The new Camaro does not have an available, readily accessible tachometer signal that we are aware of yet. To create a tachometer signal, you will need a model number 9117 Auto Meter tachometer adapter.

To start, we mounted ours under the passenger side cowl lip, in front of where the in cabin air filter is. We removed the plastic cowl cover, and drilled two mounting holes. We use a pair of 10-32 screws & nuts to mount it with. Once the plastic cover is re-installed, it will hide the mounting hardware.

Zoomed out view of mounting location on passenger side.

Next, locate the coil harness connector at each bank of coils, at the middle of each valve cover.

Now locate the pink wire with the black strip at each coil connector.

Zoomed in view for wire identification.

Cut this wire in half at each bank, and strip both ends of the now-cut pink/blk wire. (Only 1 side is shown, repeat this on the other side).

You may use any color of wire, but for this installation we used pink wire to better match the factory wire colors. We used 16g, automotive, stranded wire. Now, use two new wires (16g) and connect to the “coil-side” cut pink/black wire at each bank. Now, run these together, and solder to the red wire with green stripe at the 9117. Use two new wires (16g) and connect to the “power-side” cut pink/black wire at each bank. Now, run these together, and solder to the red wire at the 9117.

We soldered our wires to the 9117, but per customers request, we used single, weather pack connectors so the wiring could be easily unplugged, and factory wiring plugged back in without the adapter.

You can see the wiring complete for the right bank. You can also see the 2nd pink for the red and the red/grn wires of the adapter disappear. They simply continue to the left bank where they do the same thing. For the purposes of this write up we left the wiring exposed to help you see the product installation. When you have completed your installation you may conceal and secure your new wiring to provide a clean underhood appearance.

Run the black adapter wire to chassis ground, and then run the gray adapter wire into the vehicle to serve as your new dedicated tachometer signal wire. In this case, we used ours to provide a signal the Auto Meter DPSS (Digital Pro Shift System) RPM activated control module #5312, which is controlling an Auto Meter Super-Lite Shift Light #5332. The signal output from the adapter will be a standard V8 signal (also known as 4ppr).

We mounted our module inside of the center console.

We mounted the shift light at the left side of the dash board, on the pillar. Mounting it centered between the factory dash gauges would have fit exceptionally well, however would have blocked the view of the Driver Information Center.
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Originally Posted by streetrace View Post
I am looking for the best wire to tap into on an ls3 for the rpm signal on a window switch?
Yes just follow ColdCamaroSS' reply, also for the gauge I suggest you use AutoMeter, it's cheap, accurate and durable.
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Granatelli offers the following - it is a very simple install - it will give you a clean single off an injector wire or coil wire - it has dual inputs and outputs so it can drive a aftermarket tach and 2 stages of NOS at the same time this video explains it well - i think

The switch can activate a shift light, while controlling 1 stage of nitrous, or it can control 2 stages of nitrous independent of each other. It can be used for many other applications as well, such as water injection or methanol injection. It also works with a magneto, so it can work with a high or low voltage tachometer. If you don’t have a tachometer for a connection, don’t worry, this switch can be installed to take the reading from a fuel injector wire. Then you could also drive an external tach! Best of all, it also has the ability to read from 0 to 12-volt throttle position sensor (TPS) signals (0 to 5 is standard) or 5 to 0-volt. This simple box is fully programmable from 1,000 to 15,000 rpm.

At a glance:

Dual Window Switches Act Independant of Each Another
TPS Trigger - For Wide Open Throttle Control
Tach Out - Drives Any Tachometer
Built in Tach Adapter - Speaks late model Chevy
RPM Scale - 1,000 - 15,900

Thanks for a product that does everything anyone could ask for all built into one cool little package. I recently installed your dual window switch on my '99 Mustang GT. What a simple install! When I decided to add nitrous to my car I was told I needed to purchase the following:

Tach adapter – $80.00
TPS activation switch - $99.00
or Micro switch to sense full throttle – $32.39
MSD chip for on and off RPM – $92.80

$304 in parts plus twice the wires, twice the install time and twice the confusion to make it all work. Your one part did it all and was simple to install. Thanks again. For those that are not familiar with Granatelli electronics, they got it right!
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