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Old 04-09-2010, 01:09 AM   #1
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Exclamation Should I wait for Camaro Z28?

well,heres the question....
ive been reading that GM officialy gave the GO for the z28 camaro which will show up within next year (same time frame as the convertible)
now, i really love all muscle carrs...CAMARO, MUSTANG, CHALLENGER...i love them 3 (i believe the real competition are the japanese hair-dryers and the lil whinnie pussie cars which are the europeans lol)
i was decided to buy the 2011 camaro ss, but then i get to know that the z28 camaro is a go! I GOT SO EXCITED.... but i want a camaro so bad lol!!!! it just looks so f*** awesome lol.
and i dont want to be in 2011 and see the z28 out and have to lose a lot of money giving up my ss camaro for the z28.
have a search and tell me... is it true that the z28 is a go? shall i wait?

thank you all.

respect all cars, but love yours!
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Nothing has been "officially" announced by GM regarding the Z-28. Spy photos, rumors, insider information tells us that it is in the works however and it will be here in the next year or two. With that in mind if you really want that extra power and status of the Z-28 I would say waiting for it might be the best thing because if you buy the SS now and trade it in for the Z-28 later then your going to lose at least $5k on the SS.
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I haven't heard anything about GM saying anything about a Z28.
All we've got here are supposed test mules...

If you're worried about a Z coming out soon after an SS, why not lease? You'd only be locked in or a couple years and you could enjoy both an SS and Z28.
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Johno----I was in a similar situation/dilemma as you until 31 March . Up until a couple of weeks ago I was planning on holding onto my '04 Z06 until 2012 or 2013 and then deciding to either get rid of it for a Z28 (hopefully with 550+hp) or a C7 Corvette (hopefully similar to the Stingray Concept). There's a lot of unknowns as far as the Z28 (no guarantees on price, power, or when (if ever!). But, an SS now is a sure thing.

After a lot of soul searching I decided to get rid of my Z06 and enjoy an SS for a few years until either the Z28 or C7 comes out. Originally I consideed leasing but leases aren't that great of a deal anymore after the economy took a least here in Kansas. I looked into it, and a three year lease on a 1SS was ridiculously high with absolutely nothing to show (think trade-in/downpayment for next car) after those 3 years. I started crunching the numbers, decided I would be better off buying, and after haggling with the dealer I ended up buying my 2SS. Over a 5 year loan, my payments are more than $30 a month CHEAPER for the 2SS than what it would have been to lease a 1SS for 3 years AND when I go to sell or trade it in in 2013, I'll have whatever principal is paid off to apply as a down payment on that Z28 or C7.
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Old 04-09-2010, 09:00 AM   #5
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If I were you I'd wait.
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What if you wait and it doesn't come out for another 3 years? Look at some of the people who waited for the 2011 SS and are disappointed because they thought there would be more upgrades. If you love the car and really want it, then buy it, don't wait enjoy it now.
edit: Also, when GM announced the release of the 2010 SS people waited a long time. They haven't even announced anything for the z. I realize they were making a brand new car and a lot of R+D went into it which takes time. The same principle applies, just don't expect them to announce the z and it be available a few months down the road.
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Good things come to those who wait.
Don't buy until you can get the car you want, unless you have lots of money. In which case, you should not have to worry about a trade in. Just buy two.

With the higher gas mileage requirements Congress just passed, it will make it more difficult (again) for GM to produce high horsepower cars. Electronic engine management vastly improves mileage, but still unlikely a Z28 would be 34 MPG.
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