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Speeder Convicted from Messageboard Boasting

This BMW driver should have thought twice before bragging on an online message board about speeding profusely on residential streets. Not only did he post bragging about it, but apparently included pictures and a video, EPIC FAIL

The good news is the forum members "lambasted" him and eventually reported his speeding to the authorities. Which due to the video and picture evidence, landed this dude in some hot water.
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Another idiot caught by his own posting ! This is epic ! When will people wake up an realise how many people see this stuff !
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Go Blue!!!!!
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He filmed it??? LMFAO
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thats awesome, keep it on the track!
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I didn't know that he filmed it but he did mention specifics like the actual street name that he was speeding down. Of course there were a ton of residents on that street that wanted this idiot dealt with so there was no shortage of stories to corroborate what he posted. Wasn't he like 19?? Morons like that are the exact reason I tell my wife to be very careful every time she leaves the house.
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Forum blogger charged after bragging about racing in a thread.

Speeding boast online costs 19-year-old his licence

August 11, 2010

Amy Dempsey
Torstar News Service

Watch your driving — and your mouth.
That’s the lesson a 19-year-old Vaughan man is learning after he boasted online about driving 100 km/h over the speed limit and was charged with careless driving.
York Regional police said Vladimir Rigenco pleaded guilty to the charge and has been banned from driving for six months. He was also sentenced to 12 months probation, must take part in a remedial driving program and pay a $1,000 fine.
At his home in Vaughan on Tuesday evening, Rigenco said the police couldn’t prove he was driving 140 km/h in a 40 km/h zone.
“They can’t prove anything — it’s just a forum,” he said.
When asked how he felt about all the attention, he replied: “How do you think I feel? Famous for something stupid.”
Police said Rigenco admitted to posting under the username “bmw550ifreak” on the BMW fan site 5 Series Forums.
On March 16 that user started a discussion thread called: “Going 140 km/h on a 40 zone.” That zone was a subdivision in Vaughan.
“The title says it all basically,” Rigenco wrote.
He described in detail how he stopped his 2006 BMW M5S on Apple Blossom Dr. and then floored it.
“I hit 140 in like 6 or less seconds lol,” he wrote.
Rigenco also posted about challenging another vehicle to a race on Dufferin St. “I cant stop racing with this car,” he wrote.
Rigenco was slammed by outraged forum members who were not impressed with his boastful post.
“It's really not something to be bragging about, I have a son and I worry about drivers like you,” one user wrote.
“There is a clear and present danger on the streets of Toronto,” another forum member wrote.
“Buddy. . . i think you are terribly misguided here. The fact that you knowingly pulled into a subdivision and did this, is just downright stupid.”
Following the negative reaction, Rigenco apologized and expressed regret in numerous posts throughout the 24-page thread.
“I drive everyday on my M5 and think about this thread it frustrates me, because I know I should have not done what I did,” Rigenco wrote. “I am driving as careful as I can now.”
At least one forum comment came from a person who claimed to be walking down Apple Blossom Dr. with their son when Rigenco sped down the street.
“If I ever see you speeding down the neighbourhood again, the cops are going to be the least of your worries!!!”
Police said a 5 Series Forums member from the U.S. tipped them off about Rigenco. One of the last posts in the thread is a note from an officer.
“Any witnesses that wish to come forward on Apple Blossom Drive, Vaughan about the dangerous operation of 2006 BMW M5S please contact Sergeant Morash, of York Regional Police.”
Rigenco’s reaction — a simple, alarmed “um” — follows in another post.
“Just looking at forums is obviously not enough, so an investigation was launched,” said Const. Serguei Barmakov.
He said police canvassed the neighbourhood and found a person who had witnessed the speeding incident and was willing to give a statement. Soon after, they found Rigenco.
“He knew it was coming and he was remorseful for his actions,” Barmakov said.
Barmakov said the Apple Blossom Dr. incident wasn’t an isolated occurrence — many of Rigenco’s neighbours were concerned about his driving.
Rigenco also admitted to smoking marijuana and started a thread about a car accident he said he was involved in with his BMW a few weeks after the speeding incident. Barmakov said police didn’t have enough evidence to pursue charges for either of these things.
Rigenco was originally charged with stunt driving and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle — charges which, if he was convicted, could have left him with a criminal record.
Fortunately for Rigenco, said his lawyer Aaron Spektor, those charges were dropped. Spektor called the case “bizarre” and said his client learned a lot from the embarrassment.
“He feels really stupid,” Spektor said.
Spektor describes Rigenco as a brilliant student who was offered scholarships from Ryerson, York and the University of Toronto. He wants to be a pilot. Spektor said Rigenco’s parents, who don’t know much about cars, bought the M5 for him as a reward for doing well in school. He said the parents just didn’t know any better.
“What business does he have behind the wheel of an M5? A 500-horsepower car?”
“Suffice it to say, it’s gone. He doesn’t have it anymore. They took it.
- Torstar News Service
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I'm glad he got caught. He put the safety of others in jeopardy.

Wanna race? Go to a track.

I'm glad this place doesn't tolerate those people. Although some of you have posted a couple of these kinds of threads. It's dangerous and has deadly consequences. Hopefully this deters a few people. And saves a few lives.
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For my friends in the USA, 140kph in a 40 is the equivalent of going 87mph in a 25.
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It was ninety nine cents!
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What a tool. Glad he got what he deserves. The street I live on has a 30 mph limit, people go over 40 on it all the time. I get nervous every time my kids play in the front yard.
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Old 08-11-2010, 01:37 PM   #12
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Wow, serves him right. Stupid thing to race, and then brag about it on the WORLD WIDE WEB. Who knows how many members even on here are cops (that we don't know are cops).
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Guess we should think twice about what we post. Never know who is going to be reading it.
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In the US they would not be able to charge him for that. You can Say/Write anything you want and unless under oath it is not evidence to arrest/charge someone. If he didnt post pics/video of the event it would go no further.

That being said, racing or exceeding safe speeds is not OK on public streets and this site should continue to enforce the rules against posting about that.
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