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Are we looking at a new form of brake noise dampener for the Brembo brakes on the Camaro SS? Early build Camaro SS models had brake “weights” attached to the caliper. According to GM, with a high-performance vehicles like the Camaro SS, minor brake noise is not uncommon and the weights acted as a damper [...]

If you have a Garmin GPS unit, you can now have the bumblebee Camaro or transformer guide your way from inside your Camaro. Camaro and Bumblebee transformer icons are available for download at Garmin’s site: Read more on this story at the following LINK

We are raffling off 2 separate expense paid Packages for the "1st Annual Official Camaro5fest" being held next April. Each Package includes: – $250 towards gas or airfare. – Free Hotel Lodging for Friday and Saturday nights. – 3 Meals(Lunch and Dinner at the Track and Breakfast at the Awards Banquet Sunday Morning) The price [...]

CAMARO MOTORSPORT’S FIRST SUPERCHARGED CAMARO DELIVERED TO MIKA SALO Camaro Motorsport is bringing a wide array of engine, body and suspension parts to Europe. Although still new on the European market, the Luxembourg based company has an enthusiastic follower with ex-Ferrari F1 driver Mika Salo. The Fin, preparing for next years NASCAR season in the [...]

29 Dec, 2009

Aftermarket LED turn signal side view mirrors

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Here are some unique LED side view mirrors by showstopper. These aftermarket mirrors give the Camaro a look and functionality not available from the factory. The LED lights can be hooked up to function as running lights and turn signals and the light opening can be tinted to provide a more stealth look on a [...]

We’re always excited to see professional photoshoots of Camaros and THIS PHOTOSHOOT is one of the best we’ve seen. The Camaro SS owned by Torq was shot by a friend (Dejan Sokolovski) of the tuning company visiting from Sweden. The stunning setting was near and under the MacArthur Causeway in Miami, Florida. See the entire [...]

We have not yet seen the mass production of a replacement carbon fiber roof for the Camaro, a modification which would lighten the car and lower its center of gravity, as well as giving the car a unique modified look. However, there are solutions for at least achieving the look. There are already Camaros (such [...]

26 Dec, 2009

DIY: Camaro Oil Change

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From time to time we feature particular DIYs (full DIY LIST) for the Camaro. We’ve already covered some pretty interesting DIYs such as afterburner tail lights, dechroming tail light trim, dashboard ambient lighting, and radar detector hardwire. We now feature one of the most basic (yet useful) DIYs — changing the oil on your Camaro [...]

This Camaro was a 2010 6 speed auto V8, but as easily seen, has already begun its beastly transformation! Its engine will been replaced with a fully built 454 LSX small block and strapped with a custom Hybrid 911mm turbo unit from Turbonetics. The rear end is a complete back half tub with fxxd 9″ [...]

Berger is a dealership that was putting special edition cars out in the 60′s and they are still doing it today, with this limited production Camaro SS. Some of the Berger Camaro SS highlights include: a Pedders suspension, custom chambered exhaust, TVS2300 supercharger and a warranty. Click HERE for the full press release and specs [...]

Updated LIST, now with over 70 Camaro exhaust clips! One of the most difficult modifications to purchase for your Camaro without having having experienced it in person is an aftermarket exhaust. Unless you have someone in your local area who has the particular exhaust you are considering, you are probably relying on sound/video clips from [...]

One of the more unique lighting elements on the Camaro concept was the afterburner tail lights, which unfortunately did not carry over to the production 2010 Camaro. Camaro DIY’ers however would not be deterred from trying to achieve the same look on their own Camaros. Some of have come fairly close to achieving the same [...]

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