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Archive for April, 2010

One of the more popular automotive enthusiast motorsport events seems to be the “Standing Mile” competitions in which a car runs a one mile distance to achieve as high a speed as possible. While these competitions have been mostly filled by European and Japanese autos, more American cars are now joining in on the fun, [...]

29 Apr, 2010

Tribute Camaro to America’s Fallen Heroes

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Site member TheSpyMaster has unveiled his tribute Camaro

28 Apr, 2010

Los Angeles Urban Photoshoot with Camaro 2SS

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We think that the Camaro is one of the most photogenic cars around today. And when you pair up such a photogenic car with a terrific photographer what you end up with is what we Camaro enthusiasts jokingly call “Camaro p0rn.” Forum member boro62 recently had his Camaro SS photographed with some BMW M3s in [...]

27 Apr, 2010

2010 Mongoose Performance Camaro

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By Myles Kornblatt @ Motobullet One day, while going through the Dealer Auto Exchange warehouse looking for a Real World Reviews car, I was halted by the presence of pure evil. In the far corner peeking out from behind a ’69 Impala was the devil himself. Dealer Auto Exchange is the exclusive provider for the [...]

26 Apr, 2010

Forum member visits Camaro LT/RS in Japan

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Forum member linkwpc was recently in Japan…. and what does a Camaro fanatic do while in east asia? Drive an hour just to see a Camaro at a Chevrolet dealership of course! What he saw was a white Camaro LT/RS with some differences to its North American counterpart – take a look at his PHOTOS [...]

23 Apr, 2010

New Dale Earnhardt Hall of Fame Edition Camaro

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Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet has announced that its plans to reunite “America’s favorite driver with America’s favorite muscle car!” On April 29, 2010, at the Dale Day 2010, the 2010 Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet Hall of Fame Edition Camaro will be unveiled for the first time. You are invited to attend the official unveiling of the historic [...]

22 Apr, 2010

High Def Camaro5Fest Videos!

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If you weren’t able to make the 2010 Camaro5Fest, then possibly the next best thing is to look at some of the events and festivities in full 1080p HD! Check out this set of full 1080p HD videos featuring the parade cruise through Valdosta, GA, dyno videos, caravan to raceway, MTI meet, burnout, drag races, [...]

22 Apr, 2010

Support the Camaro in MSNBC Muscle Car Survey

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MSNBC is running this survey on What Is Your Favorite Muscle Car? The two main categories are the Chevy Camaro and the Ford Mustang, with a general “other” category. Make sure to make your voices heard by voting for your beloved Camaro! Read more on this story at the following LINK

21 Apr, 2010

Camaro5Fest Cruise videos featuring all 317 Camaros

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Here are a set of VIDEOS featuring all 317 Camaros from the Camaro5Fest caravan. The 317 Camaro caravan cruised 32 miles through 3 towns, led by police escorts through closed roads. View the videos at the following LINK

Here is an interview with Al Oppenheiser, chief engineer of the Camaro, regarding his leading (deservedly so) of the Camaro5Fest cruise through Valdosta, GA. Mr. Oppenheiser has called the experience one of the coolest things he’s ever done in his life. He led the 300+ car caravan in the IVER Camaro, the test car which [...]

Camaro5Fest reaction from the “Fbodfather” Scott Settlemire: ——————————————————————————– I “write” this post while flying on a jet from Jacksonville to Detroit after attending the very first Camaro5fest. (The first of many Camaro5Fests, I hope!) In every endeavor, there are ‘defining moments’ – –when we first started working on the very first run of a 5th [...]

20 Apr, 2010

The Floyd Bennett Field, NY MEET

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This past weekend while many of you were attending Camaro5Fest or glued to the site for updates from Camaro5Fest, there were actually other Camaro gatherings happening. One of the larger ones was the Tri-state Camaro5 members meet at Floyd Bennett Field (an abandoned airfield) in Brooklyn. Over 50 cars were in attendance, hailing from multiple [...]

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