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Old 05-20-2010, 07:36 PM   #1
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I'd still pick the Camaro over 2011 Mustang!

2011 Mustang V.S. 2010 Chevy Camaro

A Look at Both Models

The 2011 Mustang and the 2010 Chevy Camaro are running head to head!

The results are in! Americans have voted, and the 2011 Ford Mustang has defeated the Chevy Camaro by 70%! Both cars have been redesigned to have retro looks, and not much has changed on the outside for the already gorgeous Mustang. What has changed, however, is the engine. The 2011 Mustang V6 will have a new 3.7L engine, and the V8 will be sporting a 5.0L engine. This finally brings the Mustang, which is a couple of hundred pounds lighter, to Camaro power levels, and it does it with better fuel economy.
Why America Chose The Mustang

Aside from better fuel economy, the people have agreed that the 2011 Mustang has the better interior. Many fans on automotive sites have said that it looks like a modern version of the original design, and is stunning, while the Camaro’s interior looks somewhat like the original, but not nearly as modern. Also, the buttons seem oddly shaped, and the interior just seems to look less classy because it is made with cheaper looking materials. According to Ford, the Mustang also offers customization of instrument lighting with the My Color system, which provides 125 colors to choose from, and the best you can expect from the Camaro is Bluetooth connectivity.
However, the verdict is the new Camaro is likely to get more head turns than the 2011 Mustang. This is due to the menacing exterior of the Camaro. However, the new generation of Mustangs are looking better than the last, and will most likely bypass the Camaro in coming years.
Direct Comparison

Here is the direct comparison of the 2011 Mustang and the 2010 Camaro. The Mustang ranges from $20,995 to $35,995 in price, with the Camaro cashing in at $22,680 to $33,745. The Camaro boasts more horsepower and torque, registering in at between 304 to 426 horsepower and 273 to 420 lb-ft in torque, and has the larger engine set of a 3.6L V6 to a 6.2L V8. The Mustang runs close behind in horsepower and torque, with a value of 305 to 412 hp and 280 to 390 lb-ft. The Mustangs offers up engines of a 3.7L V6 to the 5.0L V8. The Mustang reaches 0-60 mph faster than its rival does with an estimate of 4.5 to 5.5 seconds. The Camaro clocks in at 4.8 to 5.9 seconds.

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Cam 427
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I've had two Mustangs in the past (one was my wife's), didn't lik either one. But as far as looks, I like the new Mustang compared with the previous models. Still... I would not buy one.
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Old 05-20-2010, 10:09 PM   #3
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I'm gonna have to raise the flag on this article...
-OBX Longtubes FTW!
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Old 05-21-2010, 03:13 AM   #4
Big Brunsy

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Originally Posted by Hicompression View Post
I'm gonna have to raise the flag on this article...

why would anyone ever buy a mustang after GM resurected the Camaro, and Dodge resurected the Challenger???
There simply isn't an explination.
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Old 05-21-2010, 03:20 AM   #5
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this is truely from a FORD magazine.. (Fix. Or. Repair. Daily.).. BS!!
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Old 05-21-2010, 03:25 AM   #6
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Originally Posted by Hicompression View Post
I'm gonna have to raise the flag on this article...
+3 on this thread...
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Camaro Freak

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Originally Posted by mlee View Post
+3 on this thread...
+4 Totally
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The only reason I would even consider a Mustang is because Ford offers a convertible for every model, and so far GM hasn't offered any convertible, and most likely, will not offer a Z28 convertible. Ford is way ahead of Chevy in the ragtop market. You can even buy a GT500 convertible. Come one GM! Get with it!

Having said that, the mustang convertibles are not cool looking at all. And the GT500 looks like someone took a Mustang and just stuck every gaudy body add on that they could dream up. The Camaro is a much cooler and aggressive looking vehicle. It looks fast just parked. The Mustang looks like someone is trying way too hard.

I have to admit it though, Ford has Chevy on the interior. Being inside of a Mustang is much more pleasant than being inside of a Camaro. Apparently GM will address this in 2012. Let's hope they do it right.

Just my 2 cents.
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Old 05-21-2010, 06:00 AM   #9
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I had an '05 GT......wasn't impressed. I test drove a '10 GT while getting an oil change in my Expedition......wasn't impressed. Drove the '10 Camaro.......bought it within 2 weeks.
'10 Summit White 2LT M6, 5% Tint
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Old 05-21-2010, 06:09 AM   #10
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I went to the Ford dealer to order a 2011 Mustang. There was a long delay on getting the car. My wife suggested I go test drive a Camaro. I had never even considered one before. I fell in love with the car and a few days later drove my Camaro home. The Camaro won hands down in my personal comparison.

2010 Camaro 1LT Summit White A6, Injen longtube, MRT v2.0, black gill slits, black bowties.
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I bought my 1SS because it is beautiful and is classically designed. It has looks that IMHO will not turn stale, kind of like a Harley-Davidson. I also bought it because it is FAST, not the fastest car made, but FAST. I went through my gotta have the fastest stage in the 1980's with Japanese sport bikes. It gets really old, really fast. Every 2 years the Japanese would outdo themselves. If there was not A gen 5 Camaro, I would be looking at the Mustang, BUT, there is a Camaro and I own one. I will keep my Camaro and wish the Mustang owners good luck. I have owned 4 Camaros and 0 Mustangs. I do not need to have the newest thing on the block and I do not care which car it is that the pundits prefer. I spent my money on my car not their's. If my Camaro needed to be replaced today, I would order the exact same car that I now own.
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Originally Posted by Hicompression View Post
I'm gonna have to raise the flag on this article...
What does that even mean? Are the facts incorrect?
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Originally Posted by chain1 View Post
What does that even mean? Are the facts incorrect?
the votes are in, 70%? and then they say they are head to head? it contradicts itself
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Originally Posted by Camaro Freak View Post
+4 Totally
+5 Funny how the author says the Camaro has it on exterior looks, but that will change in the future. Where did he get his crystal ball? They can keep their Mustangs that are a dime a dozen.
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