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The 2015 Camaro will see a new color called Blue Velvet Metallic, and here is a good first look at the color – on a 2015 Traverse. See more photos at the following LINK

23 Jun, 2014

Unconfirmed 6th Gen 2016 Camaro Engine Lineup

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INSIDE you’ll find an unconfirmed/uncorroborated list of engines for the next (6th) generation Camaro, due as a 2016 model. Read more on this story at the following LINK

21 Jun, 2014

Project G5.R Camaro Build

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Check out this most ambitious Camaro build by the folks at G5 Carbon, dubbed the Project G5.R. The final car is bound for SEMA later this year and the goal is to shed as much weight as possible (goal of approximately 500 pounds), while also pushing the engine rearwards 2 inches and dropping it one [...]

18 Jun, 2014

5th Annual Alberta Camaro Cruise Epic Photo Thread

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Another year, another excellent gathering among our Camaro members from Alberta, Canada. The group gathered last weekend for their fifth (can you believe it’s been that many years already?!) annual cruise. And no cruise would be complete without an epic photo thread. View the entire gallery at the following LINK

16 Jun, 2014

Another 6th Gen 2016 Camaro Rendering

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Check out this newer 6th generation Camaro rendering by forum member samurai. Check out the rendering at the following LINK

13 Jun, 2014

Chevy Camaro Recall For Ignition Switch System

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General Motors has announced that it will recall all current generation Chevrolet Camaros because a driver’s knee can bump the key FOB and cause the key to inadvertently move out of the “run” position, with a corresponding reduction or loss of power. Please read the full details of the recall after the jump. Find out [...]

12 Jun, 2014

We Drive the 2014 Camaro Z/28 at GingerMan Raceway

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A Camaro5 moderator was invited by GM down to GingerMan Raceway for the opportunity to drive the new Z/28. It was a great privilege and honor, and of course an unforgettable experience. Read inside for our review, photos and videos from the Z/28 track experience. Read more on this story at the following LINK

Top Gear UK has reviewed the Z/28 and “the results are both terrible and wonderful.” Check out how that is INSIDE. Read the Z/28 Top Gear review at the following LINK

05 Jun, 2014

Tuners Waste No Time Modifying the Z/28

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There may not be that many Z/28 in the hands of tuners yet, but Davenport Motorsports is one of the lucky ones already in possession of one; and they have wasted no time modifying it. Check out the details, pics and vids inside. Read more on this story at the following LINK

May 2014 Delivery (sales) Stats: Camaro May 2014 Deliveries (actual sales): 10,340 30% (Pr Ye) Compared to Competition: Mustang May 2014 Delivery (sales):9,761 11% (Pr Ye) Challenger May 2014 Delivery (sales):5,748 4% (Pr Ye) Read more on this story at the following LINK

03 Jun, 2014

2015 Camaro Pricing Announced

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Pricing for the 2015 Camaro has been released. HERE you’ll find the full model, packages and options pricing. Check out the 2015 Camaro pricing at the following LINK

02 Jun, 2014

Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix Photo Set

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The Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix took place this past weekend, and of course Chevrolet had a heavy presence with their various models, including the Camaro and Corvette. Check out this large photo set from the race. View the photo gallery at the following LINK

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