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Mr. Wyndham
I used to be Dragoneye...
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Lutz in a jet!! HA! That's so friggin' Awesome!!!

Ahhhh - I'm glad you guys are having/had fun. And I also think it's important to note "V6 with Manual Transmission". Real Surprise, eh? I sure hope so!!!! (not, doubting of course )

Question: What do you get when the largest Car company in the world and 15 amazing enthusiasts sit down and talk about a car?
You get, Bar-NONE; The BEST vehicle in the World, Camaro.
"Keep the faith." - Fbodfather
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Camaro Lives On
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^ That's for DAMN sure!!

And ChrisL, Ive got a question. If we're goona be seeing it before Indy, then when and where will it be unveiled?? Or, am I pushing just a little over the boundries of what you can tell?
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Captain Awesome
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Originally Posted by ChrisL View Post
I hear ya. It's all good. This car does one thing no one can dispute. It evokes a great amount of passion.

and believe me, we are truely humbled by it all.
Thanks for these words, you don't know what it's like to read something like this to someone who's been waiting so long for the 5th Gen Camaro.

I'm very envious of you and your fellow disciples. I wish you could tell us more.

Is there anything you are allowed to "tease" us with? I mean it's obvious they told you that you can't give away info, and I'm so starved for info right now I'll even take hints. I guess one thing I can ask is whether there is anything you saw about the car that nobody has known about or speculated or guessed? Or how about this: is there anything about the car that's never been done before? I'm not asking "what", just "yes/no".

Thanks for taking the time to share with us what you can!
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Go Cardinals!
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AAAAAAUUUUUGH! This wait is killin me! However, if I were to venture a guess, I think GM will debut the new Camaro at the Woodward Dream Cruise. Anyone wanna BET?! It is in August ya know....
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Exciting stuff, and even more excitting seing all the ppl get excited about them

Someone will plan a trip in the US in 2009 lol <---

Btw, since everything was captured in video and stills, is there any chance of some content being available? Not new/secret stuff, just some nice Camaros doing stuff /drewl
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I'm getting a LOT of emails asking about Indy and when everyone will see the first production cars.

Let me say this:

If you want to see the various "flavors" of Camaro -- and you want to see some of the presentations that the Disciples saw -- and you want a chance to meet some of the people who have worked on this car tirelessly to make it the best Camaro ever -- by far -- and you want to see hundreds upon hundreds of fellow Camaro/Firebird/pace car enthusiasts' cars -- and you want to take a lap on the world famous Indy Motor Speedway --
THEN YOU WANT TO COME TO INDY and I suggest you make arrangements now rather than later........

That said -- plans can change anytime -- and we all know that spy photos are apt to happen -- no matter how hard we try to keep the car under wraps. (I actually had security on-hand last week and baffles made so that cars could be unloaded somewhere without the possibility of prying eyes (or cameras) taking pictures........)

We will show the car to select members of the media sometime this summer -- and we've done this long enough to know that SOMEONE -- somewhere -- will manage to get their paws on a picture or two -- so to say that Indy is the first time you'll ever see a production car -- is simply not a true statement -- because we DON'T know what will happen between now and then.

I know this -- if you don't go to Indy -- I suspect you may be disappointed that you didn't go.
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Wow thanks to ChrisL and fbodfather for sharing what they can share at this point! I've read the original post a couple times over and still get goosebumps when I visualize what Chris was describing!! The countdown is getting closer for sure, but no easier!
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I wish I could go to Indy, but I'll be happy enough with the info I hear and see. It will just make that day when I buy mine even better.
"America is all about speed. Hot, Nasty, Bad-Ass Speed." - Eleanor Roosevelt
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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
EXACTLY. And this, this is why I'm so bummed that the official unveil won't be at INDY. I wanted to be a part of history....and was willing to spend a grand to be a part of it (and money sure as heck doesn't grow on trees for me!). Now, I'd rather see the pix online and save my cash for a downpayment.

On the other hand, this post just about made ME well up with tears! I could almost see it and feel it walking out to the "vettes" only to see the Camaros. Ugh...and to get the opportunity to drive them?!?! I'd bet anything that V6 manual is not only as fast as the 4th Gen Z28 (mayyyybe a few hp shy), but even cooler, is that I bet that manual is a 6spd.

Man, I couldn't even fathom the excitement. I probably would have gotten myself sick and given myself migranes from all the You increadibly lucky folks. I'm so increadibly happy for ya'll.
I did tell ya'll that Autoblog inside info is usually spot on. I hear your pain, although for those of us that can't get to Indy, that isn't really bad news.

As an edit...I'd have given my left nut to be there and see the Camaro on the track. I'm serious...I'm done with kids. Scott are you listening?? Put it up on your mantle to show all what someone is willing to do to be part of history.

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I don't think anyone wants that on their mantle. Maybe a 1/24 diecast of the new Camaro, but I would bet Scott would pass on the testicle.
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I'm speechless. Dunno what to make of all this commotion between the controversy and the great visual I have in my head from ChrisL's post.
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I just would like to know if the opening in the hood will be functional on any of the models. I wouldn't think that would be something that is top secret.
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Originally Posted by gss9909 View Post
I just would like to know if the opening in the hood will be functional on any of the models. I wouldn't think that would be something that is top secret.
Unfortunately, that's way too deep.

This is a poker game and GM is not ready to show any of it's cards, yet.

Spy photos and videos show what looks like an open scoop on some prototypes. We made it clear we want it functional or gone in our feedback to the Camaro team.

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I'm just posting to participate in the thread. I'm unable to comprehend what that must have been like. I'm truly at a loss for words. Congratulations to all who were there.
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