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Camaro Update: Zeta gets a tweak for Camaro and Impala

I didn't think this was posted yet... kind of interesting.

Camaro Update: Zeta gets a tweak for Camaro and Impala

As Holden is in charge of all new full-size rear-drive development for GM, the Pontiac G8 gives us a taste of what the 2009 Chevrolet Camaro and 2010 Impala will be like.

Zeta is a versatile architecture. The front-axle centerline on the Camaro has been moved about 50mm further forward than it is on the Holden Commodore (and therefore the Pontiac G8). The reason for this expensive change is that it allows the Camaro-and the Impala, which will share the same front structure-to run 20-inch wheels without compromising steering lock. In fact, says one Holden source, 24s will fit.

The Camaro coupe and convertible concepts are therefore close to the production versions, say GM insiders. The roof of the coupe will be raised about 15 mm for production, and the body sides will be pulled in 5-10 mm. What you've seen so far is basically what you're going to get in Chevy showrooms in 2009.

Cost has been an issue for Camaro. But GM sources say entry-level versions will retail from about $21,000. That's because they'll use the cheap-to-build pushrod 3.9-liter V-6 as the entry-level engine. Insiders say Tom Stephens's team at GM Powertrain has been working to improve the refinement of the 3.9. Mated with the six-speed-manual or automatic-it should be a much smoother package than the trucklike 4.0-liter V-6 that powers base Mustangs.Holden boss Denny Mooney says Camaro mules are already on the road in Australia, and the first prototype body-in-white was completed in early January.

A stretched version of the Impala platform could find its way under replacements for the Cadillac DTS and Buick Lucerne. Rumors are the Buick Velite sedan is back on for 2010, and a DTS replacement may be on the way for 2011. And they may be candidates for the new Ultra V-8. GM confirmed Motor Trend's February scoop of a new double-overhead-cam V-8 with an announcement that it's investing $300 million to build the engine at its Tonawanda, New York, plant by 2009.

The source in Motortrend:
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Yes, Ha HA!!!

Tonawanda........NEW YORK!!! Who says nothing is built in the US anymore...HA ha...
"Keep the faith." - Fbodfather
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Very cool...very good. A lot of good info and yes, I agree it's a good thing the engine is being built in the good ole' USA!
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zeta front suspension

This it not an exact photo of the Camaro setup, but it is an example. Very few cars use this style with two ball joints. (not sure if a 2004-2006 GTO also has this set up.)
The two arms you see in this photo (looking from the bottom of the car as shown) are not in the same plane like a typical "A" shaped control arm. They are at funky angles.

I am hoping this suspension will be useful on the new Camaro. Camaro front end uses the assembly below. I have read it allows there to be a "cushion" when you hit bad bumps and it reduces bump steer.

Name:  dd_virtualpivot.jpg
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Size:  16.4 KB

Dual ball joint suspension

A dual ball joint suspension uses a pair of arms, one in tension, one in compression, to replace a wishbone, in a MacPherson or SLA suspension. The outer end of each arm terminates in a ball joint, hence the name.

General description
The two arms, the spindle, and the body, form a four bar link. Careful optimisation of the geometry leads to an effective virtual ball joint outboard of the spindle, which is very useful for a suspension designer, allowing negative Scrub radius whilst keeping the ball joints fairly close in to the body, out of the way of the brakes.

this info about GM zeta platform referenced from:
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