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Archive for October, 2008

31 Oct, 2008

New pumpkin Orange Camaro spotted…

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Camaro5 member Mike C combined his Camaro and Halloween spirit by carving this 2010 Camaro inspired pumpkin. Happy Halloween Camaro fans!! Read more on this story at the following LINK

30 Oct, 2008

GM Performance Parts LS9 & LSX 454 Crate Engine

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GM has announced that the blown beastie (6.2L Supercharged V8 LS9 engine) rocketing the Corvette ZR1 will be available as a crate motor next fall boasting 639hp / 604 lb-ft tq! GM Performance Parts also gives us a peek at the LSX 454 Crate Engine. The engine comes fully dressed, with an ignition system, exhaust [...]

30 Oct, 2008

Cole Hamels Wins Camaro and MVP Award

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Cole Hamels was awarded the MVP award in last night’s finale of the MLB World Series. The MVP award was presented by Chevrolet, which also presented Hamels with a shiny red RS badged 2010 Camaro! Read more on this story at the following LINK

27 Oct, 2008

Camaro Sales Update: 6,000 Sold — 84% SS V8

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To date, over 6,000 Camaro orders have been received. 84% of these orders have been for the SS V8 version, showing that the vast majority of these orders have been by enthusiasts or high-power performance fans. Breakdown of orders to date: LS: 2% 1LT: 4% 2LT: 10% 1SS: 7% 2SS: 77% Read more on this [...]

24 Oct, 2008

2010 SEMA Camaro Black heading for showroom floor

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Chevrolet has released a teaser sketch of the first bespoke Camaro, tentatively dubbed “Black.” Details are scarce, but the list of modifications range from a new front lip spoiler, bigger exhaust tips, five-spoke wheels and a pair of red-lit halo headlamps. Stay tuned next week for more. See the high-resolution teaser photo at the following [...]

23 Oct, 2008

Photoshoot: Victory Red Camaro In the Wild

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Here is a new photo set of a victory red Camaro out on the roads. Included are also the first photos of the Camaro’s sunroof in the open position. See the entire photo set at the following LINK

Here are two more video teasers of Camaros being prepped for SEMA. We’re given a sneak peek at the massive BBK’s being fitted onto one of the cars, as well as custom paint being applied. See the videos at the following LINK

21 Oct, 2008

New info on Camaro LPOs and ground effects

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Inside is some more detailed info on Camaro Single Line LPOs (OEM accessories and striping), as well as ground effects aero kit parts). LPO / ground effects details at the following LINK

20 Oct, 2008

Camaro Show Schedule

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Already ordered your Camaro and want to see it to reaffirm your decision, or still on the fence waiting to see it in person before you decide? Either way, check the recent Camaro show schedule below to see if the Camaro will be coming to your area! Miami Auto Show — 11/7 – 11/16, 2008 [...]

Nearly 3,000 people stepped up for a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro during the first three days (Monday – Wednesday of this week) since General Motors opened up the order bank. GM has yet to start taking orders for convertibles. The 2,944 sold orders taken between Monday and Wednesday are all coupes. Read more on this story [...]

16 Oct, 2008

Camaro Price Configurator Online

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Camaro5 member jdpickering has just unveiled the Online 2010 Camaro Builder. This application will allow you to spec and price out (MSRP, invoice and employee) your 2010 Camaro. Future features will include print friendly output and ability to e-mail your build to others. Be sure to visit this online Camaro builder to spec and price [...]

While we all wait anxiously for the first performance drive videos of the V8 Camaro SS, here is a good video showing the V8 IVER testing vehicle being performance driven at GM’s Milford proving grounds. View the video at the following LINK

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