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Originally Posted by Oshawan View Post
Thanks, I've got a 6 on order but am (of course) thinking of an ss.
Cash for the SS is not the problem, It's the premium gas and mileage, so
I'm looking for real world numbers. V8's please post your mileage if you've read this far..
When gas was $1.50/gallon another 30cents was a big difference but with $2.50+ prices that same difference is less compared with the total price.
In addition, there have been numerous tests in car magazines that concluded with all the electronics on engine today you can run regular in an premuim engine (the elctronics will adjust to compensate), however, your mileage and performance will drop. So why bother.
I wouldn't forgo a car I wanted just because it costs an extra $3 to fill it up. I driven a car that requires premium for 13 years and it's just a cost of operating it.
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That's a good point. It's a little harder to compensate up here in Kanuckastan (canada)
where even a 1SS is 37K base and gas is $3.00/G usd just for regular gas. But your point is dead on.
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most people should get right at or above the EPA mileage. their "tests" take into account all sorts of different things now including hard acceleration, high speeds (i think up to 75 or 80), and having the AC running. The system changed 2 years ago. the caveat will obviously be that its a new car so it will take a little while but once the engine is broken in the car should be right at the EPA mileage numbers if not above (depending of course what sort of roads you drive on)
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Originally Posted by gplus View Post
Hello I took delivery on my lt2 on Friday.
I am getting 20.2 miles to the gallon as of today.
I have been getting on it a litte though so the mileage should go up.
Well, that's a start. You only have 21.8 more MPG to get before 2016!
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