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  1. 1 ohm stable amp
  2. Matching Trunkliner
  3. show us your pressure vent Mods
  4. Opinions needed for setup
  5. Amp cutting out on accelerating hard
  6. amp install question
  7. 2 12" L7s with 1500.1 amp
  8. Alarm system
  9. 4 channel amp question
  10. 4 channel amp question
  11. Ideal headlight setup
  12. PDIM Question: play music from USB drive and stream music via Bluetooth…
  13. Non BA Amp and Sub Install
  14. TC Audio/Custom Hertz Install
  15. HUD display modding?
  16. Rear View Mirror Display Mod?
  17. JL xd400/4 Amp settings with BA stock speakers
  18. Make Back Up Cam Stay On?
  19. Custom Chevy Camaro loading screen on Kenwood double din display
  20. What can I do to get my PDIM working?
  21. Center console USB
  22. HUD question: Changing the opening logo
  23. SubThump 2010-2012 Camaro Large Drivers Side Stealth Enclosure (Questions)
  24. Subthump X2 Connector Help! HURRY!
  25. I need a recommendation for an audio installer
  26. Sony GT-40UW professional help!
  27. Help with wiring my 2ohm Sub
  28. 4-Channel Amp in Camaro LS (non-BA)
  29. Scosche Color match install
  30. Completely lost left rear channel.
  31. Scoshe dash kit controlling the speakers
  32. Need Wiring Diagram
  33. 2omhs or 1ohms
  34. Little info, help.. wires/cabels?
  35. Installing after market alarms
  36. Alpine dashkit recall
  37. Help with a Factory Sub Install
  38. Blank spot on steering wheel?.. Uses?..
  39. Amp help..
  40. Question for Phoenix Gold owners
  41. Alpine Dash kit with steering wheel controls and Clarion Deck
  42. Camaro integrated sound system upgrade deal
  43. How is the Phoenixgold iamp gm1 integrated stereo upgrade.
  44. Loud door chime after factory amp replacement
  45. Factory Amp Replacement & Subthump Hyper Audio kit
  46. I need that the audio system stay always on, not for 10 minutes
  47. Just Bought a New Amp Need Advice
  48. So it needs improvement-- help!
  49. Is an Ozone type smell typical from higher powered systems?
  50. No sound from tweeter
  51. How much did your audio mod cost and how would you rate it?
  52. Question on upgrade?
  53. Bluetooth Module
  54. newest PDIM hardware?
  55. GMusic not longer an option
  56. Who intalled their own aftermarket speakers?
  57. PAC.. which one?
  58. F/S: 10-12 Camaro NEW Steering Wheel Audio Control
  59. Looking for advice with equipment I already have
  60. sub install trouble
  61. speaker brand opinions
  62. strange amp problem
  63. From Convertible to Coupe - Why is the sound so weak?
  64. Bluetooth phone call stuck on
  65. Fix to use 4th Gen IPod on newest PDIM USB
  66. Help disconnecting center speaker
  67. Speaker opinions
  68. How'd you mount your V1??
  69. subthump harness kit resistor
  70. Kicker Amp going into protection mode
  71. Scosche Kit Bit the Dust
  72. Pairing Iphone question
  73. Scosche & Alpine availability...
  74. Installing Battery Help
  75. audio info
  76. Anyone else have a XD700/5
  77. iPad 3 pairing issue with bluetooth
  78. which is positive which is ground...
  79. rear speaker change out
  80. Any where besides cig lighter?..
  81. Here's the setup i'm going with....what do you think?
  82. Homelink garage door opener HELP
  83. jL Amp up grade FRAK back up alarm. And rear tweeters
  85. amp decision help
  86. I need some GM help on this bluetooth module BS
  87. Scosche kit any site sponsors
  88. iPhone Mount
  89. New audio system!
  90. No Audio Output on Amp
  91. 10' SUB BOX... Does This Look Like It Works??
  92. Trunk rattle...................
  93. Sealed Enclosure in Factory Sub Location (Vert)
  94. Facing the fact.. face forward or backwards..
  95. Bluetooth/Phone doesnt work! help please..
  96. Scosche/Alpine dash units.
  97. Buzz post FARK
  98. Which is the power wire
  99. Doo's build blog
  100. Boston Acoustics Sound?
  101. Deciding where to mount amp
  102. Help with kenwood
  103. Help My new speaker remote control is stuck
  104. Do I need a FARK if I have a Signal Processor on a BA system?
  105. Non-BA Hi level outputs, BA Low level outputs???
  106. Convertible rattle above sub (vert motor?)
  107. Sound Experts: Which Setup?
  108. Installed the JL Stealthbox with a Hi-Lo Converter....
  109. How can I shuffle songs with an Android via USB?
  110. Steering wheel audio control diagram
  111. Has the FARK changed??
  112. Metra Problem
  113. fark or something harness idea
  114. HUD on 1LT?
  115. Subs install
  116. Scosche firmware udate and Amp hook up
  117. Need help with JL Amp malfunction
  118. PLEASE HELP Fuse problem
  119. MyLink coming to a 2013 Camaro!
  120. Chevy made Double Din coming?
  121. CHEVY MY LINK on 2013 CAMARO 1LE
  122. Can Anyone Reach Subthump?
  123. Onstar alternative
  124. Alpine KTX-CMO Pac TR-7
  125. Change 2011 to 2012 Speedo/Tachometer Needles
  126. Onstar update
  127. latest best deal for XM service?
