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Archive for November, 2008

29 Nov, 2008

CAPTURED ON VIDEO! Red LT/2LT(?) takeoff at light!!

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From member Dylan: “I was driving, and I looked to my left and sure enough… there she was. A red LT or 2LT, or maybe even an LS? Not too sure. I gave the guy the thumbs up and then he gave me the thumbs up, then stepped on the gas.. You can hear the [...]

26 Nov, 2008

Nickey Chicago Camaro SS Phase III = 700HP !!

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Exciting News Camaro Fans! Nickey Chicago in St. Charles, IL will be offering a 5th gen Camaro in Phase I, II or III stages. For those of you familiar with the old school Baldwin/Motion 1st gen and early 2nd gen Camaros, it will be something similar to that effect, but with a modern twist. The [...]

I went into the ordering system this morning and did the quick order way of ordering a new Camaro SS and it shows both blues now available and also allows for polished wheels option on the RS. Make your order changes now. Read more on this story at the following LINK

22 Nov, 2008

Camaro @ LA Autoshow Photo Coverage

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Here are some pictures from the VIP LA Autoshow that was hosted yesterday. The Camaro Black concept is being shown, as well as a silver SS Camaro. See the LA Autoshow photos at the following LINK

19 Nov, 2008

Six Camaro pack spotted in Findlay, OH

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There seems to be a lot more Camaros on the roads up north. These six were spotted in Findlay, OH yesterday…looks to be a pack of Silver, Red Jewel Tintcoat and a blue Camaro. Read more on this story at the following LINK

17 Nov, 2008

First Pics of Aqua Blue Metallic Camaro

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Finally found some pics that someone snagged with their cameraphone of an Aqua Blue Metallic LT/RS. I wish they were taken with a better camera and at a higher resolution but it’s better than photoshop. See more pics at the following LINK

15 Nov, 2008

2010 Camaro Pricing for Canada Announced

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GM Canada has released the following Canadian pricing for the 2010 Camaro: PRICING: Camaro Coupe LS $26,995 Camaro Coupe 1LT $27,995 Camaro Coupe 2LT $31,595 Camaro Coupe 1SS $36,995 Camaro Coupe 2SS $40,995 More pricing info at the following LINK

14 Nov, 2008

Tough times delay the Camaro Convertible

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According to Motor Trend, the economic slowdown has forced GM to delay the introduction of its Camaro Convertible. Earlier this year it was reported that the Camaro Convertible would be delayed by six months, but it looks as though that delay has been extended to at least 12 months, if not longer. The Camaro Convertible [...]

11 Nov, 2008

New Camaro Cut Away Photos

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These new photos of a cut-away Camaro just arrived from NACE 2008. See the entire photo set at the following LINK

04 Nov, 2008

BLUE Camaro SS to be offered in mid-November 2008

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Camaro fans, your voices have been heard and answered by GM! It was just revealed to us this afternoon by Cheryl Pilcher (Camaro production manager) at SEMA (through the Camaro5 member Tribone) that at least one blue color (and probably both Imperial Blue and Aqua Blue Metallic) will be made available for the Camaro SS [...]

04 Nov, 2008


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GM has rolled out the 4 SEMA Camaro concept cars tonight for the automotive press to admire and photograph ahead of the official SEMA show opening on Tuesday morning. We’re finally able to see real life non-studio/non-processed photos and we’re still smitten by what we see! Below are the various hi-resolution galleries featuring each individual [...]

The 2010 Chevy Camaro will be the official vehicle of SEMA and as such GM is not disappointing the public with 4 concept cars to be unveiled live at the SEMA show starting Tuesday 11/4. The 4 concept vehicles to be debuted include the Camaro LS7 Concept, the Camaro Dale Earnhardt Jr. Concept, the Camaro [...]

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