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Archive for March, 2008

28 Mar, 2008

Clay-model Production Camaro Convertible Mock-up

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These (pics) are what we believe to be the first shots ever of a clay-mock-up of the Camaro Convertible (base version). Click HERE or on thumbnail below for the full hi-res photos!

28 Mar, 2008

GM Accessories for 2010 Camaro revealed!

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We’re happy to share with you the inside scoop on the accessories which GM is developing for the upcoming Camaro. Some of these parts were mentioned in the video we posted yesterday featuring GM’s head of accessories design. Click HERE or on the image below for the full hi-resolution set of PHOTOS

We bring you the first video of the 2010 Camaro SS (or Z28 perhaps?). The car was spotted in the mountains of Arizona. Previously, we presented this single image of which appears to be the same (or very similar) car. With this video we can admire the car from all angles! Click HERE or on [...]

26 Mar, 2008

2010 Camaro accessories sneak peak!

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Larry Sully, GM’s Global Accessories Design Manager discusses and gives us a sneak peak of upcoming accessories for the 2010 Camaro. He mentions lots of accessories are planned – ground effects, spoilers, grill, larger OEM wheels, etc.. Tune in @ approximately 1:50 into the video. Click HERE for SCREEN CAPTURES .

25 Mar, 2008

New Photos: Twin black & white Camaros

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These photos of twin black and white Camaros have surfaced from the last round of testing conducted in Tampa, FL. Photos by Leroy808. Click HERE or PHOTO below for the full set of 18 pics.

24 Mar, 2008

“Velocity Yellow” Camaro spotted!

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This 2010 Camaro in a Velocity Yellow color was recently spotted. This makes the 3rd color (in addition to black and white) in which the upcoming Camaro has been spotted. Click HERE or on PHOTO below for more hi-res images.

GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz dropped this bit of a news bombshell on the Camaro community today by offering that a 2.0L turbocharged direct-injected four-cylinder 260hp engine (same as used in Pontiac Solstice and Satury Sky) is under consideration for the Camaro’s entry-level model. This is in addition to the confirmed V8 and V6 models. [...]

This apparent high-powered version of the new Camaro was spotted by one of our members with his cellphone in Mesa, AZ, outside the GM proving grounds. It is being tested concurrently with other similarly configured Camaros in the GM proving grounds. This is the first visual confirmation of a high-powered Camaro version. Click HERE for [...]

16 Mar, 2008

Video: Black preproduction Camaro filmed in Tampa!

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Camaro fan Leroy808 spotted and videotaped a preproduction Camaro on his motorcycle for a few hours in Tampa. We’re surely glad he had his video camera with him. She sure looks great in motion! Click image above or HERE for the VIDEO

The same sharing member who provided the photos of the white Camaro on a Florida highway yesterday has also provided us with this exclusive short phone video clip of the same car in motion. Although the video quality suffers from its source (a cellphone), we are nonetheless thrilled to see the Camaro uncovered and in [...]

In an interview Jim Mateja (an automotive journalist for almost 40 years) conducted with Ed Pepper of GM, the following was confirmed: Peper said only the coupe will be offered for the first nine months of the model’s life, with a choice of a 400-plus-hp, 6.0-liter V-8 or a 300-plus-hp, 3.6-liter V-6. He said mostly [...]

These photos were taken by a Camaro5 member on Floriday Highway I-75 just north of Tampa. In his conversation with the testing engineers, the member was able to glean that the recently spotted Camaros are in Florda to test the effect that high humidity levels had on engine performance. Now, if only we were so [...]

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