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Originally Posted by Lawdog1911 View Post
I say they can't bring back the Berlinetta unless it has the funky swivel stereo on the center console, lol

I loved BOTH of my Berlinetta' V8 T-top was a great car. I had a LOT of fun in that car, and it remains one of my all time favorite cars ever.
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Originally Posted by Kamaro223 View Post
Limited editions are ridiculous and don't mean anything towards the value of a car. I have a 96 Camaro SS (1 of 2410) that is more limited than a 35th anniversary SS and no one seems to really care. They are just cars with different colors and stickers. Make them more functional and more people will but them...period.
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What model Camaro is shown on the homepage link for this article? I like the looks with the dove tail spoiler and the ground effects, and the stripe works well.
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How about in one of those editions you put some color screens for the center DIC, radio, NAV and/or HVAC controls. GM, you know we can get those in a $20k Hyundai, right?
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taking after ford we will see if it helps them. IMO i hate mustang because they have the blue, black, pink, Harley Davidson, king ranch, miami, cobra, gt, gt500, sky,lake, clouds, woods editions(over exagirated).
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I'm not sure why so many people are complaining about a Special Edition twice a yr. Everybody is constantly talking about wanting different colors, well wtf do you think an SE is? It will make up less than 2% of Camaro sales, and yes if you buy one it will be outdated, isnt that the point? So there are not 5 of them in the parking lot next to you. Every car company does this, I don't understand why this is like something out of the blue.

As for Mod upgrades arent they doing that already? GM is testing with Suspension manufactures to license their products, as well as performance upgrades.

How about being happy that you are fortunate to own a Camaro, instead of boo hoo'ing about everything wrong all the time. Just tired of hearing the same crap all the time.
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Orbit Orange
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At the risk of being unpopular here amongst Camaro faithful how about GM comes out with a new Zeta vehicle every six months to try to capture a new segment of the market instead of going after the already captive Camaro owners they have? GM seriously can't think tape and sticker packages every 6 months are going to boost sales considerably? (I'm not counting the ZL1 here or a future Z28 either). Why not go after a new market or with some new Zeta platform options.

Sedan, Ute, Wagon, 2+2 coupe (bigger than a Camaro, think usuable back seat) an AWD Zeta either 2 or 4 door.

I know this will probably seem unpopular, but Camaro doesn't deserve the tape and sticker treatment. COPO, Yenko, Fred Gibb and all those heritage special editions will just seem like GM grasping at straws. A good Z28 coming up and keep the Camaro fresh with new colors, wheel options, interior upgrades and maybe some new GMPP stuff is all that seems necessary. OK, I'm off my soapbox.
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It would not be cost effective to come out with an actual new vehicle that often. Being as though they have to design, produce, revamp assembly lines, and inventory parts, warranty them for long periods of time. That is part of what GM's problem was in the past, making to many of the same vehicles, and spreading it to different brands.

The purpose of Special Editions is not necessary to gain sales, but to continue selling owners. If I own one for 3 years and nothing has changed why would I buy a new one? I managed a HUMMER dealer for years. HUMMER started the twice a yr Special Editions. The people that would buy your SE were current owners that happened to be in for service or whatever, and saw it sitting on the floor. A good sales person, and a good trade value, and its a done deal. It takes GM 2 yrs to put a new paint into production. Special Editions are usually sent out to an upfitter for the different features added. Believe me Wheels and paint sell vehicles, it seperates you from every other one the same on the road. Those type cars are bought on impulse very frequently. GM knows it has to keep its current owners in its cars down the road. That is why you don't get all the features in the first couple years. You have to have a reason to trade it in a few years later.
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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
You started something fantastic with this Camaro; STAY THE COURSE. Learn from Apple's approach. Study the forums; listen to all the feedback from the people who bought the car and make the next one so good that they'll buy it again. There's a reason why Apple is debt-free, has $60 billion in the bank, and is the #1 tech company in the world. Follow their lead and make the next Camaro the evolutionary improvement of this first fantastic car.
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Originally Posted by 98_Camaro View Post
I would've thought the 2 1969 Corvettes that made it out of the factory with ZL-1's would have been the fastest car ever produced [at the time]?
Can't wait to see that 45th Anniversary package.
Probably have badging etc etc extra striping, deluxe interior. Not really expecting it to be a "performance" MONSTER

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Here's another idea to increase sales....

Adjust the assembly lines to allow for:

Engine options

More colors/combinations

Rear Gear Ratios; Suspension/Brake options; Badging options

In General, options "pulled" by the consumer vs. factory "pushed" options

Various interior options (specific) like a choice of steering wheels or degree of options without having to buy the WHOLE Kahuna!Is it feasible to think that they might just find more market "saturation" by giving us the chance to order "what we want"...?? Just a thought.
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TF3 edition....make it exactly like the one in the movie(except for the color) and I will buy one right away.
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Originally Posted by OUR72GTO View Post
That would be cool! My 76 Camaro is a Type LT.
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I think some people are getting confused....

A Z28 or and IROC (even though they will never bring it back) would probably be a new model or trim level, like the ZL1.

By special edition, they mean the Syngery Green config from last year, or this year's XM edition or the new Synergy models they showed at SEMA. The Camaro Black would be a good fit as well. Ultimately, GM does not expect enthusiasts to want these "special editions", rather they are simply "buzz models" to give them something fresh to advertise to keep the Camaro at the forefront. Strategicly they have to do that, otherwise the Camaro will become stale with nothing new to pitch to potential customers.

I would expect this rumored "TF3" model will be nothing more than some unique decal stripes, a few badges, and maybe (but unlikely) the fascia similar to the Leno Concept. But I kinda doubt the last part... wishful thinking. Fbodfather has already made it clear that they do not have the ability to do the 3-stage paints at Oshawa. However, once the plant is upfitted to produce the new Cadillacs.... that may change. Till then.... just expect stickers and badges.

True enthusiasts will modify their own Camaro to their liking.
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