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View Poll Results: Which color combo do you think I should pick?
Black w/ Orange Hockey Stripes 37 46.25%
Orange w/ Black Hockey Stripes 43 53.75%
Voters: 80. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 02-19-2010, 09:38 PM   #1
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I really hate to bring up one of THESE threads but... I need help deciding on color

Alright, guys.

Anybody who knows me on this forum is well familiar with my 'stonecarved' decision of getting an IOM Camaro with black hockey stripes. Truth be told, however, I have been mentally fighting over another color the entire time, and now it's time to throw down the options in front of my Camaro brethren and see what others think.

Okay, so you know what I want now: An IOM Camaro with black hockey stripes and torq-thrusts. I've wanted it because my favorite color has always been orange, not to mention such a bright color would be a perfect opportunity to apply a tail panel blackout precisely like the LS7 concept. It's a classic Camaro color combination, very heritage-driven, and an eye-grabbing color that in some lights takes my breath away. But then there's the devil inside me... yearning for another color.

And that is of course black. Orange might be my favorite color, but BLACK is my favorite color on cars. My 1978 Trans Am was black (who'd have it any other way?) and God knows the 2010 Camaro looks great in black, ESPECIALLY with orange accents - some of the guys on here who have the black cars with the IOM rallys? Ooooh, you guys made good choices, mm-mmm! A black Camaro with orange hockey stripes is the other color I've been fighting over.

All in all, I am basically fighting over inverted color schemes - orange with black stripes or black with orange stripes?

You've seen my sig, a perfect representation of what I've been wanting for awhile now. However, there's some cars out there that are black with orange hockeys that just set me off. In particular this one:

(this one doesn't have hockeys but it's another good example of how well the colors go)

On a sidenote, I'm getting the SLP hockey stripes - they're more retro than the stockers, not to mention they're hugger orange, so unlike IOM, I can always be sure my orange stripes are ORANGE.

Now imagine that black car without the overdone rally stripes and just the hockeys. SUBTLE... but effective. Add the torq-thrusts, the 1.5 inch drop, and the cowl hood I am getting and you have a potentially sick appearance combination.

Now I know I seem in favor of the black combo but that is the exact reason I am fighting so much over them - I wanted orange, but do I REALLY? Let's weigh the pros and cons of each...


• With black accents, it makes for a classic and traditional Camaro color combo and since I am all about subtle retro styling cues, this works for me
• I can put an LS7-style tail panel blackout on IOM and it'll look great
• Color is more eye-catching and lively (though this is not necessarily a good thing sometimes)
• Might possibly have better resale value (not that I want to think about that, but hey, why not? A good thing is a good thing, right?)
• Bright color is easier to maintain

• Adds money to the price unlike black
• Might up my insurance
• Believe it or not, I see more IOM Camaros than I do black
• The color doesn't really accentuate the Camaro's sinister prow as much
• Might be more costly to repair if there are any damages than black
• More noticeable to cops


• More sinister of a look than IOM; its presence from a distance is more intimidating
• Doesn't cost anything extra unlike IOM
• The accents I use on it can be an actual, honest-to-goodness orange instead of Tomato-soup-metallic IOM
• The hockey stripes look better on the contrasting dark surface
• When bone stock, the Camaro to me looks just plain better in black (key words: WHEN STOCK)

• More difficult a color to maintain
• No point in putting a tail panel blackout on a black car; which was an appearance mod that I really wanted to make
• It'll get hot as hell on the inside (see where I live?)
• Won't be as noticeable on the road (but when it is... you get it)

So yes, that's it. And no, I won't settle for Cyber gray, sorry you CGM guys. :P

So alright, help me everyone!

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Old 02-19-2010, 09:43 PM   #2

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I prefer the look of black with orange accents to the orange with black. Those black cars look awesome with a touch of orange on them. My vote is for Black... and secretly you know yours is too.
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Old 02-19-2010, 10:08 PM   #3
Apex Paul
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I go black with orange stripes, myself. The orange on black stands out, the black over orange just doesn't seem to have the same "pop" to it.
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Old 02-19-2010, 10:10 PM   #4
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Black with orange stripes!
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Angrybird 12
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Don't get Rally Yellow... Too many are being sold now.. Be unique...Buy a white one and have stripes of a color not available on any Camaro painted on...
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Originally Posted by nUcLeArEnVoY View Post
• The accents I use on it can be an actual, honest-to-goodness orange instead of Tomato-soup-metallic IOM

This is why I agree w/other posts. Go with black!

I like the idea of IOM, but in person I just really wanted it to be orange.
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Blue Angel
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The black with orange is a terrific combo. But keep your polish stocked up and handy.
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Look at my sig, you'll know my answer :P
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don't get...

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Originally Posted by bigg_dawg69 View Post
I love your taste in cars Bigg Dawg!!
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Black with orange sticks.

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I saw one black Camaro with orange stripes, and if someone is going to get black, i think that is the best combo. It looked great.
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Old 02-19-2010, 10:30 PM   #13
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If you're going without stripes I think IOM looks better (that's what I bought). That said, you see tons of IOM cars with cyber gray or black stripes. The black car is going to be more unique and the orange pops even better with a black background. If it's not your daily driver it's an easy choice. If it is...I'd still get black but man is it a b*tch to keep clean where it snows or rains!
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IOM kicks ass. 'Nuff said.
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