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Post iVeho's Review of Chevy Camaro Convertible First Drive


First Drive: Chevrolet Camaro Convertible
Posted by B. Schaffer on March 24th, 2011

Built by a Bunch of Passionate Car People

San Diego, Calif. – Going to a new car introduction provides a different prospective than spending a week driving the car at home. At most introductions, the auto companies bring in designers, engineers and other people responsible for the company’s latest creation. It gives the journalists a chance to ask the “why” questions that don’t get answered by simply driving the car or digging through a press kit.

The Chevrolet Camaro Convertible introduction was no different, but one thing that stood out from the standard lines of discussion…these guys were more passionate about the products than the typical bunch of “internals” (people who work for the company).

Most of the people responsible for developing and building the new Camaro Convertible were owners of previous generation Camaro Convertibles and some still had an older model in their garage. As a result, this new Camaro was spawn by dreamers who were thinking, “If I could build a new one myself, what would I do?” or “Here’s my chance to build it the way I want it built.”

Normally the “convertiblization” of a coupe involves compromises. There are structural and handling challenges plus a multitude of problems that arise as the conversion progresses. Then there’s the problem of weight gain, which for this car was 253 pounds for an already hefty car. However, the extra weight appears to have been put to good.

One of the challenges in building a convertible is to keep the body structure ridged. Over the years, I’ve driven some convertibles that shook like a bowl of Jell-O on rough roads, but the Camaro is almost rock solid, with no noticeable cowl shake, body twist or rattles. Starting with that solid structure, engineers were then able to develop the drivetrain components to maximize the performance and handling of the car. And the results are impressive.

The attractive Camaro top is cloth with an acoustical headliner that produces a near coupe-like quiet when in place, but like most convertibles, it creates a large blind spot at both rear quarters (actually the coupe isn’t a lot better). Rear visibility is best handled by keeping the top down as often as possible, but when the top is in place Chevrolet has conveniently provided Ultrasonic Rear Park Assist as standard equipment on all models of the Convertible. This makes backing up blindly a little safer. I would like to have seen a backup camera and blind spot indicator system too, but they are not offered.

While on this subject, the other thing not offered is a map-based navigation system. All Camaros come with standard OnStar with the very efficient Turn-by-Turn navigation (for the first six months), however, I am a visual guy, and I prefer to see where I’m going on a map, not just hear the instructions.

Dropping the top is simple – twist the one center-mounted latch, push and hold the overhead-mounted switch for about 17 seconds, and the top folds in a depression behind the rear seat backs. Once in place, upper level models are outfitted with a one-piece tonneau cover to add a more finished look. The tonneau is an option on the two base models, and I’m told by a reliable source that tonneau installation is challenging.

The top is available in tan or black cloth. I could feel very little difference, if any, between the handling and performance of the Convertible as compared to the coupe. Both have a solid, almost heavy road feel and stay flat in the corners. At higher speeds, with the top down, the cars feel well planted, and when needed the Brembo brakes (standard equipment on the SS) do an excellent job. I also appreciate the tight 38-foot turning radius.

I look at the Camaro Convertible shopping as a 2-2-2-2 process to start-- two models in two trim levels, with two engines and two transmission options. As the entry-level model, priced at $30,000 including the destination charge, the 1LT is well-equipped and powered by a 312-hp V-6 engine with a six-speed manual transmission. This is serious road, car, not a stripped down model. It accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.1 seconds, plus the mileage is very good at 18 mpg city and 29 mpg highway with the six-speed automatic. The 1SS ($37,500) with its thundering 426-hp, 6.2-liter V-8 is a 4.9 second 0 to 60 mph car with EPA fuel economy of 16/24 mpg.

Standard performance features on both SS models, including the Brembo brakes, 20-inch wheels and performance suspension.

Both of the upper level models (the 2LT and 2SS) include goodies like heated leather seats, convenience and connectivity package, a gauge cluster mounted on the console and Bluetooth. A fully loaded 2SS tops out at nearly $52,000 when a buyer goes crazy and checks all the option boxes.

The Camaro Convertible was selected to be the 22nd Chevrolet to pace the Indianapolis 500 Race on Memorial Day this year. Collectors will likely flock to the 50 special editions replicas that will be offered after the race. Prices have not yet been announced for the white and orange convertibles which are decorated in the same scheme at the famous 1969 Camaro Indy Pace Car.

Chevrolet is serious about this new Camaro Convertible so they made it good, and they made it fast. All those passionate Chevy people got exactly what they wanted.
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Awesome,but $52,000 loaded out,i wonder if he meant $42,000?
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Originally Posted by LAWMAN View Post
Awesome,but $52,000 loaded out,i wonder if he meant $42,000?

Nope if you get everything, including the 21 inch wheels it tops out at 52K. That to me is just to damn much for a vert. Just my thought
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Originally Posted by LAWMAN View Post
Awesome,but $52,000 loaded out,i wonder if he meant $42,000?
Probably due to checking the auto trans ($1185), and then the Ground Effects ($2265) and Black 21" rims ($4865) Those alone add $8,315.

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Wow! Thats expensive!
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Originally Posted by baclarsen View Post
Dude, you go through cars faster than I go through underware!!
1000 Initial Order 9/14/2009 - Classic Chevy Sugar Land
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2000 Order accepted by GM: 9/29/2009
3000 Accepted By Production Control: 9/30/2009 - TPW 10/26/09
3100 Sequenced:10/12/09
3300 Scheduled For Production:10/13/09
3400 Broadcast:10/22/09
3800 Produced:10/27/09
4000 Available To Ship:10/28/09
4200 Shipped:10/29/09
5000 Delivered To The Dealer:11/09/09
6000 Delivered To Customer:11/12/09
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You just have to considered it as a $4,500 option to a coupe when you consider saving $1,000 by not getting the sun roof.

Probably kind of like the extra cost of going from a 4X2 to 4X4 truck. You'll pay a few thousand more but it will always............ be worth that difference and more no matter when you sell it.
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$52,000 for a SS vert?! Say good-bye to the ZL1 being less than $45-50k...
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Yeah,guess your right,man thats alot-a dough,
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Originally Posted by stand-al0ne View Post
$52,000 for a SS vert?! Say good-bye to the ZL1 being less than $45-50k...
Just because you CAN select enough options to drive the price of a 2SS/RS Vert to $52k, doesn't mean you can't get one for a lot less.

Same thing will probably hold true for a ZL1.

Just go easy on the options to keep the price down.
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Ground effects and black rims are ugly as sin...waste of money
I think i flip flopped on the ss looks good really does
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Originally Posted by v6sonoma View Post
Probably due to checking the auto trans ($1185), and then the Ground Effects ($2265) and Black 21" rims ($4865) Those alone add $8,315.
But... you saved $900.00 by not ordering the the sunroof option
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Everyone is hung up on the all-in price. Who does that? You can option the hell out of anything. You can deck out a Yugo with spinners and a sub woofer that shakes the mirrors off. It doesn't make it a better car.

Most buyers are gonna pay about $40k. Compare this beast to a $40k BMW or Mercedes. There is no comparison, unless you still wear a sweater over your shoulders, and think lady gaga is hot.

Give me a 2ss convert on the open road with a tank top and deep purple roaring out highway star than a cheesy Beemer with Kenny G and a preppy sweater for the same price.
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You might need the sweater though, cause you're gonna want that top down all the time!
As far as Lady Gaga...yeah, not hot.
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I looked at a convertible today very nice and price at 44K but the "Market Adjustment" of an additional 10K was so very not the 54K price tag motivated me even more to wait for the ZL1 and see what kind of price structure they will put on it...
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