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Archive for September, 2009

Here is a teaser of the first full carbon fiber cold air intake for the 2010 Camaro, from Halltech Systems. The Halltech carbon fiber CAI uses the same filtration found on the LS9 and LS7, but with more surface area. It’s expected to be ultra high flow, with 99.9% filtration efficiency. It utilizes a Donaldson [...]

30 Sep, 2009

First double din screen fitted in 2010 Camaro

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There has been no lack of performance modifications for the 2010 Camaro in the 6 months since its availability, but the audio/video aftermarket has been slower to develop. This was expected, as the Camaro is a performance car above all else. But for those looking to spruce up and technify (yes, made up word) their [...]

And the rumormill churns Just as we finish writing about the masses’ speculation of the LSA engine in the upcoming Camaro Z28, we now read something interesting in the September 09 Super Chevy Magazine issue’s interview with Al Oppenheiser, Chief Vehicle Engineer of the Camaro. In the interview, Mr. Oppenheiser is asked about a possible [...]

Many a Camaro5 member speculate (and hope) that the new Z/28 will be shoehorned with GM’s mighty LSA supercharged V8 engine, the 550+hp engine from the tire shredding Cadillac CTS-V. We’re hoping your wishes comes true as the CTS-V’s performance has been almost universally praised by the automotive community at large. For those not familiar [...]

MTI Racing will be hosting the “FREE Camaro Funfest Trackday and Carshow” for all Camaro5 2010 Camaro owners at the Little Talladega Grand Prix Raceway in Talladega, Alabama on Sunday, October 4th, 2009 from 9:30am-3:30pm. Don’t miss this unique opportunity for free track time! Expected events will include driving clinic, track lapping, slalom course, skid [...]

29 Sep, 2009

Fastest V8 L99 Camaro to date @ 11.7 (123mph)

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Dexter Racing’s L99 Camaro recently had an impressive run at the quarter mile track. This supercharged Camaro ran a 11.7 @ 123mph for the fastest reported L99 quarter mile time yet! The car’s modifications are: MTI TVS 1900, Livernois stage 1 cam, ARH, CAI, Tune. Check out the video for the impressive run (including some [...]

28 Sep, 2009

San Fernando, CA meet. September 27

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Seems that our southern Californian members are meeting in great numbers with more regularity than any other regions, and who can blame them for wanting to get out and meet fellow Camaro owners in the always warm and sunny SoCal weather. This weekend’s largest meet was held in the San Fernando Valley, in northwest LA. [...]

Come one come all to the meet and greet we will be hosting at the Oshawa Plant on Friday, October 2, 2009, to show appreciation to the Oshawa Plant’s assembly workers who have been responsible for the production of our beloved 2010 Camaros. Plans include a caravan to the venue (awaiting confirmation), meet and greet [...]

Jannetty Racing of Connecticut has volunteered to undertake an objective real world test of current Camaro air intake systems. The test will include data logging of air intake temperatures just before the throttle body and measuring HP/TQ gain and pressure drop. Manufacturers interested in submitting their CAI systems for the comparison can send their intakes [...]

27 Sep, 2009

Breakdown of 2010 Camaro models produced so far

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We recently reported on the breakdown of the colors of Camros produced so far. We now report on the % of the various Camaro models produced. The following stats account for 36,812 of the over 50,000 total Camaros produced so far (as of 9/26/09). The Camaro 2SS has been the overwhelming majority of Camaros produced. [...]

Forum member godfathercrc is the lucky owner of the very first Vortech supercharged 2010 Camaro SS and shares his impressions with the car after 6,000 miles. He only had his new Camaro for 8 days before shipping it from Indiana to California for its forced induction transformation by Vortech. Upon his Camaro being ready, godfathercrc [...]

GM has issued this service bulletin for 1) HVAC system reprogram, 2) rear spoiler fastening, and 3) engine harness inspection/repair. The reprogramming of the HVAC system is to prevent HVAC evaporator freeze-up after extended highway drives. The rear spoiler service is to fasten the (sometimes loose) nuts used to attach the rear spoiler to the [...]

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