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Archive for July, 2011

The Camaro ZL1 was recently made an appearance at the Camaro Homecoming Event in Oshawa. In this video Chief Engineer Al Oppenheiser gives a great overview and full tour of the ZL1. And if you are already an expert on the ZL1, there’s still some nice eye and ear candy for you in this new [...]

Chevrolet has been existence for 100 years now, so what better time than now to solicit opinions on what the best Chevy of all time is. Each and every single one of us have a vote in this. Chevrolet has setup a face-off bracket [located here] between 16 of the most iconic Chevrolets of all [...]

26 Jul, 2011

Report: 6th Gen Coming as 2015 Camaro

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Automotive News reports that the 6th generation Camaro will be due in mid-late 2014 as a 2015 model. This is in line with reports from other publications, as well as the generally accepted timeline by our forum community. The next gen Camaro will make a switch from its current Zeta platform to the smaller RWD [...]

Market share sales numbers for convertibles is down, way down. Convertible volumes traditionally have hovered between 1.8% to 2.0% of the market depending on the number of convertible entries available, overall automotive market health and the freshness of some of the market-leading convertibles. During the downturn, the convertible segment fell to 1.4 to 1.2% of [...]

Automobile magazine undertakes another review of the 2011 Chevy Camaro Convertible 2SS, with many perspectives from its various staff members. 8 editors and directors each spend some time with the droptop Camaro and some come to differing conclusions on their Camaro convertible experience. Check out their REVIEWS INSIDE. Read the 2011 Chevy Camaro Convertible review [...]

With all the Camaro ZL1 photos and videos that have been posted on our forums since its unveiling at the Chicago Autoshow in February, we felt that a ZL1 photos & videos compilation would be a useful reference for all the ZL1 enthusiasts out there in Camaro land. We’ll be updating the compilation thread with [...]

18 Jul, 2011

2012 Camaro Production Begins

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According to previous info from Chevy customer service, production of the 2012 Camaro model year has begun today! The new model year Camaros should begin to arrive at dealers in about 6-8 weeks. For those interested in the 2012 Camaro, please reference our 2012 Camaro Pricing and Order Guide. Read more on this story at [...]

This past weekend, over 20 members from the H-Town Camaro Club gathered for a trip to Liverpool Texas to present a check to Kidz Harbor, an emergency shelter for abandoned, abused and neglected children. The club was able to double last year’s donation – to an impressive $7,000 this year. The group started the day [...]

15 Jul, 2011

Spotted: HTR-SS 454 LSX Camaro by DeNooyer-Redline

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A Camaro5 member spotted this DeNooyer-Redline HTR-SS 454 LSX Camaro yesterday. For those who aren’t familiar with the HTR-SS454, it’s a monster of a Camaro, powered by the GMPP LSX 454 crate engine long block. The power output for the HTR-SS454 is 575 BHP and for the HTR-SS454R is 635 BHP. See INSIDE for full [...]

The beastly droptop Camaro convertible from SLP, called the 2011 “SLP ZL1 Camaro Convertible,” has been put through some extensive testing by Edmunds Insideline. Insideline put the SLP ZL1 Convertible through the ringer on both the track and on the dyno. How’d the SLP ZL1 perform on the track and did it achieve its claimed [...]

13 Jul, 2011

Man Wins New Camaro SS Auction for $5

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Think you got a good deal on your Camaro? Whatever it was, it was definitely no better than the deal a lucky Michigan man received when he bid for and won a new Camaro SS online for $5.28! Mason took advantage of a brand new website called fastpennycars. This Camaro was the website’s first-ever auction. [...]

12 Jul, 2011

2012 Camaro ZL1 Open Hood Reving Videos

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There have been plenty of videos posted of the ZL1′s eargasmic exhaust sound under throttle, but the ZL1′s supercharged LSA engine will play no small part in the ZL1′s overall sound. INSIDE are some videos from Camaro5fest II and Camaro Nationals showing what delightful sounds will emanate from the Camaro ZL1′s front side. Listen to [...]

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