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Old 05-02-2010, 03:18 AM   #1
Big Turkey
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Body shop messed up this 2010 Camaro.. and I fixed it!

I had detailed this camaro back in Febuary, and recently he had a SUV back into his front bumper, so he took it to a Chevy Dealership to get it fixed. Well they fixed it.. and he told them specifically not to touch the rest of the car since he had it detailed. Well.. of course they had to cut and buff the front bumper, but I think what happened was they accidentally hit part of the hood with their rotary buffer, tried to fix it and failed miserably and made it much worse!

He brought it to the dealer's attention that there were so many swirls and holograms on the hood and bumper and it was unacceptable. They told him they would fix it, so he left it with them for an additional week. After a week, he came back and it was worse than the week before! Haha. So he called me and I told him I would fix it, and see if they would reimburse him. They gladly handed over the keys and I went to work.

The pictures look BETTER than it did in person.. it was absolutely JACKED up. Holograms everywhere, swirls were even worse. They went halfway up the hood.

When he brought it to me, the camera mainly picked up the holograms... but the entire hood and bumper were covered in COBWEBS of swirls.. I cringed when I saw it:

So I went to work. It took about 7 hours of correction on the hood and bumper alone. I had to break out the big guns to correct what they did... they hit it hard! I used 2 machines, 4 different pads (yellow, orange, white and grey) and 4 different compounds.

I used Meg's 105, followed again with 105, followed with Menzerna's SIP, then Meg's 205, finally jeweled with Menzerna's PO85RD.

I tried using just Meg's 105 and it didn't get all of it out. Then I tried it again with Meg's 105 on a stronger machine and pad and it would mar the paint. 205 would not clear out the harder marring, so I had to follow with a ligher swirl remover and then 205 and then polish it up with PO85RD.

After it was all said and done.. here's what I got:

And here are some random correction shots:



Swirls all around the edge of the bumper.. you know the previous "detailer" didn't pay attention to avoid corners. So I had to be careful not to rip through this fresh clear and paint.

After careful buffing with a compound:

And finally hitting it with a finishing polish:

Unfortunately, this is an everyday issue with body shops.. they don't put the time and care needed to get your care pristine. As long as it looks good in "most" light it looks good to them.

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Wow Spotless!!! i wish we had quality detailers over here !!

i really need one!
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Excellent recovery from their disaster. Sometimes ya just got to do-what-ya got to make it right!

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Great Job!
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Great work! This happened to me as well. When I picked the car up they had it all cleaned up for me after the paint and body work following an accident.

I showed them the swirls, most likely applied by the kid who washed and dried it. I had them get rid of the swirls, and they did a nice job.
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wow that came out great
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Sir Nuke
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you did a great job, I hope it took it back to the dealer and SHOW THEM what a CORRECTLY polished finish looks like.
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SWEET and nice choice of products, how did the clear like the 85rd?

Nice job
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lee's Avatar
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wow, i wish i had someone that could do that around here
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wow! you did an awesome job! i have to remember to look you up when I need repair to my paint.

1SS @ home. 12/14/2009
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Detailing Connoisseur
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Great work!
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I may have to visit you when I go down to Houston to visit family.The guys that did my stripes did not do a great job of getting those out after they painted it.

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Fallen Angel
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Wow , that came out GREAT!!
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Great job Wally!!!

I can atest to his work also. I had my car done by him right before our Kemah car show. I had alot of swirl marks and "other marks" and he got them out and made the black paint beautiful again!!!

I washed it for the first time Sunday, and low and behold, water spots that detail spray won't take out. I have to wash in the sun, and now I need to find out how to get rid of them.

I highly recommend him for your detail work in Houston, great job and great price in my opinion!!!
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