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Stock L99 A6 Supercharger options, opinions, & experiences

Try not to make this a place for your advertisement, "IT'S REALLY ANNOYING!!"

but rather a source of information for all interested in supercharging their 2010 Camaro.

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Hello All,

I'd like to put a supercharger on my car someday. Probably the Magnuson TVS2300, but please give me your opinions and choices.

So I'm doing the research for it now so when the time comes. I want to leave the car as stock as possible. Just bolt on a supercharger.

So I'm looking for a clean, safe, complete, easy install kit. A no brainer! Send links !

Also, I really don't want to blow up my tranny or rear end, and I don't want to crack my car.

Here is my plan for many reasons like money and warantee. I plan to enjoy the car the way it is new until it is paid for and the warantees expire. If I can wait that long! So I'll have anywhere between 30k miles to 60K miles on my car when I get my supercharger. They might even have better stuff by then, but that's not important for this thread.

My next step from now until then will be to strenghten the car. I don't think I can void any warantees that way. If I can let me know. Also I have a link chassis strenghening thread I started below. Please visit that and give me your input and pictures if you have them.

After Bumblebee is paid for, and there are no more warantees, on goes the supercharger to a 100% bone stock factory car. I want the car to last for the long haul.

The only other mods I would even consider for my car are a CAI, an Xpipe, and shorty headers.

But this thread is about bolting on a supercharger to a 100% bone stock factory car so lets not get too distracted with other stuff. However, why is it after adding headers to an already supercharged car that you have lower a boost level?

I have a bunch of questions !! !! !!

Please take the time to read my question and answer the ones you know the answers to even if someone else did. The more knowledge the better !!

Links & Pictures are great too! Thank you !!

Don't be shy!! Even if someone already answered the same thing. Your opinion is valued ! I like to hear multiple opinions of the same thing to reinforce the idea or of different ideas to get people thinking.

But don't get into a opinion war just answer my post or send me a PM if someone is misinformed so we don't get off topic, but I'd like as much info on the thread as possible for reference purposes for myself and for others who want to know the same things. I've actually gone back here to my original post to tweak it a bit as you guys post responses.

First does the AFM on the L99 have to be turned off? what happeneds when boost for 8 cylinders gets pushed into 4 cylinders when the AFM is on? or are those valves open and just no fuel is being pumped in? If that's the case wouldn't a supercharger dry the cylinder walls?

If the AFM needs to be turned off, do the AFM lifters need to be swaped out?

I like the superchargers that go on the top of the motor mostly for the look like the Magnuson TVS2300. Is that Maggie for short ? (you never know!!)

From what I understand the ones that bolt on like alternators like procharger and vortec claim to get more power because they can run intercoolers or because the run coolerGive me the pros and cons of both types of systems.

Does GM honor the factory warantees with the the Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Street Legal Kit For Camaro ?
(meaning this one does not void the GM 5y/100,000m warantee)

Which supercharger is the easiest to maintain? and lasts the longest?
So I don't have to mess with it? Set it and forget it !

Which one can use the factory airbox? Does anything have to be moved?

What is a SAFE bolt on option that won't blow up anything on my car?

What is a SAFE level of boost for the motor, tranny, and rear end?

Will the supercharger be safe to put on a car with 30K to 60K miles on it?

Which kits require no modifications or the least modifications?

Will I have to make spark plug temp and thermostat changes?

Will the stock fuel system need to be modified for my goals?

Which will I be able to get parts for the easiest? and for years?

Do I need to drill the crank ? and how? is it easy if needed?

Can the torque converter, tranny and rear end handle it?

Can I keep the traction control system ??

Can I keep the stock GM tune??

Are they all liquid cooled ??

Which kits are you all using ?

What are the HP & torque ratings with 6 psi of boost?

What will it run at the track with 6 psi of boost?

Is the thing noisy ? I'd like a quiet one.

What kind of fuel milage will I get?

Who have you purchased from? or would you purchase from?

How much did your supercharger cost you start to finish??

Any regrets ???? Final tips or Suggestions ?

I think my first step will be to reinforce the car first.
None of the reinforcements should void my warantee, I think.
And they probably need to be done anyway.

What should I do you reinforce the car first??? See my other thread-
Chassis stiffeners and strut braces.

Post some pics of your supercharged 2010 L99 camaros.

Below I'm going to post a bunch of links to different superchager kits for ease of information.

Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Street Legal Kit For Camaro

Magnuson TVS2300 Intercooled Supercharger Camaro SS LS3, L99 2010 Black

2010 Camaro L99 ProCharger High Output Intercooled P1SC Kit (7 PSI)

2010 Camaro Tvs 2300 Supercharger, 6Lbs Of Boost Black Finish

2010 Camaro SS Magnacharger Intercooled Supercharger Kit

2010 Camaro SS SLP Supercharger TVS 2300 Black Finish (6 psi) Cold-Air/Programmer 575HP

2010+ Camaro SS 6.2L V8 Vortech V-3 Si-Trim Supercharger Kit (Satin Finish)

Vortech Releases Supercharger Kit for L99 Camaro

Magnuson TVS2300 Intercooled Supercharger Camaro SS LS3, L99

A list of a bunch of them

A list of a bunch of them

A list of a bunch of them

Here are some related threads I read for reference and got a headache, but please come back to this thread and answer my questions if you can.


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I have the same question as this guy about the AFM & DOD

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A 50-state street legal, 5 year/100K mile warranty S/C kit for the SS!

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