  128. Hybrid Audio Clarus
  129. a few questions concerning the Metra Kit
  130. Steve @SubT, Question for you...
  131. Curb Alert Install Question??
  133. antenna adaptor for camaro?
  134. To Those With Early 2010s
  135. JBL A6000GTI amp
  136. a pillar gauges wiring issues
  137. Alpine dash kit question
  138. How can sub hit harder?
  139. Upgrading to Infotainment?
  140. Install Help for Active 3-Way Front Stage
  141. Rear Fill - What to do
  142. Factory radio faceplate...
  143. Bluetooth only playing through one speaker
  144. Non-BA Amp Install Questions
  145. Bought 100sqft of FatMat now I have a question
  146. Going to swap my rear 6 x 9's
  147. Car DVR Cameras
  148. Lost power to Middle console durring Alpine dash kit install
  149. Pandora with iPhone-how to make songs show on radio?
  150. Curb Alert Update
  151. 12" Vert Sub Enclosures...
  152. Mounting AMPs to Back Seat?
  153. You guys had me all worried, 6x9's piece of cake
  154. Anyway to connect this kind of RGB controller
  155. Stock bluetooth with aftermarket stereo?...
  156. Kinect Mod in Camaro.
  157. Need expert audio assistance and advice.
  158. 2013 Audio system
  159. Android Spotify App and PDIM
  160. Android Spotify App and PDIM
  161. How do I pause music from iPod/iPhone?
  162. Shuffle setting for USB
  163. Bluetooth Aux input
  164. The USB playback is driving me crazy!
  165. Factory subwoofer
  166. New Sound System Installed
  167. Confused About Subthump Wiring
  168. Upgraded Stock (non-BA) Sound System (Amps + Sub + Speakers = GREATNESS)
  169. Steaming Video Possible?
  170. Trunk release button part number
  171. Subwoofer install on stock stereo
  172. Need help with depinning
  173. Gages install after Scosche kit install.
  174. 6th Gen iPod Nano working with PDIM?
  175. Adding GM remote start?
  176. key and programing ???
  177. Gauges and mounting pods
  178. Car security system installation
  179. Dynamat question
  180. In search of DIY for a ground loop isolator install post FARK
  181. Thoughts on this 5 channel amp
  182. New Problem
  183. Speakers
  184. replace factory sub or stealth box
  185. Boom Box and Organizer
  186. Non BA stock stereo hookups
  187. Looking for a great 6x9
  188. Radio faceplate price?
  189. Question about factory amp..
  190. Subs not up to par..
  191. proper way to tune your system? what should frequency be set at?
  192. Radar detector
  193. My new Kenwood system.
  194. add subs to fac system ??
  195. Turn Off Door Chimes....
  196. Scosche/Alpine kit questions and recommendations
  197. Sneak Peak of our build
  198. Pandora Internet Radio
  199. Stereo Question
  200. Double Din Glare
  201. Last amp/sub install questions..I think
  202. Help! Alpine Dash Kit issues
  203. Anyone using the DashTronix for AFR and Boost?
  204. Phoenix Gold plug 'n play setup
  205. Automatic Door locking (at 10mph)
  206. Audio Specs for 2010 LT Camaro
  207. I need help and need it quickly, + battery connection?!?!?!
  208. Random speaker pop/screech
  209. console gauges
  210. pass window not going up or down sometimes
  211. FYI: Noticeable Difference in Audio Volume Level
  212. Convertible sub / back seat noise at pass through
  213. Anobody famiar with audiocontrol
  214. upgrade to the factory alarm system
  215. Hard wire Sirius Radio?
  216. check this deal I found on the perfect fit.
  217. DVD-Nav installed along with sub
  218. New backup camera for nav unit
  219. Metra Kit?!?!
  220. Alpine KTX-CMO
  221. Sub/amp loc wire connection question
  222. "Re-applying" Ghost Armor to Radio
  223. Phone mount recommendation - Tetrax Xway
  224. Turn-off thump....... it won't go away.
  225. ZL1 radio
  226. Routing Gauge Wires
  227. Swapping regular Stereo Setup for Boston Acoustic one
  228. Hybrid Audio Clarus Upgrad
  229. New Stereo/Kenwood 9990HD with Metra
  230. Blew out a speaker...
  231. Got a quote on double-din touchscreen radio...
  232. Factory Alarm
  233. My-link color touch radio swap
  234. Thoughts on PPI PC2600 w/2 w6v2
  235. Will this data logger setup work with my car?
  236. Radar detectors..
  237. Stereo
  238. MyLink + OnStar
  239. Metra dash kit stopped working :(
  240. Does anyone know which dash kit is the best?
  241. Audio System - Subwoofer
  242. How is the factory USB plug supposed to work?
  243. Bluetooth Phone and Text Messages
  244. 2013 Navigation touchscreen?
  245. Metra Kit question
  246. Subs and amp in finally, simple set up
  247. Hard wiring a Valentine one
  248. Question about relay location ...
  249. Mirror Tap for Radar Detector Help
  250. How to eliminate door rattle/buzz from bass?