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Originally Posted by Zfatuated View Post
The new 'Vette is a beast, I fell in love as soon as I saw the pics and read the specs. For everything they offer, they are dirt cheap compared to the alternatives. I'll be a shopper later on when the hi-po versions are released.

Here is a new shootout between "Vette and Viper! Woo-hoo!

The new/current/soon to be released in 1st Q '14 Z/28. I worded that poorly.

Agreed, GM simply released the spec and then the interwebz went nutty. They've made no performance claims I am aware of. Even HP/TQ are still unknown. Quote was "over 500hp".

And I've got full respect for those that work hard to keep the tracks in good condition. I have an excellent rapport with my local track workers. But their judgement of value is likely very different than mine. In all seriousness, I got your dig there...haha.

Look, I've personally build up some really interesting cars and then thrashed them on track to the breaking point (and to the braking point, lol) over the years. Reading the crap from the boys living at home with mom just gets tiresome after a while. If you're a tracker, you know what it costs to build a quick and durable car, and how much it costs in consumables to run it regularly. If you've not had that experience, then you are basing some spew on your dream world.

These posters coming here, oh it's worth blah blah blah...and GM owes us a cheap car! We're entitled! Blah blah blah...

More of you guys should really invest in a great high performance driving school and then go do some track days. It's flippin' insane fun and will give you an entirely new perspective on cars like the Z/28 that you cannot gain otherwise. Do it today!


While I agree with some if your points, some I don't. I have built my car into a pretty good track day car. I have spent faaar less than $100k. I've probably got $50-55k into my car, and thats with all aftermarket parts. When you compare it some of those high end cars I get what you're saying and see the value proposition compared to those cars. Which IMHO are grossly overpriced. Now the Z28 will come with some really nice go fast parts but they are not coming separately. "Regular" SS parts are replaced with Z28 parts.

I get the COPO cars being $100k they are shipped to a seperate facilty and cut, welded, and fabricated into drag strip terrors. I don't think this will be the case with the Z28s.
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Originally Posted by Fraxum View Post
A) Chevy did a good job selling the ZL1 and 1LE. Pretty much nailed both cars before they delivered any. But the Z/28 hype is over the top. I hope the Z/28 can live up to it. I am not sure how much of the hype is directly from Chevy or the Internet fanning the flames.

B) If there are only 1,500 Z/28s in 2014-15 I do not think GM will have any trouble moving them in the 60-80K range. But over $80k the car better exceed it's hype. This is a different buyer. Here there are some well heeled out of the box thinkers who could/might be early adopters based purely on the cars performance. But exclusivity and history are not on Chevy's side at this level of the game.
A) Far be it from me (!!) to want to stifle exchanges, here, BUT...all this chatter about $60-70-80-100 + ADMs is doing us NO favors! For every person prepared to pay "whatever it takes!", there's butt-hurt folks because there'll only be "1500" and therefore the price will be greater because of the developments costs, fully covered, drive up the price from the ol' Pedders thread rationale of "$50-ish". FACT is, the car is gonna cost what GM sez it's gonna cost...and we won't know that until late in the 4th 1/4.

As far as performance numbers, those will be known by price announcement and order announcement, and then folks can make an edge-a-macated decision...and all the available units will be spoken for, in short order. Regardless of what we say/do, here....

Something you CAN bet on is: Rick Hendrick will buy Production #1 @ B-J Scottsdale in January (he's probably already picked his color). And he'll be the ONLY guy that wants to cut a check for THAT much money...

And we'll see ours in April (and after), just ahead of the launch of the next-Gen Mustang on 4/17/14...

In the meantime, what we're discussing, here, and about $4 will buy you some kind of Starbucks coffee...

B) 1500 427-engined, canyon-carving Z/28s will be spoken for, mighty quickly. Period. "New York minute" comes to mind...

Believe it or not, with CAFE '16 rearing its ugly puss, this is the equivalent of 1969 intro, right about now...ONE more Model Year ('15) to go before the "new order" sets in... Get your kicks, while you can. 7.0L V8s will be GONE, baby, GONE...

Speaking of which, and encompassing "exclusivity and history", I'll run some '69ish alpha-numerics by y'all: L88, ZL1, COPO 9560 and 9561, LS6, Cross Ram (no numeric), JL8, M22. Breathin' hard, yet? Should be...and your wallet surely would be, too...
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2cnd chance
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That 1LE is looking really good!
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Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
That 1LE is looking really good!
I must admit I'm psychologically weening myself toward a 1LE with eventually some z/28 parts too because above 75 I'm probably out.
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2cnd chance
Too Many Great Choices
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Originally Posted by backtotintops View Post
I must admit I'm psychologically weening myself toward a 1LE with eventually some z/28 parts too because above 75 I'm probably out.
That's where I'm at. A 1LE or a Z51 depending upon how much Z/28 DNA I can add to a 1LE.
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....where we goin' with this....,,,,come on Chevy and get this party started...let the willing know what the bottom line is so that we may know if we are in.......or we are out......
In Scott We Trust...all others must show proof.
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