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Exclamation 2010 Camaro videos (6:00+ minutes) - testing on Nurburgring and driving near premises

From blog. Here's the first long-length video of the Camaro test car testing on the Nurburgring test track and driving near the facilities . We're given a chance to hear and see the Camaro at both low and high speeds, on straights, sweepers and tight corners. Click on play button for video (may take a few seconds to load). The sounds gave me chills.

Set aside a few minutes and enjoy!!!!

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Mr. Wyndham
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DAYUM!!!!!!! !!!!!

That thing sticks to the road!!! "Like Velcro"...Scott, you weren't kidding!
It looks like it handles like a dream!

The noises, it's the sweet serenade of Camaro...and it makes me shiver!

Tran, great job with that!!
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Old 04-22-2008, 02:03 AM   #3

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Wonderful! Listen to that noise. Its just beautiful.
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Thumbs up

OH YEAH, sorry for yelling... That was great, thanks. It did sound good! Like I said before, I love this car more every day.
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Old 04-22-2008, 02:09 AM   #5
2010 Maro owner
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Thats the exact color I will be getting
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Old 04-22-2008, 02:10 AM   #6
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Watching this 5 minutes before bad deffinitely isn't going to help with falling asleep :(
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Old 04-22-2008, 02:14 AM   #7
THE GoldMember
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at 1:50 its the sound of angels
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Originally Posted by The Lonely Island

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Old 04-22-2008, 02:14 AM   #8
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I definitely won't be moving over for a Porsche! haha seriously B A D A S S
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Old 04-22-2008, 02:15 AM   #9
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Simply ecstatic!
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I swear I will be at the dealer the minute the truck arrives with them....It will be mine!! Oh yes, It will be mine!!!

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Old 04-22-2008, 02:23 AM   #11
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I had my volume turned up and my subwoofer turned on MAX, and I honestly didn't hear much to "shiver" about. The Aston Martin in front of it at one point (2:00-2:25), and the silver Porsche (around 2:55) in front of it at another point sounded nice, but the Camaro was just full of sedate gurgling and tire noise.

Not a bad sound... but I'm not sure what everyone is shivering about.

Good video though, thanks for sharing it!
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I didn't hear too much to get excited about. The sound quality isn't the greatest and I heard tire noise as much as anything. I'm sure the Camaro sounds great but I didn't get enough of a feel for it from that video
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very nice can't wait for this beast

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I just wish the driver would've dropped it down a gear after coming out of every corner, but that's just me.

I thought the best sound was when he punched it to get on the road at about 1:00.

Thanks for the clip, Tran! Great stuff!!
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It looks like it is hugging the track well during the turns. The back still looks odd to me and not as sleak as the bumblebee and concept's, however fbodfather did say in another post why it looks that way. The front looks nice and I'm sure will look even better with a silver grill and flag emblem on the front with the real headlights. The pre-pro's make it look too much like a Cadillac.. I hope when they do the official unveiling that they show off a yellow camaro with black stripes and that will be the real test if it will appeal to all those Transformer fans during release. I'm hoping I can order a top of the line Camaro at launch, or at least have it built the way I want it. I definitely want the best possible suspension and wheel package along with the most powerful V8 option available. The black color does look nice and may be the most popular color as it always is, however if orange/yellow is offered alla Bumblebee, then that's the way I'll go. If it is only Canary yellow, I'll pass..
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Wow! My pulse is racing. Camaro5 loves the 'Ring.

This bad-ass is worth waiting for.

299 days until Feb.16 salable production Camaros roll off the line

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Old 04-22-2008, 03:30 AM   #17
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I can't really get tired of watching that black car driving about - I'm even used to the (non-production)head/tail lights now (how sad!).

The rear suspension is waaaaay too loose - but that's why she's running round the 'ring.

No sound here so I'll have to wait until tonight to hear her.
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