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Originally Posted by Guardian1816 View Post
I am sure this has been covered by someone somewhere, but i dont have to time to troll the forums to find it, so i will just ask again so please bear with me.

I just got my camaro the day after xmas and im looking to put a new exhaust on it. It is the 2LT hence it is the 6 cyl. I am having no issues finding cat back systems but i was hoping that someone had come out with an entire system by now....headers on back

thus far i havent found anything. I was hoping for a borla but from what i can see they didnt have one

If you have any websites that may have a system like this please let me know
Check it:
Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
Last update to this post: 12-31-09. All new additions will be at bottom of this post.
Seems like V6 exhaust is one of the big topics. Now I think most of us are realistic and know we will never have that killer V8 sound, but if done right, the v6 can be made to sound sporty, strong, or just plain mean depending on how its done.

I'm continuously putting together a compilation of V6 exhausts I've come across mostly on these forums. Most will be manufacturer setups. I don't plan on posting every single custom made exhaust I find, but I have posted a few that sounded a bit unique, and had good information on the setup. Hope this helps some of you out there!

First up..the GMPP exhaust with sound and pics. Much Thanks to TeccBoxx for his time with these vids and his thoughts!

Borla Pro-X's. Now from what I understand, the GMPP exhausts are made by Borla, but the exhaust installed on this car is not the same model as the GM exhaust. According to Derin11, these are the Pro-X street mufflers. There are 4 or 5 vids spread throughout this thead. Find the Borla Camaro exhaust below.

Magnaflows. First post in the thread lists two part numbers. First part has a link to a page with TWO sound files...take off and pass by. But the second part has no link to a sound file as of this writing. Link Below:

MRT Exhaust Version1...aka scrming exhaust V1 This began as a custom job done by member scrming and MRT, but now MRT is selling these kits. This thread shows some videos of him testing his car from take off, pass by, neighborhood crusing speeds, and even some track testing (camara mounted on side of car).

MRT Exhaust Version 2. Aka scrming exhaust V2 View this thread to view MRT's 2nd offering for the camaro. Its said to have less drone, with a bit of a smoother, lower tone than MRT's other kit.

SLP has posted vids of their exhausts. 3 of them for the V6. (thanks to camaro guy for the notice)
'Powerflow' Axle-back:
'Loud Mouth' Axle-back:
'Loud Mouth II' Axle-back:
A 'Loud Mouth II' thread:

Corsa: Thanks to member bond2, we now have a great Corsa exhaust thread. There are vids on pages 1 and 2 of this thread.

Borla Exhaust: These are the actual Camaro designed Borla X-pipe exhausts. Thanks to member FirstCamaroKid for posting pictures videos to this thread! (vids beginning on page 2)

Stainless Works: Stainless has headers and exhaust listed on their website. View the thread for this exhaust below:
Here's another thread with video featureing Stainless works headers and exhaust

MBRP Inc: Video clips of MBRP's exhaust for road runs and dyno runs have been posted to youtube.
Clip 1 -

Clip 2 -

Thread with video discussing a camaro5 member's installation of this exhaust can be found here
Also, a thread over at discussing this exhaust can be found here

Doug Thorley Exhaust cat-back exhaust installed on member John VS's Camaro. Be sure to read his posts in this thread for a bit more info.

Here is a custom job done by member suavecito1177. This thread shows some videos of the car reving, and some in-cabin driving. Keep in mind (as of this writing) the two posted videos on show two different set ups he tried on his car before settling on one. View the post for details at:

Another custom Magnaflow Exhaust by member buddylok. Pictures and videos can be found on his thread at:

SOLO Performance. Check out this SOLO thread for their manual and automatic V6 exhausts videos.
View even more clips (includes V6 and V8) at:

Custom Flowmaster setup by member mikevrod Check out this thread to hear what this Flowmaster axel back system (single pass race muffler; part# 325108) sounds like on Mike's Camaro:

Custom Magnaflow by member kellyjrt. Another custom exhaust that I felt deserves a place here. Kelly uses custom tubing and a dual in, dual out magnaflow exhaust to achieve this sound. View his thread at:
View his youtube video at:

View in-cabin video at:

Zoomer's cat-back exhaust. Embedded youtube videos in thread below:

Flowmaster V6 Axel Back - Flowmaster has put together nice video of their V6 axel back. (video on page 2)
and member KGA10734 put together a flowmaster system that is very near to the axel-back kit offered above. View his thread at:

Camaro SS LS3 muffler swap. Car also has Airaid CAI, rest all stock. Link below takes you to page 13 of a thread focused on swapping the V8 exhausts with the V6. Look for post # 306.

JBA shorty headers: Since they can change the exhaust note I decided to list these as well. There is more than one thread concerning these V6 headers:
member mrray13's thread
member scrming's thread (be sure to check more than just page 1 of this thread for video examples...keep in mind scrming also has the MRT version 2 exhaust installed)

STOCK exhaust:


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